Varsity Maine – Press Herald Mon, 22 May 2017 23:25:57 +0000 en-US hourly 1 What’s it take to be a good lacrosse goalie? Mon, 22 May 2017 08:00:00 +0000 GORHAM — Carter Landry flicks his right foot quickly toward the right post of the lacrosse goal. Without a flinch or hesitation, he deflects the hard rubber ball away from its intended target with his instep.

“I don’t even feel it anymore,” said Landry, the senior goalie for the Gorham High boys’ lacrosse team.

It takes a special combination of quickness, game awareness and disregard for pain to be a boys’ lacrosse goalie. It’s a position most players try to avoid, considering goalies wear less equipment than other players but are asked to step in front of shots fired from crazy angles and routinely traveling upward of 70 miles per hour.

“I give Carter a lot of credit for stepping in there,” said Gorham’s rugged senior defenseman, Mat Anderson. “Honestly, I’d probably be a little scared if I was in there. They’re just standing there and they’ll take the shots. You have to have another mindset if you’re going to play goalie.”

And teams with good goalies are usually good teams. That’s because in a position where a 60 percent save rate is considered excellent, good goalies stop the shots they’re supposed to and also make the occasional momentum-swinging tough save.

Landry, the Maine Sunday Telegram’s 2016 All-State goalie, is one of those game-changing goalies. Next year, he’ll be playing for Widener University, a solid Division III program in Chester, Pennsylvania. He started out as a midfielder in middle school and played goalie for the first time in an eighth grade end-of-season tournament when many players tried new positions for fun.


Very quickly, Gorham Coach Dan Soule saw in Landry the makings of a future goalie: quick hands and feet and a lack of fear.

“Hearing Coach Soule and other coaches say you could have a future with that, you could be pretty good, is something I like to hear,” Landry said.

By the third game of Landry’s freshman season, he was Gorham’s starting goalie. In his first start, he gave up 18 goals to Cheverus “and I think I made three saves.”

It was a blunt introduction to a fact of life for a lacrosse goalie: Good shooters in good positions will score and, sometimes, goals come in bunches.

“You’re gonna get scored on,” said Falmouth Coach Dave Barton, a former goalie. “You can learn from a shot that just went by you, but you have to be able to hit the reset button. There’s nothing you can do about the goal that’s already gone in.”

Landry was reminded of that fact in a season-opening 15-9 loss against defending Class A champ Scarborough. Several of the Red Storm’s goals glanced off Landry.

“It was a matter of three or four inches on some of them, and instead of being inside the near post they would have been saved,” Soule said.

“I just needed to remember to take it one stop, one shot, at a time,” Landry said.

Landry said he’s improved at stepping toward shots to reduce a shooting angle and using his whole body as a shield.

“A save’s a save, no matter if it hits you or goes right into your net,” said Landry, who has helped Gorham to an 8-2 start this season.


Goalies wear less equipment than other lacrosse players and considerably less than a hockey goalie or a baseball catcher. Shin pads like a catcher and even normal elbow pads slow and restrict movement. Lacrosse goalies make do with a helmet that has a throat protector, lacrosse gloves, a thin chest protector and a protective cup.

“It’s not as bad as you might think once you get in there and you get comfortable,” said Liam Tucker, a senior goalie for Falmouth (8-1) who was a key factor in the team’s run to the 2016 Class B title.


Goalies come in a variety of sizes. At 5-foot-8, Tucker is four inches shorter than Landry. He started playing the position in sixth grade as an emergency fill-in for an absent teammate. Tucker said he immediately liked the feeling of being the last line of defense with the ability to change the flow of a game.

“A lot of people think you just stick the unathletic kid in the net, or get the biggest kid and let him just get hit by a lot of shots,” said Bowdoin College assistant coach Max Silberlicht, a former goalie at Division I Hobart College. “I was more of a large parking cone who got hit a lot. But you have to be athletic as hell, and that’s something (Landry) has through the roof.”

“If you’re a smaller guy, you better play your angles well. If you’re a bigger guy, you better have quick hands and quick feet,” Silberlicht said.

