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Tuesday July 29, 2014

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    Kavita Pullapilly, 39
    Founder & Executive Director
    The Center for International Training, Education, & Development

    Even a brief summary of 39-yearold
    Kavita Pullapilly’s career to
    date reveals an amazing record of
    accomplishment, in the for-profit
    and non-profit sectors, in the United
    States and around the world.
    As her Forty Under 40 award
    nomination details, Pullapilly from
    1994 to 2000 was a senior manager
    in marketing and managing at
    General Mills, handling operational
    budgets exceeding $300 million,
    and then “worked in the financing
    and management of international
    development projects in Eastern
    Europe, Asia and South America.â€Â

    A former U.S. Peace Corps
    volunteer, Pullapilly more
    recently has worked as the Deputy
    Director for the Peace Corps in
    the Philippines and Guyana,
    successfully reshaping both
    countries’ programs with the help
    of 600 volunteers and more than
    50 staff. In the last 18 months,
    here in Maine she established
    her non-profit, The Center for
    International Training, Education,
    and Development, “to help continue
    her social mission of providing
    educational services and training
    to people working in multiple
    capacities in the developmental
    world as well as in the United
    States,†explains her nominator,
    Rachel McAllen.

    McAllen offers an example
    of Pullapilly’s work: “A rural
    community in Ukraine had a high
    number of at-risk, troubled teens –
    with a rising HIV/AIDS epidemic,
    drug abuse, and crime. Kavita
    developed a plan, wrote grants, and
    raised significant funds to build
    the Youth Center in Kolomiya. The
    center became a safe haven for teens
    … and thanks to Kavita, a number
    of Ukrainian teens graduated from
    school and have since found legal

    Born and raised in South Bend,
    Indiana, Pullapilly graduated from
    the University of Notre Dame with
    a B.B.A. in finance, and holds a
    master’s degree from Northwestern
    University’s Kellogg School of
    Management. She is chief operating
    officer of Sunny Side Up Films,
    overseeing finance, marketing and
    distribution. She lives in Old Town.

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