Maine Voices: Legislature can help ease youths’ transition from foster care to cap and gown

A bipartisan bill would extend support until age 26 to help former foster children through education or job training.

Steve Robinson: Maine Democrats’ hypocrisy on equal pay exposes the left’s empty rhetoric

Sanctimonious griping over the ‘War on Women’ takes statistics out of context.

Mike Tipping: Why is Maine listening to Luxembourg on corporate tax loopholes?

There are about 5 million good reasons to stop helping large corporations hide their money from us.

Our View: Legislators should show leadership, override MaineCare veto

The governor may think that no bill is better than a compromise, but that’s no way to govern.

Another View: Bitter fighting in South Sudan is turning dream into nightmare

To allow much-needed relief to get through, the country’s president and his nemesis, a rebel leader, must stand down and stop attacks on aid workers.

Maine Voices: Not only did law fix workers’ comp flaw, it added benefits for the injured

It’s a very good thing that Maine finally ties extended benefits to an individual’s ability to work and earn.

M.D. Harmon: A nuclear attack on Manhattan is worth preventing at any cost

But recent events cast doubt on the U.S. commitment to that effort.

Charles Krauthammer: The left is now entering a new phase of totalitarian impulse

This form of intolerance no longer tries to win the debate, but seeks to stop the debate altogether.

Our View: Re-entry effort aimed at adult Maine students makes the grade

By helping Mainers with college experience but no degree, a new aid program will help Maine, too.

Another View: Obamacare should start cutting off drug coupons

Blocking use of the incentives when generic medications are available is one way to rein in runaway health care costs.

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