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]]> 0 Landry, Gorham High's starting goalie since his freshman year, blocks a shot during a practice last week in Gorham. Landry plans to continue playing lacrosse next year at Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania.Sun, 21 May 2017 20:18:41 +0000
Meet the 2017 Varsity Maine Awards winners Sun, 21 May 2017 08:00:37 +0000 0, ME - MAY 2, 2017: Award winners pose for a group photo after the Varsity Maine awards at USM in Gorham on Tuesday, May 2, 2017. (Photo By Carl D. Walsh/ Staff Photographer)Fri, 19 May 2017 12:08:10 +0000 Academic Ace: Kate Guerin, Mt. Ararat Sun, 21 May 2017 08:00:00 +0000 Kate Guerin can remember the rule, dating all the way back to elementary school. There was a time for sports, and a time for activities. But nothing got in the way of homework time.

“My mother’s motto was ‘School comes first, then sports,'” Guerin said. “And that’s the way I think. I think sports are a privilege, something that’s important to me and has been all throughout my life. But … academics has always been the first priority.”

Guerin’s high school career has been a testament to that. While juggling commitments as a three-sport athlete, the Mt. Ararat senior has never let her pursuit of success on the field come at the expense of her success in the classroom.

She carries a 3.99 GPA and sits fourth in her class, achievements that – combined with her four years on the varsity soccer, basketball and softball teams – earned her the Academic Ace award at the Varsity Maine Awards.

“I’m a perfectionist and I always try to put 100 percent into everything,” she said. “I always want to succeed.”

That drive isn’t limited to grades. She’s in the National Honor Society, and will attend Colby College next fall, a reason for the four AP courses that she’s been taking this year, or the spots that she has on the Student Senate, Interact Club and chamber singers group.

And then there are sports. Guerin has been a four-year starter for all three teams, and with the demanding course load it’s a combination that can be downright daunting.

“It can be hard when … you come home from a basketball game at 10:30 at night, and then you have three hours of AP work to do,” she said. “there have definitely been times when I’ve gotten three hours of sleep before school. But it’s really taught me how to manage my time well and how to make school a priority.”

Sports can be a hassle on top of everything else, but it’s not a burden to Guerin. She loves playing, and is even planning on trying out for softball and basketball when she gets to Colby.

In a sort of paradox, sports add to the workload, but can also ease it.

“You go to school all day, you work really hard, you do all your homework the night before, and then you go to practice and it’s like all the chaos that might have been going on during the day or all the things that have been whirling around in your mind just kind of come to a stop,” she said. “It’s nice to step into a world that separate from academics. I never thought of giving up a sport to have more time for school.”

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]]> 0 Guerin of Mt. Ararat speaks to the crowd after receiving her Academic Ace award during the Varsity Maine Awards.Fri, 19 May 2017 09:55:31 +0000
The Wow Factor, Ruslan Reiter, Maranacook Sun, 21 May 2017 08:00:00 +0000 Ruslan Reiter doesn’t mind talking about his adventures with the United States Paralympic Nordic ski team, but he’s probably not going to volunteer the information.

“You would not know he is an Olympic-level athlete by talking to him, and he would try and play it down if you talked to him about it,” said Zachary Holman, Reiter’s friend and teammate on the Maranacook Community High School Nordic team.

While Reiter’s friends and family marvel at his success against international competition in World Cup races, Reiter quietly goes about the business of becoming one of the top Paraylmpic Nordic skiers in the world.

That made Reiter a most deserving winner of The Wow Factor award at the Varsity Maine Awards.

“How could you not pick that kid?” said Steve DeAngelis, Reiter’s Nordic coach at Maranacook, shortly after he and Reiter each took home honors at the Varsity Maine Awards.

Reiter was born with a limb difference, and his right arm ends just above the wrist. Competing for Maranacook as a sophomore, Reiter caught the eye of Team USA coaches, who invited him to a training camp in Bend, Oregon. Reiter showed potential, and was invited to join Team USA at a World Cup competition last December in Finland.

In March, a few weeks shy of his 18th birthday and one of the youngest skiers in the field, Reiter raced for Team USA in another World Cup event, this time in Pyeongchang, South Korea, site of the upcoming 2018 Winter Games. Reiter placed 14th in the men’s standing class, the top finish for a North American skier.

“Ruslan has been my best friend for many years now. I have watched him grow as both an athlete, and as a leader. Even after knowing him for all these years, he never ceases to impress me,” Holman said. “He is without a doubt one of the greatest athletes I know, and is always pushing himself to his limits. He has this infectious optimism, and is so incredibly humble.”

