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Single-Family Housing Permits Authorized in Maine

February 2014


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Source: U.S. Census Bureau

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News from February 24, 2014

February 24

Supreme Court seems divided over industry emissions

While liberals seem comfortable with the EPA's permitting program, conservatives indicate they’re skeptical of the agency’s authority.

February 24

Samsung unveils Galaxy S5 that even monitors heart rate

The Korean company’s S series is the strongest challenger to the Apple iPhone, and it has a bigger share of the world market.

February 24

Worsening divorce rate points to improving economic outlook

Whatever the social and emotional impact, divorce is contributing to the formation of new households and boosting demand for housing, appliances and furnishings. Divorces are also prompting more women to enter the labor force.

February 24

Five tycoons who want to close the wealth gap Several photos included in this story

They are proposing solutions that range from pressuring fellow entrepreneurs to pay workers more to simply giving their money back to the government to redistribute.

February 24

Hundreds sign up as natural gas heads to Cumberland, Yarmouth and Falmouth

If it gets final approval, a $72.5 million project to install 245 miles of pipes – and the savings on heating that go with it – will start soon.

February 24

In Biddeford and Saco, scene for new breweries is hopping

Two craft beer-makers plan to open in the area, part of a mini-boom in York County as it rides the industry’s popularity.

February 24

Maine patients urged to compare prices of tests, treatments

One Gardiner couple's experience is instructive on why it pays to ask, 'What does it cost?' and compare outpatient versus hospital services.