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Monday July 28, 2014

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31 Academy Street, South Berwick |

Graduation day: June 8, 2013

Graduation information provided by the high school
    Cum Laude seniors

    Sarah Brodeur of Eliot, Maine
    is the daughter of Catherine and David Brodeur. Sarah has attended
    Berwick Academy since ninth grade and was inducted into the Cum Laude
    Society this year. During her time at Berwick, Sarah has achieved high
    honors in all but one marking period during which she achieved honors.
    Sarah has pursued a rigorous course curriculum during her four years at
    Berwick, taking a total of 12 combined AP and honors courses. In
    addition to the Cum Laude Society, Sarah was inducted into the National
    French Honors Society last year.

    Sarah is an active member of the Berwick Community. Her club
    affiliations include, the Alliance, Berwick’s GSA; Math Team, in which
    she went to the state meet this year; and the Berwick Green Alliance.
    Her most notable contribution to Berwick Academy was her foundation of
    the Chemistry Club her junior year. This club aims to assist sophomores
    as they go through the rigor of chemistry for the first time. Sarah is
    also active in the realm of athletics. She has played field hockey from
    the team’s inception her freshman year, through its transition to a
    varsity program her junior year, through senior year when she was made
    captain. Sarah also played ice hockey all four years at Berwick
    Academy.For her senior project, Sarah is shadowing Dr. Noerdlinger, a
    local orthopedic surgeon.

    Sarah is very excited to be heading off to the University of Rochester
    in the fall where she will study biomedical engineering along a pre-med
    track. Sarah has very fond memories of her time at Berwick and wishes
    them the best of luck in the years to come.

    Bernard Clapp of South Berwick,
    Maine is the son of Caroline Clapp and William Clapp, both of whom have
    taught at Berwick Academy. Caroline previously taught European History,
    and William continues to teach mathematics to freshman and seniors in
    the Upper School. He has attended Berwick Academy for thirteen years,
    his first year being in Kindergarten. Throughout his high school career,
    he has received honors or high honors every academic term, and has
    endured numerous honors and Advanced Placement classes, including
    Advanced Placement United States History, French, Statistics, and
    English Literature. He has also spent a great deal of time completing
    his Advanced Placement Art portfolio in drawing, in addition to numerous
    academic commitments during the course of his senior year. He was
    inducted into the Cum Laude Society as a senior.

    Bernard has competed as a member of the Varsity Boys Cross Country team
    for all four years of high school, finishing his junior and senior EIL
    races in under twenty minutes. He also served as the captain of the team
    during his senior year. As a sophomore, he received the Departmental
    Recognition Award for European History, and was inducted into the
    National French Honors Society. As a junior, he was the only student of
    his class to be inducted into the National Art Honor Society. Later that
    year, in addition to a Departmental Recognition Award for French,
    Bernard received the Timothy Kelliher Writing Prize, the winning prize
    of the junior essay competition. He has been a frequent performer in
    Woofstock concerts and Upper School coffeehouses, along with three years
    of performing for the A Capella group. For his musical commitments, he
    was inducted into the Tri-M Honors Society for Music in the fall of his
    senior year. Since the beginning of second grade, he has also taken
    private drum lessons with Jamie DeCato. Bernard has been a member of the
    Literary Magazine for the past four years.

    For his senior project, Bernard is recording an album of cover songs, in
    order to learn how to learn the piano and the electric bass. Part of
    this project is in collaboration with the renowned band The Peter Whelan
    Experience. He will attend Skidmore College next fall, where he plans to
    double-major in Studio Art and Music Theory.

    Blake P. Downey,
    son of John and Susan Downey of Eliot, Maine, was inducted into the Cum
    Laude Society as a senior. He has attended Berwick Academy since
    Kindergarten. He has been on the high honor and honor-roll every grading
    period, and has taken 9 AP and honors courses. He earned the Department
    Recognition Award for English in his freshman year, for language in his
    sophomore year and for science in his senior year. He was inducted into
    the National Latin Honor Society as a sophomore and was awarded Maxima
    Cum Laude on the National Latin Exam. He was recognized in his junior
    year as the Blue and White Award recipient, awarded for exceptional
    honor and integrity.

    Blake has been the President of the Class of 2013 for the past three
    years. He became the Senior Admissions Representative in 2012. He has
    been an active on-campus contributor as an Honor Committee alternate, a
    Lassiter Buddy pen-pal, a Big Buddy to the Lower School Kindergarteners,
    Prom Committee, and he played baritone saxophone in the concert

    Outside of school he is a recognizable presence during children’s circle
    at the First Congregational Church of Eliot, is a counselor at the
    Berwick Summer Sports Camp and he will return for a third summer to the
    Prescott Park Arts Festival, where he is also conducting his senior
    project; a focus on community volunteerism that includes the United Way
    K-Ready Kids initiative to provide backpacks and educational materials
    to seacoast area Kindergarteners.