Reiter also competes on the cross country and outdoor track and field teams. His Nordic success comes despite being a relative novice to the sport. Reiter didn’t begin skiing competitively until seventh grade.

DeAngelis can’t wait to see how much Reiter continues to improve over the coming years.

“Everybody has the dream, when you’re coaching, one of your athletes is going to go on and be an Olympian or be a professional player, something like that,” DeAngelis said.

Travis Lazarczyk — 861-9242

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]]> 0 Reiter rounds a corner on his way to a third-place finish in the Kennebec Valley Athletics Conference Class B cross country championships in October at Cony High in Augusta.Fri, 19 May 2017 11:03:41 +0000
Unsung Hero: Lydia Henderson, South Portland Sun, 21 May 2017 08:00:00 +0000 Over the last four years, the girls’ basketball team at South Portland High won 80 percent of its games, going 64-17 and advancing to the Class AA South title game each of the past two seasons.

And Lydia Henderson was right in the middle of all that success.

Oh, you probably wouldn’t find the senior guard among the Red Riots’ leading scorers, but she was there in every dribble, every pass deflected, every steal, every forced turnover.

That’s why Henderson, who is heading to Bentley University, was named the Unsung Hero at this year’s Varsity Maine Awards.

“I told her as a freshman she would have an impact on our success,” said Lynne Hasson, whose first year as head coach was Henderson’s freshman year. “If you look at us, why we have been so good, it’s because we were so good defensively. And she was the leader of the defense.”

Henderson, 18, laughed a little when talking about the award.

“I was excited but it’s kind of ironic,” she said. “I won the Unsung Hero award but I’m not really (unsung) anymore if I’m getting the award.

“It does mean a lot. I always prided myself on just working hard and doing the little things that I think people outside the team don’t really see. It’s nice to get some credit.”

Henderson – who also played field hockey (her best sport, she said) and tennis (No. 2 doubles) for South Portland – loved being in the gym in a big game. And she feels fortunate to have played in so many over these last four years.

“I was lucky to be part of four really solid teams and every year we got better and better,” she said.

Her role, unsung as it may have been, fit her well, according to Hasson.

“I think she always put team first,” said Hasson. “It was always team first and I don’t think she regretted that approach for one second.

“She didn’t care (about individual statistics) and that’s what was so special about her. If I had to start a team, Lydia would be one of my first couple of kids to start a team with. She was one of the reasons we did so well. There was no drama. Great leadership. A sense of humor. And a great work ethic.”

Henderson, who will study mathematical sciences at Bentley, said she simply did what was needed.

“I focused on getting the ball to people I know who would make the shot,” she said. “I made sure I contributed the little things, like boxing out or applying defensive pressure, to make sure we stayed together as a team. It wasn’t necessarily about getting the points.”

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]]> 0 it was applying defensive pressure, boxing out or just hustling, Lydia Henderson was a complete player for South Portland.Fri, 19 May 2017 09:59:20 +0000
Coach of the Year: Steve DeAngelis, Maranacook Sun, 21 May 2017 08:00:00 +0000 When asked to describe Steve DeAngelis, longtime coach of the Maranacook Community High School Nordic ski team, senior captain Zachary Holman suggested giving his senior letter to the team a read.

Holman’s letter is an ode to the values and principles instilled into the team by DeAngelis. Holman implored the Black Bears to work hard, keep a strong mental attitude, respect but do not fear the competition, be good teammates and have fun. He closed the letter with a personal thank-you to DeAngelis.

“Lastly, Mr. D, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, none of this would have been possible without you,” Holman wrote. “Your guidance and mentorship has been the greatest gift that anyone could ever give, and you have made me who I am today.”

In February, the Maranacook girls and boys won the Nordic Class B state titles, adding another accomplishment to DeAngelis’ 30-plus year coaching resume at the school. While titles are nice, it’s the relationships he builds with his athletes and the Maranacook community through Nordic skiing that drive DeAngelis.

It’s those relationships that earned DeAngelis the Coach of the Year award at the Varsity Maine Awards.

“I love being an ambassador for my sport,” DeAngelis said moments after accepting the award. “We do try really hard to have a community program.”

