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Thursday July 24, 2014

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    Ry Russell, 22
    Managing Partner/Co-Founder
    VR Marketing Consultants, LLC

    The Saco Drive-In is the place to
    be on Friday and Saturday nights
    in Saco, in large part because of
    the efforts of Forty Under 40
    Award winner Ry Russell, 22,
    who revitalized and rebranded
    the theater to appeal to a younger

    What once was a fading memory
    for many older Mainers is now a
    popular venue again, this time for a
    younger generation who can enjoy
    the movies with family and friends
    in a more social setting than regular

    In less than six months after taking
    over, Ry doubled the profits for the
    theater and boosted its fan base
    on Facebook from 3,000 to nearly
    10,000, according to his partner
    Sean Violette at VR Marketing

    “We’re doing phenomenal,†says
    Ry, who credits much of his success
    at the theater and his other business
    ventures to “honest-to-goodnessâ€Â
    care about his customers and the

    “I love my clients, and I love my
    customers at the theater, and they
    all know that. My business doesn’t
    exist without them, and if they
    are going to take care of me, I am
    going to make sure they receive the
    highest of quality. If I cannot make
    something happen, I do not give
    them the runaround. I tell them the
    truth, and they trust me.â€Â

    In addition to this young Mainer’s
    contributions to business, he’s also
    recognized as a social media expert,
    and he’s working with the Pine
    Tree Society to raise awareness
    and funds for the organization.
    He also helped market the charity
    fashion show for Partners for World
    Health, a nonprofit that collects and
    redistributes otherwise discarded
    medical supplies around the globe.

    Ry’s parents recognized their son’s
    generosity and talent from an early
    age when, in the sixth grade after
    winning a $25 certificate for selling
    the most tickets to a school benefit,
    he traded it for $100 worth of stuffed
    animals, which he donated to the
    Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital.

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