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Thursday July 24, 2014

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    Glen Marquis, 36
    Project Development Manager
    Ocean Renewable Power Company

    “Pretty cool.â€Â

    Co-workers rarely hand out such
    high praise, but Glen Marquis
    surely earned it.

    Marquis, 36, works for Ocean
    Renewable Power Co. as project
    development manager for the
    Cobscook Bay Tidal Energy Project
    being installed off Lubec and
    Eastport. When completed and
    connected to the Bangor Hydro grid,
    it will be the first commercial-scale
    project of its kind in North America.

    “Glen is a humble guy,†wrote
    Tuck O’Brien, the colleague who
    nominated Marquis for the award,
    “but it is not an overstatement to
    say he is poised to be the project
    development manager of the first
    commercial tidal electricity project
    in U.S. history, which is pretty cool.â€Â

    Marquis, who grew up in Gorham,
    graduated from the University of
    Southern Maine with a degree in
    environmental science and policy.
    He lives in Saco with his wife and
    three young daughters. They attend
    the First Parish Congregational
    Church, where he participates in
    volunteer activities.

    Marquis is not what you’d call
    an environmental activist, but
    he said his education and work
    history have made him “sensitive to
    environmental issues and climate
    change. I have been fortunate to
    have had professional opportunities
    that engage those interests.â€Â

    Marquis has managed the
    Cobscook project for more than
    three years, working closely
    with local communities and
    stakeholders to build support for
    the undertaking.

    “In many ways the success of the
    project has become as much about
    the community partnerships as
    the technology of the turbines,â€Â
    wrote O’Brien. “ Upon full buildout,
    the project will be a significant
    source of clean energy as well as an
    economic engine sorely needed in
    Washington County.â€Â

    Marquis and his co-workers
    at Ocean Renewable Power Co.,
    O’Brien said, have “literally created
    the process that will be used to
    permit tidal energy projects in years
    to come.â€Â

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