Under DeAngelis, Holman won the Nordic classical state title and placed second in the freestyle.

“Mr. D has without a doubt been one of the most influential people in my life. He has made me the man and skier that I am today,” Holman said. “I have come from a freshman who was too scared to race to a state champion. This would not have been possible without the guidance and support from Mr. D. He is not only one of my idols, but a fantastic mentor, coach, and friend.”

DeAngelis said the focus of the season is helping each athlete achieve his or her goals. When that happens, overall team success follows.

“He’s so dedicated. He helps everyone a lot. He really enjoys doing what he does,” said Maranacook skier Ruslan Reiter, who won the Varsity Maine Wow Factor award.

When he accepted his award, DeAngelis stressed the importance of the entire school community in building Maranacook’s success Nordic program.

“I am not here without my team, my parents and my community,” DeAngelis said.

Added Holman: “He has created a fantastic culture in the ski team where everyone is welcome, and where everyone is pushed to be the best version of themselves.”

Travis Lazarczyk — 861-9242

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]]> 0, ME - MAY 2: Steve DeAngelis, of Maranacook High School, leaves the stage after accepting the Coach of the Year award at the 2017 Varsity Maine Awards. (Staff photo by Ben McCanna/Staff Photographer)Fri, 19 May 2017 11:06:37 +0000
The Clutch Player: Jackson Fotter, Gorham Sun, 21 May 2017 08:00:00 +0000 With the game on the line, Tim King knows who to count on.

The Gorham boys’ soccer coach looks to Jackson Fotter, a three-time SMAA All-Star and 2016 Player of the Year.

“He always has that burning desire to win,” King said. “This year, he really worked on becoming a leader, and it made a big difference.”

Fotter entered his senior year with 34 career goals and finished with 65, along with 23 career assists. He helped lead the Rams to the state championship, where he scored their only goal. For his ability to come through in key moments, Fotter was recognized as the Clutch Player at the Varsity Maine Awards.

“That award meant everything to me as an athlete,” Fotter said. “It just signifies that, in those hard moments, you can still play the same as you would in any other game and that your team trusts you. It’s kind of like a leadership role.”

Fotter said he originally considered not playing high school sports and, instead, playing club soccer year-round for an academy in New Hampshire. He doesn’t regret his decision to play for Gorham and said he “couldn’t have asked for a better high school career.”

“I learned a lot of things about leadership and confidence,” Fotter said. “Having your town behind you is just an amazing feeling that I’ll never forget.”

A forward in soccer, Fotter gave Gorham a 1-0 lead in the Class A final on Nov. 5. Bangor immediately answered to tie the score and eventually won the crown in penalty kicks.

But Fotter’s clutch moments aren’t limited to just soccer. During the 2016-2017 basketball season, he put up 21 points – including four 3-pointers – in the fourth quarter of a Class AA South quarterfinal game against Thornton Academy when the Rams were down by 14.

“We almost came back,” Fotter recalled. “Unfortunately, we ended up losing that, so I don’t know if those are good examples.”

Jokes aside, Fotter has unquestionably made a difference on both the field and the court. He notched a hat trick in the Rams’ 5-1 soccer quarterfinal win over Westbrook and scored the go-ahead goal to win a national championship with his Seacoast United’s U-17 premier squad over the summer.

“His desire to win separated him from other really good players,” King said.

Along with conference honors, Fotter has made All-State for two years and was the Maine Sunday Telegram’s 2016 boys’ soccer Player of the Year. He also received the 2016 Steven LaBrecque Memorial Award, given by soccer officials to a player who displays sportsmanship, leadership, ability and teamwork.

Fotter will play soccer for the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He plans to study sports management.

“I fell in love with the school the first time I visited,” Fotter said.

Taylor Vortherms can be contacted at 791-6417 or

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]]> 0 Fotter scored Gorham's only goal in a 2-1 loss on penalty kicks to Bangor in the Class A state final.Fri, 19 May 2017 11:01:16 +0000
Loudest and Proudest: Rick and Jacki Buzzell, Fryeburg Sun, 21 May 2017 08:00:00 +0000 It seemed only fitting that neither Rick nor Jacki Buzzell was present to accept their Varsity Maine Award as best fans.

