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Wednesday July 30, 2014

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    Steven Trockman, 38
    Director of Community Relations & Outreach
    Mid Coast Health Services

    In the next five years, Forty Under
    40 Award winner Steve Trockman
    sees himself helping to transform
    Maine’s healthcare system.
    He’s already well on his way.
    In just 16 months as director
    of community relations and
    outreach at Mid Coast Health
    Services, Trockman “has quickly
    become recognized throughout
    the community and organization
    as a positive force for changing
    and transforming the way health
    care is delivered toward the goals
    of improving the health of the
    population, improving the access
    and quality of healthcare, while
    also working to decrease the cost of
    healthcare,†says Mid Coast CEO
    Lois Skillings, who nominated
    Trockman for the award.
    Trockman, 38, is a graduate of
    the public health school at Emory
    University in Atlanta and initially
    worked as a public health prevention
    specialist at the U.S. Centers for
    Disease Control and Prevention
    before joining the Maine Center for
    Disease Control. He later was hired
    by Maine Medical Center as director
    of the Southern Maine Regional
    Resource Center, where he helped
    procure millions in state and federal
    grants for emergency preparedness
    needs in southern Maine.
    Yet, Trockman is most proud of his
    children. “Raising my kids is the
    most challenging, yet rewarding,
    pursuit of my life. At just 2 and
    5, my boys’ personality, humor,
    independence and adventurous
    spirit make me proud beyond
    words,†he says.
    That pride is, no doubt, shared
    by his wife, Mary Kate, who he
    says inspires and motivates him.
    “She is the model of integrity and
    selflessness. She reminds me to do
    what is right, not always what is
    easiest. She inspires me to always
    pursue excellence in all aspects of
    my life.â€Â
    Trockman also draws on his inner
    strengths in his pursuit of excellence.
    “I have learned that unless you
    challenge yourself to the absolute
    physical and mental limits of what
    you think is possible, you will never
    know what you are really capable of

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