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Friday September 19, 2014

Egg-bearing lobster and fish landings in Maine

Percentage of egg-bearing females with v-notch

This figure shows the percentage of egg-bearing, legal-sized (between 3 ¼ and 5 inches carapace length) females that had a v-notch or natural mutilation when it came on board. Data is from lobsters harvested during the summer season (May through August) from 2003 to 2013.

Cod, haddock, flounder and lobster landings 1950-2013

The following graphic shows the volume of several popular groundfish and lobster catch since 1950. Lobster landings started to rise around 1990, when then was also a peak in cod. The groundfish landings have fallen as lobster landings surged.

SOURCE: Maine Department of Marine Resources
Portland Press Herald

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