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Wednesday July 23, 2014

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    John Hatzenbuehler, 34
    Associate Director of Sports Medicine
    Maine Medical Center

    In the growing field of sports
    medicine, Dr. John Hatzenbuehler
    is a rising star, both locally at
    Maine Medical Center – where he
    has been instrumental in creating
    and sustaining a research program
    – and nationally, as illustrated in
    his recent acceptance as Fellow
    of the American College of Sports

    A native of Idaho, Hatzenbuehler
    attended Notre Dame, went to
    medical school at the University
    of Washington in Seattle, and
    came to Maine in 2004 to do
    his residency at Maine Medical
    Center. He continues to work in
    primary care and has worked in
    family medicine in Vietnam. He
    is widely published in the sports
    medicine field, including original
    research, book chapters and
    topical reviews, and an emerging
    leader in the field of ski injury
    research. His educational work
    includes designing a curriculum for
    physicians providing clinical sports
    medicine care.

    Hatzenbuehler, who lives in
    Portland with his wife, Stephanie,
    and young children Miles and Eva,
    volunteers as a team physician
    and/or consultant for local teams
    – including the Portland Pirates,
    St. Joseph’s College, University of
    Southern Maine, Cheverus High,
    the Portland Rugby Club and
    the Portland Boxing Club – and
    events: He is also medical director
    for the Maine Marathon, which
    raises significant funds for several
    charities, including the Maine
    Children’s Cancer Program.

    A lifelong soccer player, he’s now
    a forward for the Deering Football
    Club in a local over-30 league.
    Hatzenbuehler’s colleague William
    Dexter, M.D., who nominated him
    for the Forty Under 40 award,
    observes: “As our population ages
    and it becomes ever more apparent
    that exercise is medicine, there is
    an increasing need for clinicians
    to be adept at using exercise in
    preventing and treating disease,
    and encouraging and sustaining us
    in our activity. Dr. Hatzenbuehler
    will be leading this effort – here
    in Portland, in Maine and on a
    national stage.â€Â

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