    Blake received the Berwick Bulldog Award for participating in twelve
    Upper School athletic seasons (eleven varsity teams), serving as senior
    captain in soccer, basketball, and baseball. Over four years these BA
    teams have had two undefeated league titles (soccer and baseball), have
    won New England Championships in basketball and baseball, had two NEPSAC
    Semi-Final appearances in soccer, and in total, earned 10 NEPSAC playoff
    berths. Blake received the Coach’s Award in soccer, and was named a
    Foster’s Dream Team honorable mention and EIL all-team honorable mention
    for both soccer and baseball.

    Blake will be attending Bates College in Lewiston, Maine where he plans
    to focus his studies in the sciences and psychology. Blake would like to
    thank his classmates, coaches, and teachers for everything they brought
    to his BA experience, especially Mr. Saliba, Mr. Connolly, Mr.
    Mansfield, Mrs. Mehlhorn, and Mrs. McKinnon for their support and for
    teaching the importance of hard work, compassion, and

    Jonah Goldblatt
    is the son of Drs. Warren and Pamela Schultze-Goldblatt of Dover, New
    Hampshire. Jonah has attended Berwick Academy since ninth grade and was
    inducted into the Cum Laude society his junior year. He has earned high
    honors every marking period while taking five Advanced Placement
    courses, and seven honors courses. He has received academic awards in
    Spanish and in English, and has been a part of the National Spanish
    Society since his junior year. Jonah was an active member of the Math
    Team while also placing nationally each year on the National Spanish

    Jonah has been a member of the Varsity Basketball and JV Lacrosse teams
    while at Berwick and was a captain for both teams his senior year. He
    cites his time on the Varsity Basketball team as some of his most
    valuable memories attending Berwick Academy. During his summers he
    volunteered at the Wentworth Douglass and Frisbie Hospitals and also
    attended Integrity Hoops Basketball training.

    For his senior project Jonah is working at the New England Ovis farm in
    Rollinsford, New Hampshire. He would like to thank all his family,
    friends, teachers, and coaches for all their support over the years.
    Jonah will be attending Boston College this fall as part of the pre-med

    Lily Caroline Hahn, daughter of
    Anne and Philip Hahn of South Berwick, Maine, has attended Berwick
    Academy since eighth grade. She has been on the high honor roll
    throughout her time at Berwick, and she is a National Merit Finalist.
    She received the Departmental Recognition Award in Chemistry, was the
    top scorer in Maine for the Chemistry Olympiad her junior year, and
    received the University of Rochester Bausch and Lomb Science Award her
    junior year. Inducted into the National Latin Honors Society her
    sophomore year, Lily received Gold Summa Cum Laude on the National Latin
    Exam for her first three years of high school and Silver Maxima Cum
    Laude her senior year. Lily has played on the Varsity Basketball team
    and has danced at Berwick Academy as a member of Company Corps and
    Company Blue as well as occasionally taking ballet classes off the
    Hilltop. She has especially enjoyed being an editor for Yearbook, a
    peer tutor, and a Math Team member. Off campus she has enjoyed working
    as a library volunteer, a tutor for middle school students, and a camp

    For her senior project Lily is organizing and running Berwick Academy’s
    annual music festival, Woofstock, with her classmates Hannah Sattler and
    Kerry Eaton. Lily thanks her friends, family, and extended Berwick
    Academy family for being wonderful for the past four years. Accepted to
    Williams College and Yale University, Lily will be attending Yale next
    year, and she plans to explore many different courses of study before
    deciding on a major.

    George Henkel, son
    of Polly Henkel and the late Robert Henkel of Portsmouth, New Hampshire,
    has attended Berwick Academy since the fifth grade. A National Merit
    Commended Scholar, George earned honors or high honors during each
    marking period and was inducted into the Cum Laude Society his senior
    year. He was inducted into the National Latin Honor Society his junior
    year and earned three Maxima Cum Laude awards and one Magna Cum Laude
    award on four National Latin Exams. George received science and history
    departmental recognition awards during his junior and senior years.