After all, there was a seventh-grade softball game to coach and their high school daughter and son each had a game so the Buzzells sent their mothers with a note of gratitude for being hailed as Loudest and Proudest.

“This is who they are,” said Miriam Eastman, Jacki’s mom, alongside Barbara Buzzell, Rick’s mom. “These two have given so much of their time and energy to the community.”

For the past 11 years, Rick has been recreation director in Fryeburg. Jacki, the former strength and conditioning coach at Fryeburg Academy, works as a health guide for MaineHealth, helping chronically ill patients get to appointments, receive necessary care and navigate the system.

Both born and raised in the Fryeburg area, they are Fryeburg Academy grads who were friends in high school and started dating after graduation. They live in Lovell and have been married 21 years.

“They’re always there for the kids,” said Kathy Fraize, who nominated the Buzzells. “They’re just kind to everyone.”

Fraize said “loud” is probably the wrong adjective. More appropriate, she said, is “spirited.”

“They’re loud in the fact that they support everyone, not that they yell and scream, but that they support everyone,” Fraize said. “They’re loud because they reach so many lives.”

The Buzzells have coached children in a wide age range, anywhere from those just starting tee-ball and those halfway through high school. Their sports include softball, baseball, football, soccer and basketball.

“I feel like I do more than coach,” Rich Buzzell said. “Hopefully I teach them life lessons. We try to instill work ethic and supporting the guy next to you. I think that’s lacking a lot nowadays.”

Mackenzie Buzzell, their daughter, is a senior at Fryeburg Academy who plays soccer, basketball and softball. She plans to study nursing at Colby-Sawyer College and continue her basketball career. Tucker, their son, is a sophomore who plays football, basketball and baseball.

Supporting their children’s athletic endeavors is important to the Buzzells, but they don’t restrict it to their offspring. Anyone they coach becomes their kid.

“It’s just as much fun to watch the kids later on,” Rich said. “We try to make as many games as possible for the kids we know.”

“Everything they do is kind and generous, and it doesn’t always get noticed,” Fraize said. “They will never put themselves first. They always put the kids first.”

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]]> 0 Eastman and Barbara Buzzell receive The Loudest and Proudest award for their children – Rick and Jackie Buzzell – at the Varsity Maine Awards.Fri, 19 May 2017 11:53:51 +0000
Male Athlete of the Year: Austin Lufkin, Brewer Sun, 21 May 2017 08:00:00 +0000 He owns a state shot put record and a pair of New England championships, but Brewer High senior Austin Lufkin still calls himself a football player first, and a thrower second.

“I am a football player who does track,” Lufkin said. “That’s what I ended up choosing for college and that’s what I’m pursuing.”

Despite Lufkin’s opinion on the matter, it was his entire athletic career for which he was honored as the Male Athlete of the Year at the Varsity Maine Awards on May 2.

Upon winning the Varsity Maine Award, Lufkin was surprised.

“I guess people just like me. I didn’t think I was that good, but I appreciate it,” he said.

As a junior, Lufkin was the Class A outdoor track and field champion in the discus, throwing 168 feet, 4 inches. He followed that with a New England title in the shot put, throwing 58-51/4.

This past indoor track and field season, Lufkin shattered the 50-year old shot put record, throwing 61 feet, 2 inches to win the Class A state title. Lufkin’s throw bested the old record, 59-10, set in 1977 by Portland’s Ed Bogdanovich.

As a defensive lineman, Lufkin led the Witches to back-to-back trips to the Pine Tree Conference Class B championship game. Lufkin won the Gaziano Defensive Lineman Award as the top senior defensive lineman in the state last season.

B.L. Lippert, head football coach at Cony High in Augusta, said in his 12 years calling offensive plays for the Rams, Lufkin was the toughest defensive end his team had to block.

“He played really well against us as a junior, so going into both games we played against him this year, we schemed to double-team on every passing play,” Lippert said. “We had a tackle and either the tight end or running back there to help. Even still, he had a handful of sacks against us over the course of two games.”

When Cony played Brewer in the regular season, the Witches flipped Lufkin from left defensive end to the right side in the third quarter, in an effort to keep him from being double-teamed.

