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News from January 19, 2014

January 19

Postal Service, union wrangle over Staples outlets

The new outlets are staffed by Staples employees, not postal workers, and labor officials say that move replaces good-paying union jobs with low-wage, nonunion workers.

January 19

Automakers reinventing the wheels Several photos included in this story

The latest sports cars, fuel-efficient trucks and luxury vehicles make their debut at the Detroit Auto Show.

January 19

Charles Lawton: The importance of labor force participation


January 19


January 19

On the Move

January 19

Some Maine restaurants dropping automatic tips for large groups Several photos included in this story

Waitstaff who say they rely on tips to get by are divided over the change.

January 19

DHHS loses track of millions in overpayments to long-term care providers

A state review blames the problem on old computer and accounting problems that were never fixed.