Maine Voices: Greater Portland’s rental properties unfairly priced sky-high

Many recent college graduates simply can’t afford to live in their preferred areas.

Kathleen Parker: Alabama politician shows playing race card can get tricky

Democratic Rep. Alvin Holmes displays racism when he calls conservative blacks 'Uncle Toms.'

Commentary: Kansas City killings a reminder of KKK, hate without end

Although membership in the KKK has dwindled, it remains part of a legacy of religious intolerance.

Our View: Misplaced apostrophe is nothing to celebrate

Maine stands alone when it comes to sticking a squiggly line where it doesn’t belong.

Maine Voices: Rwanda not only survives but flourishes 20 years after genocide

The nation’s new spirit is evident in its schools for girls, jobs for women and environmental projects.

George Will: ‘False statements’ case shouldn’t stump court

Entangling adversaries in expensive speech-halting proceedings during a campaign is Orwellian.

Ruth Marcus: Dartmouth president bravely confronts new world of college drinking

He admonishes ‘extreme behavior’ without regard for the already bruised reputation of his school.

Our View: Government by veto causes state to stall

On health care, energy and human services, Gov. LePage has been happy to stand pat.

Another View: Seniors got along without it before they met it: the Web, that is

Members of Maine’s older generation may use it less, but when the power goes out, they also miss it less.

Maine Voices: USM vision needs serious revision

The university should ditch its leanings toward corporatization and instead focus on what Mainers want and need.

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