“I looked out at our left tackle and said, ‘Was Lufkin on your side on the play?’ And Lufkin himself looked at me and said, ‘Yeah, I’m sick of getting double-teamed Coach,’ ” Lippert said. “I said, ‘I don’t care where you line up, our kids have been told to find you and double-team you. I’m surprised they weren’t waiting for you when you got off the bus.’ ”

Lufkin will attend Wofford College in Spartansburg, South Carolina on a full football scholarship. He also plans to continue his track and field career.

Travis Lazarczyk — 861-9242

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]]> 0 Lufkin broke the shot put record set in 1977. Add that to his impact on the football field and he was a solid choice for Male Athlete of the Year at the 2017 Varsity Maine Awards.Fri, 19 May 2017 11:51:34 +0000
The Fab Freshman: Emma Gallant, Cheverus Sun, 21 May 2017 08:00:00 +0000 GORHAM — Emma Gallant talks like a typical freshman, always looking up to the upperclassmen on her team. But Gallant doesn’t run like your classic rookie track athlete.

After just one track season, Gallant is already one of the best sprinters in the state. She finished the indoor season with Maine’s top time in the 200 meters (26.27 seconds) and the 400 (58.86).

Yet after she won the Fab Freshman award at the Varsity Maine Awards, Gallant credited her teammates.

Gallant beat out four other freshmen on teams from North Berwick to Waterville who made an impact on their varsity squads.

“I’m very happy that I had the teammates that I did to help me along, like (senior) Emily Turner,” Gallant said. “I couldn’t be happier.”

At the Class A indoor track championships, Gallant won the 200 (26.48) and the 400 (58.86) and was third in the 55 (7.48) to score 26 of her team’s 61 points to lift Cheverus to second place.

Then at the New England Championships she led off the Cheverus relay that turned in the fastest time run by a Maine girls’ squad in the 800 meters (1:46.89).

Turner, senior Katelyn Gendron and sophomore Emma White joined Gallant on the relay that finished 11th in Boston.

But even after collecting her honor at the Varsity Maine Awards – as she stood in a group photo with the other awards winners, most juniors and seniors – Gallant said she was not stopping to soak in the accolades.

“I’m trying to get my workouts in,” Gallant said. “I’m just trying to get all my reps in. I don’t think this makes a difference in my work ethic. I still think I’ll be working just as hard, and trying as hard as I can.”

Cheverus Coach Steve Virgilio said while it’s an honor to be chosen the best freshman athlete in the state, it’s hard to compare between sports. Still what is certain about Gallant, Virgilio said, is that in track and field she is a “phenomenal talent” even compared to juniors and seniors.

“Emma is certainly one of the most precocious sprinters I have ever coached or known,” Virgilio said. “The things she does at her age and experience level are things that usually come much later for most stars, or never for most athletes.

“Emma is at another level. Sometimes, in some races, she is her own greatest competitor. Sometimes, she competes against the person who finishes second when she needs to compete against herself.”

Deirdre Fleming can be reached at 791-6452 or:

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]]> 0 Gallant, a standout track and field athlete at Cheverus, accepts her Fab Freshmen award during the Varsity Maine Awards.Fri, 19 May 2017 09:56:17 +0000
Team of the Year: Girls’ basketball team, Vinalhaven Sun, 21 May 2017 08:00:00 +0000 Want to be a player on the Vinalhaven girls’ basketball team? Easy. Here’s all you need to do.

Get on the ferry to Rockland on Friday afternoon – it leaves at 1 p.m. When you get to the mainland, get a comfortable seat on the bus; the drive to the game could be up to 21/2 or three hours.

Remember to bring pajamas, because you’ll be sleeping in the gym after the game, and then waking up early Saturday morning to play another game before getting back on the bus, and then back on the ferry to make it back home by Saturday afternoon or evening.

Simple enough, right?

“I’m too old for it, I’ll tell you that,” Coach Sandy Nelson said, laughing.

That’s just life on the island, and this year, buses and ferries and gymnasiums doubling as hotels were no match for the Vikings. Vinalhaven went 14-4 in the regular season and then rolled to its first state championship, topping Shead 55-44 in the Class D state final to earn distinction as the Team of the Year at the Varsity Maine Awards.

“We have a very, very healthy respect for each other, which I think is very important,” Nelson said. “They’re just great kids.”