    Outside of academics, George has been an active participant in Berwick’s
    dramatic productions since Middle School. He recently played the lead
    role of Fancourt Babberly in Charlie’s Aunt. A member of the Berwick
    Academy Robotics Team, George helped the team win the Spirit Award in an
    FTC competition held in North Andover, Massachusetts. As a member of the
    Math Team, George participated in the Maine State Math Meet, where the
    team placed highly in its division. George was a peer tutor for math and
    co-head of the Recycling Committee. George was a proud member of the
    Berwick JV Baseball team since his freshman year, winning Most Improved
    Player in his sophomore year.

    For his senior project, George is recording an album with the renowned
    band known as the Peter Whelan Experience, of which he is a founding
    member. The PWE plans on recording four covers and one original song.
    George was accepted at Boston University, Cornell University, New York
    University, and Northwestern University. George will attend Cornell
    University, and plans to major in Computer Science. George would like to
    thank his family and friends for their help and support during his years
    at Berwick.

    Madison Keefe, the
    daughter of Katherine Keefe and Patrick Keefe, of Somersworth, New
    Hampshire has been attending Berwick Academy since Kindergarten. She was
    invited to join the Cum Laude Society during her junior year. She has
    received high honors for every grading period of her high school career.
    Maddy was an active chemistry tutor during her senior year. Maddy has
    earned the English Departmental Recognition Award and the Smith Book
    Award during her time at Berwick Academy. She was inducted into the
    French Honors Society during her sophomore year.

    Outside of academics, Maddy has been honored to serve as a co-captain of
    her dance group Company Blue, co-leader of the schools Gay Straight
    Alliance, and lighting designer and manager for the Tech Crew at Berwick
    Academy. She has been involved in every dance performance since her
    Kindergarten year. She was also involved in the school musical every
    year since she began fifth grade. Maddy has also been able to produce
    shows as well as perform in them. During her junior and senior year she
    helped produce A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Damn Yankees, Forward Motion,
    Les Misérables, and Driven to Move. She is especially proud of her
    position as Assistant Technical Director for the monstrous production of
    Les Mis.

    Off campus, Maddy has participated in a few dance competitions including
    the categories of hip-hop and contemporary. She is also proud to be a
    part of the program Big Brothers Big Sisters, and intends on becoming a
    Big Sister later in life.

    In the fall Maddy is headed off to D.C. and will be attending Georgetown
    University. She would like to thank the Berwick Academy community for
    all of the unique experiences the school has offered her.

    Jamie Meader is the son of
    Colleen and Stan Meader of South Berwick, Maine. Jamie has been at BA
    since sixth grade and has achieved high honors in each marking period
    since. He was inducted to the National Spanish Honor Society in his
    freshman year and the Cum Laude Society in his junior year;
    additionally, he is a National Merit Finalist. He has received
    departmental recognition in English and Spanish and was the recipient of
    Maine’s Princeton Book Award in his junior year.

    On campus he has been a member of Student Government since sophomore
    year, serving as Student Body President this year. He has also served as
    co-editor of The Vernacular, the Upper School’s literary magazine, and
    lead arts editor of the yearbook. He is a peer tutor, a member of the
    Gay-Straight Alliance, and an avid movie-goer in the Foreign Film Club.
    He is a four-year veteran of the JV Soccer team (captaining the squad
    this past fall) and a three-year performer in the musical theater
    program. His BA musical theater experience came during his sophomore
    year in Beauty and the Beast, continued in last year’s performance of
    Damn Yankees, and was capped off in style this winter with Les
    Misérables, in which he portrayed Victor Hugo’s classic protagonist,
    Jean Valjean. Jamie is also an active performer in the local music
    scene, singing and playing guitar, mandolin, and (a little) banjo.

    Jamie will be attending Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island,
    next fall, where he plans to study English and ecology. He feels
    incredibly grateful to his teachers and friends at BA who have made his
    experience so memorable. He would especially like to thank his
    extraordinary mentors Mrs. Davie and Ms. Johnson for their support and
    all they’ve taught him over the years.

    Katherine “Janeâ€Â
    is the daughter of Robin and Lucas Merrow (class of ‘81) of
    Rollinsford, New Hampshire and was inducted into the Cum Laude Society
    her senior year. Jane came to Berwick in the fifth grade at age 10 and
    has maintained a consistently rigorous course curriculum, earning a
    place on either the Honor Roll or High Honor Roll since starting at
    Berwick. She has worked professionally and volunteered at local theatres
    including Hackmatack Playhouse, The Garrison Players, Seacoast Repertory
    Theatre, The Player’s Ring, and The Ogunquit Playhouse and has a number
    of film credits for local artistic and educational projects. She has
    been a member of The New Hampshire Theatre Project’s Senior Repertory
    Company under the tutelage of Genevieve Achiele since age 13. Jane is
    the founder and leader of Berwick’s first Drama Club, and Company
    Captain of Berwick’s Upper School Dance Companies. A member of the
    French Language Honor Society, Jane also received the Choral
    Departmental Recognition Award and the Harvard Book Prize for
    achievements outside the classroom. She was accepted at the New York
    Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, the American Musical and Dramatic
    Academy, Barnard College and Fordham University.

