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Wednesday July 23, 2014

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    Annie Tselikis, 29
    Education Coordinator
    Maine Lobstermen’s Association

    Growing up in Cape Elizabeth,
    Annie Tselikis was naturally drawn
    to the ocean. That love of the Maine
    coast, and of the people who live
    there and make a hard-won living
    from it, was reinforced when she
    worked as a deck hand at Casco Bay
    Lines on the Portland waterfront.

    Today, the MaineToday Media
    Forty Under 40 award winner is
    the Education Coordinator for the
    Maine Lobstermen’s Association
    (MLA). Tselikis is an impassioned
    advocate for the MLA, most of whose
    1,200 members are lobstermen, and
    whose mission is “to maintain a
    sustainable lobster resource and an
    economically viable fishery.â€Â

    She “has served Maine’s
    commercial fishing industry
    since 2007 as a trusted liaison
    between fishermen and regulatory
    agencies and coastal community
    organizations,†says one of her
    award nominators, Jonathan
    LaBonté of the Androscoggin Land

    Maine coastal towns have suffered
    from drops in lobster prices, LaBonté
    notes, adding: “Within the last year,
    Annie has administered over 50
    workshops designed to increase the
    profitability of the Maine lobster
    industry – a program designed to
    leverage existing businesses, guide
    people looking to invest in new
    businesses and mitigate future
    economic disaster.â€Â

    Tselikis graduated from
    Connecticut College in 2004. She
    served as an Island Institute Fellow;
    lived in Stonington, where she
    worked at the Stonington Opera
    House; and has volunteered at
    SPACE Gallery and at the Salt
    Institute for Documentary Studies
    (she is an alum). She is a member of
    the Maine Fishermen’s Forum Board
    of Directors, the only public member
    of the Maine State Scallop Advisory
    Council, and served on Eliot Cutler’s
    2010 gubernatorial campaign.

    “I could envision Annie as a
    Commissioner of Marine Resources,
    not purely for her political acumen,
    which is there, but for her personal
    connections to those making their
    livelihoods on the water and a deep
    understanding of policy affecting
    their success,†says LaBonté.

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