And talented. Led by captain and point guard Paige Dennison, Vinalhaven rolled past Highview Christian Academy, Temple Academy and then Forest Hills in the playoffs. When the time came to tackle Shead, Nelson knew her team wouldn’t be stopped short.

“We just opened it up, we were ready to go,” she said. “They were not to be denied, and they played wicked good defense that day.”

Tall tasks and challenges are nothing new at Vinalhaven, where just getting to the game is an ordeal. Long rides on sea and land are only part of the hassle; there are also ferry delays and cancellations, which can threaten an entire weekend.

“Sometimes there’s a medical emergency the night before and the morning ferry won’t go,” Nelson said. “That’s why when we came up for the tournament we came up a night ahead and stayed in a hotel room. Because you never know.”

The fact that the Vinalhaven system runs as efficiently as it does still bewilders Nelson.

“We have what we call bumps in the road, and somehow, some way, we just get through them,” she said. “If I didn’t experience this, I would never believe it.”

For the players, however, it’s a way of life. They get pizza for the ferry, snacks for the drive – Nelson said the team never, ever misses a chance to reload at Hannaford and Subway in Rockland – and use the time together as a chance to bond as teammates.

“You know what? It is what it is. And that’s what they’re used to,” Nelson said. “If we don’t go, we don’t compete. We need to compete.”

Drew Bonifant — 621-5638

Twitter: @dbonifantMTM

]]> 0 girls' basketball team from Vinalhaven, Class D state champions, accepts its Team of the Year award at the Varsity Maine Awards.Fri, 19 May 2017 09:56:37 +0000
Varsity Maine celebrates the best of high school sports Sun, 21 May 2017 08:00:00 +0000 For the second year in row, the Varsity Maine Awards brought together more than 400 people from across the state to celebrate the best of high school sports.

The high-energy show, hosted this year by TV personality Erin Ovalle and Hot 104.7’s DJ Mijo, is a collaborative effort among the Portland Press Herald, the Kennebec Journal in Augusta and the Morning Sentinel of Waterville. It was held at the Costello complex at the University of Southern Maine.

“This event is so cool. I’m so happy my teammates got to come this year because it’s such a cool and different experience,” said York High’s Lily Posternak, the Female Athlete of the Year.

Each of the 12 award winners received a specially made Winterstick snowboard printed with their name and award.

The athletes of the year are chosen by the newspapers’ sports staffs. In the other 10 award categories, a panel of judges picked the winners from five finalists chosen through reader nominations. More than 300 nominations were submitted this year.

“We’re really proud of this event because we make it all about the kids, not just the winners but the finalists, too,” said Lisa DeSisto, CEO of MaineToday Media, which owns the newspapers. “We wanted to recognize the Clutch Players, the Unsung Heroes and also the communities that support them.”

The show is truly a statewide event. The range of finalists stretched from Fryeburg to Vinalhaven, and from York to Rangeley.

“It’s wonderful to see this sort of event to give credit to the athletes in Maine,” said Gorham High soccer standout Jackson Fotter, winner of the Clutch Player award.

]]> 0, ME - MAY 2, 2017: Award winners pose for a group photo after the Varsity Maine awards at USM in Gorham on Tuesday, May 2, 2017. (Photo By Carl D. Walsh/ Staff Photographer)Fri, 19 May 2017 12:08:54 +0000
Female athlete of the year: Lily Posternak, York Sun, 21 May 2017 08:00:00 +0000 What do you do with two personalized snowboards? Especially when you don’t snowboard?

“I asked myself the same question,” said Lily Posternak, a senior at York High. “I really don’t know. I guess I’ll just hang them next to each other.”

Posternak earned her second snowboard earlier this month when she was recognized as the Varsity Maine Female Athlete of the Year for the second consecutive year.

She was a two-sport athlete at York – a center midfielder on a Wildcats team that won three consecutive Class B state field hockey championships and a starting guard on the basketball team.

“It’s such an honor,” said Posternak. “I’m so grateful. I mean … I put in the work and everything so it’s nice to be recognized for it … but winning (the honor) wasn’t the most important thing for me. It’s working my hardest and trying to be the best player I can be for the love of the game.”

Posternak certainly will be remembered as one of the best high school field hockey players Maine has produced. She led York to a 71-1 record and three Class B state championships in four years while setting school records for goals (88) and assists (57).

