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Maine Retail Sales

Q4 – 2013

$4.53 Billion

Q4 – 2012

$4.45 Billion

Source: State of Maine

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News from January 23, 2014

January 24

East Millinocket mill halts paper production for a few months

Great Northern cites low market prices and high costs. Employees will still report and work on finding operating efficiencies.

January 23

No protection yet for social media, email passwords in Maine

Legislators reject a bill to bar schools and employers from demanding access to private accounts, but, concerned about intrusiveness, they opt for more study.

January 23

SBA head leaving D.C. to return to Maine

Jeanne Hulit of Falmouth was an interim part of President Obama’s Cabinet for five months.

January 24

Maine home sales up
11.5 percent in December

The statewide increase countered a drop in sales nationally.

January 23

McDonald’s sees fewer customers, disappointing sales

The chain has been working to respond to a shift in eating habits toward fresher or healthier foods, but those efforts have yet to take hold.

January 24

Computer glitch delays unemployment benefits for 2,200 Mainers

The Maine Department of Labor says the glitch halted processing of unemployment checks, direct deposits and other notifications this week.

January 23

Natural gas locomotives may prove cheaper, cleaner

Railroads and locomotive makers are looking primarily at ways to retrofit existing engines to burn a mix of diesel and natural gas because that will be the easiest way to adopt the new technology.

January 24

New England governors start push to cut cost of power

Their first-of-its-kind plan calls for projects to expand transmission lines and gas pipeline capacity in the region by 20% in three years.

January 23

Judges approve sale of bankrupt Maine railroad

Rulings in two nations clear the way for a New York group to buy Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railways, which was involved in a deadly oil train derailment in Canada last summer.

January 23

World leaders pushing for shift to clean energy

The goal is a treaty next year to lower emissions from burning coal and oil.

January 23

On the Move

January 23

Firewood shortage and higher fuel costs chilling for Mainers Several photos included in this story

Heating assistance requests double last year’s during the most frigid winter in more than 10 years.

January 23

GrandyOats in Brownfield enjoys upsurge in interest in organic foods

The granola company’s products evolve and sales rise, but ‘quality of life’ is still what matters most.

January 23


January 23

Netflix subscriber numbers, earnings soar

The company basks in Wall Street’s adulation as its stock surges more than 17 percent.

January 23

S&P 500, Nasdaq inch up

January 23

A Word With the Boss: Concert promoter Lauren Wayne sings Portland’s praises

She says the city is amazing for having so much music going at so many venues.