    Come fall, Jane will be studying acting at the Stella Adler Studio of
    Acting of the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.

    Jane’s senior project is a portrait of her sisters, Sophia (class of
    ‘11) and Martha (class of ‘17). She’d like to thank her teachers,
    mentors, parents, sisters and friends for their support and

    Sarah Putnam is the daughter of
    Charles and Lucy Putnam of Rollinsford, New Hampshire. She was inducted
    into the Cum Laude Society as a senior, and has attended Berwick Academy
    since sixth grade. She has made high honor roll every year at the
    Academy. She has also consistently received recognition for her
    performance on the National Latin Exam, earning such accolades as Summa
    Cum Laude. She was inducted into the National Latin Honors Society in
    her sophomore year. In addition to these honors, she received a
    departmental recognition award in math her freshman year.

    On the Hilltop, Sarah participated in many activities. She was a member
    of the Varsity Cross Country team for three of her four years. She was a
    member of the Math Team, and had the honor of travelling to the State
    Math Meet in Bangor, ME her senior year. She enjoyed her time as part of
    the Gay-Straight Alliance, Foreign Film Club, Symphonic Band, and A
    Cappella ensemble. Sarah loves theatre and was a part of the Upper
    School productions of The King and I, Beauty and the Beast, Damn
    Yankees, and Les Misérables. Additionally, Sarah has taken ballet
    classes off campus for the past thirteen years. She is a member of the
    First Parish Federated Church and their youth group in South Berwick,
    ME. She has spent a great deal of time doing community service, both
    through her church and other local organizations.

    For her senior project Sarah is working with the Rollinsford Association
    for Culture and History to help them digitally format their extensive
    collection of historic photographs and documents for the Colonel Paul
    Wentworth House. Sarah is excited to attend Worcester Polytechnic
    Institute in the fall and is hoping to major in mechanical or civil
    engineering. She was also accepted to the honors programs at the
    University of New Hampshire and the University of Rhode Island. Sarah
    would like to thank everyone who made her time at Berwick fulfilling and

    Christopher Richards, the son
    of David Richards and Julia Coleman of Stratham, New Hampshire, was
    inducted to the Cum Laude society his junior year. Chris has attended
    Berwick since his freshman year and has since earned a Departmental
    Recognition Award for the Arts during his first year, been inducted into
    the National Spanish Honor Society during his sophomore year, received
    the Dartmouth Book prize during his junior year, and remained on the
    high honor roll all four years at Berwick Academy. Chris also earned a
    top ten finish in the National Spanish Exam all four years of high
    school and earned a top ten finish on the Chemistry Olympiad during his
    junior year. Chris wrapped up his academic experience at Berwick
    Academy with an innovation project on concussions and their impact on
    student athletes.

    On campus, a large part of Chris’s focus has undoubtedly been on soccer.
    Throughout his career as a four-year starter on the Boy’s Varsity
    Soccer team, he has earned a two year captaincy, two All-League awards
    for the EIL, an invitation to play in the NEPSAC Senior All-Star Game,
    and a team MVP award his senior year. Off campus he continues to play
    for the club team Seacoast United and competes at the regional level.
    Chris also played JV baseball during his freshman year.

    Chris has served as an Admissions Tour Guide for three out of his four
    years, been a two-year member of the Student Wellness Advisory team, a
    two-year member of the Honor Committee, as well as a two-year class
    representative for Student Government.

    For his senior project, Chris is doing an internship with Dr. Heaton at
    Access Sports Medicine where he will be involved in observing patient
    consultations, medical examinations, and physical therapy. Chris’
    future remains undecided as he weighs a decision between attending the
    College of William and Mary and enrolling for a postgraduate year. He
    would like to thank all of the people who have supported, encouraged,
    and pushed him to be his best throughout his four years at Berwick

    Hannah Sattler, daughter of
    Jo-Anne Fuller-Sattler and Lonn Sattler of Barrington, New Hampshire,
    entered Berwick Academy in the fifth grade, and was inducted into the
    Cum Laude Society as a junior. During her time at Berwick Academy,
    Hannah has taken five AP and six Honors courses, made the High Honor
    roll each year, received the Cogswell Award, the Yale Book Award, and
    the Departmental Recognition Awards for History, French, and Physics.
    She also placed 1st, 3rd (twice), and 4th in the State of Maine, as well
    as 10th (twice) nationally on the National French Exam, and was inducted
    into the National French Honors Society as a sophomore. As a junior, she
    placed in the top ten in the State of Maine on the Chemistry Olympiad.
    For the last four years Hannah has attended the Academy as a Berwick

