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News from February 3, 2014

February 3

U.S. stocks continue slide into February

A spate of discouraging economic news spurs a sell-off on the heels of the Dow’s worst January since 2009, but some see it as a necessary market correction.

February 3

Google told to move mystery barge near San Francisco

Google has had little to say about the barge or a similar vessel in Maine, which arrived in Portland Harbor in October.

February 3

Feds to propose car-to-car radio signals to prevent collisions

The action, still some years off, has ‘game-changing potential’ to cut collisions, deaths and injuries, officials say.

February 3

Maine bill would ban chemicals to protect lobster

The use of methoprene and resmethrin, which are used to kill mosquitoes, would be banned in areas that drain into the Gulf of Maine.

February 3

Biddeford faces vote on parking meters

A group of residents don’t want meters, but city officials say Biddeford needs to come up with a better parking plan.