    Outside of the classroom, Hannah’s greatest passion is the Robotics Team
    which she has captained since her sophomore year, and was the captain of
    the 2nd Place Alliance at this year’s FIRST FTC MA qualifier. During her
    high school years, Hannah has been a member of the Math Team, a peer
    tutor, played varsity lacrosse, performed with Berwick Academy’s Dance
    and Theater Programs, played the flute and piccolo for band and jazz
    band, and sung with the a cappella group. Her artwork is on display both
    on campus and in the Seacoast community as a part of Berwick Academy’s
    traveling art exhibit.

    For her senior project, Hannah is working with classmates Lily Hahn and
    Kerry Eaton to produce Woofstock, Berwick Academy’s Annual Open-Air
    Music Festival.

    In the fall, Hannah will attend Worcester Polytechnic Institute to study
    engineering. She would like to thank her friends, family, and teachers;
    the Robotics Team’s Mentor Mr. Douglas Knight, Madame Dana Clinton, and
    her advisors Mrs. Susan Mehlhorn and Ms. Lynn Wildnauer for their
    inspiration and support, as well as the Berwick Academy community and
    trustees for all of the life-changing opportunities and experiences
    attending Berwick Academy has made possible.

    Lydia Waldo, daughter of
    Matthew Waldo and Jane Sinsky of South Berwick, Maine has been a student
    at Berwick Academy since Kindergarten. She is a member of the Cum Laude
    Society, National French Honor Society, received the Departmental Award
    in French, and placed in the top 10 for the state of Maine in both the
    National French Contest and the Chemistry Olympiad. Lydia has achieved
    high honors all but one semester of her tenure on the Hilltop.

    On and off the Hilltop Lydia has been actively involved in athletics. At
    Berwick, Lydia ran Varsity Cross Country all four years, captaining the
    team to a 3rd place finish at NEPSTAs and awarded MVP during her senior
    year. Lydia was also a member of the Varsity Swimming and JV Lacrosse
    teams throughout high school and was awarded the Coach’s Award during
    both her freshman and sophomore years, for both teams. As a senior,
    Lydia was part of the 2nd place 200 IM relay and 3rd place 200 freestyle
    relay teams in the EIL, and 2nd place 200 freestyle relay team at
    NEPSSAs. Off campus, Lydia figure skates for the Ice Skating Club of
    Exeter and is a recipient of the Graduating Seniors Award at the silver
    level given by the United States Figure Skating Association.

    Throughout high school, Lydia has been actively involved in the Berwick
    Green Alliance, Earth Day Committee, GSA, and the Big and Little Buddies
    program on and off campus.

    Lydia will be part of the Feb Program at Middlebury College next year
    and plans to double major in environmental science and chemistry and
    minor in French language while continuing to skate. She thanks her
    friends, family, teachers, and coaches on and off campus for giving her
    the opportunity to reach her potential as a student-athlete, and the
    Berwick community for becoming her second family during the last
    thirteen years.

    Caitlyn Winders is the daughter
    of Jeffery and Ruth Anne Winders of Rochester, New Hampshire. She
    entered Berwick Academy in ninth grade. Caitlyn achieved high honors
    during all semesters of her academic career at Berwick. She was inducted
    into the Cum Laude society in her junior year. She has received several
    departmental recognition awards in history and science. Caitlyn was
    inducted into the National French Honors Society her junior year.

    While at Berwick, she played varsity soccer and varsity basketball for
    all four of her high school years and captained the basketball team
    during her senior season. Caitlyn has been an active participant in
    community service throughout her time at Berwick, leading the
    Outreach/Community Service club her senior year and helping to
    coordinate major annual school events, like Relay 4 Life and the Red
    Cross Blood Drive. Caitlyn also presided over the Model United Nations
    club her senior year after being a member for her sophomore and junior
    years. In addition, she worked as a leader of the Peer Tutoring
    Organization, which is a group of students that tutors their peers in
    particularly challenging subjects. Caitlyn has consistently worked as a
    volunteer at the Woodman Park School in Dover and through Berwick’s
    Lassiter Program.

    Caitlyn is shadowing a car mechanic in Somersworth, NH for her senior
    project. She plans to attend Emory University in the fall and receive an
    undergraduate degree in chemistry before attending veterinary

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