“She’s had quite a career,” said Barb Marois, the former U.S. Olympic field hockey player who coaches at York. “She stepped right in like she had been there all along. I’m sure there was still some learning she had to go through. In her later years people would game plan for her and she had to learn to deal with it. It can be distracting. It can be frustrating. She had to find ways to be effective.”

The lone loss in her four years came in the 2013 Class B state championship game, 1-0 to Nokomis. York would win 54 consecutive games, with Posternak scoring two goals – including the game-winner with 3:22 remaining – in this year’s 2-1 championship game win over Belfast.

Posternak recently returned from Germany where she was a member of the U.S. U-19 women’s national team and will next play at Duke University. The U.S. went 0-3 on the tour – losing 4-2 to Belgium, 3-1 to Germany and 2-0 to Belgium – but Posternak said, “I was able to take so much from it.”

“It’s the best preparation I could ask for,” said Posternak. “All those girls play Division I … It’s just a faster pace than what I play around here. The skill level is higher. You have to think faster, have a higher game sense. Every phase of the game is elevated.”

She will leave for Duke on July 3 to begin summer classes, then join the Blue Devils’ field hockey program in August. Duke was ranked No. 1 in the nation last year and lost in the NCAA quarterfinals.

“I’m a little nervous,” she said. “Hopefully I’m prepared.”

Mike Lowe can be contacted at 791-6422 or:

Twitter: MikeLowePPH

]]> 0 her four seasons at York High, Lily Posternak helped the field hockey team compile a 71-1 record and capture three Class B state championships. She was also a starting guard on a successful basketball team.Fri, 19 May 2017 09:57:19 +0000
The Better Neighbor: Emily Jefferds, Scarborough Sun, 21 May 2017 08:00:00 +0000 If you play third base for a high school softball team as strong as Scarborough, you often take a position roughly 15 feet from the batter to defend bunts. You wear a facemask in case of a screaming line drive, but you can’t be squeamish.

Emily Jefferds, a 17-year-old junior, laughed at such a suggestion. “No, not at all,” she said.

Not only does Jefferds trust her quick hands for protection, she feels comfortable poking herself in the stomach with needles for necessary injections of insulin. She does it eight to 10 times a day because she has Type 1 diabetes.

Diagnosed at age 7, Jefferds not only learned to manage her disease through blood-sugar testing and injections. She also advocates for research, raising money and traveling to Washington to speak with members of Congress, including Sen. Susan Collins and Rep. Chellie Pingree.

Jefferds, who also plays shooting guard in basketball, was honored as The Better Neighbor at the Varsity Maine Awards.

“When I think of Emily, I just smile,” said Tom Griffin, Scarborough’s softball coach, who also taught Jefferds in middle school. “Just a wonderful spirit about her, an absolute joy to be around.”

Griffin said Jefferds is a solid hitter who is starting to drive the ball more this year and is “probably the most improved kid from last year to this year.”

After every class and practice, he said, Jefferds made a point to say thank you. Dealing with diabetes helped her mature.

“There are times she’s low and she’ll let me know,” Griffin said. “I haven’t had to take her out of a game yet, but some practices she’s had to sit for a while and get some sugar in herself.”

Jefferds credits her grandmother, Loretta Hothersall, an advocate for the American Diabetes Association, for inspiration. Jefferds has spearheaded fundraising walks, bike rides and even a pajama day when she was in fifth grade.

“She’s got a special gift, this kid,” Hothersall said. “She likes telling people, ‘This is what it’s like to live with diabetes. Please help me to find a cure.’ ”

Jefferds said there are Type 2 diabetics in her family. According to the ADA, 1.4 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes each year and about one in 400 people younger than 20 have it.

“I know what I have to go through,” said Jefferds, who is considering medical biology as a field of study in college. “I just don’t want other people to go through that, so I really would like to get a cure as soon as possible and make a stop to this.”

Glenn Jordan can be contacted at 791-6425 or

Twitter: GlennJordanPPH

]]> 0 Jefferds of Scarborough accepts her Better Neighbor award during the 2017 Varsity Maine Awards.Fri, 19 May 2017 09:55:36 +0000
The Role Model: Austin Dutremble, Biddeford Sun, 21 May 2017 08:00:00 +0000 Austin Dutremble’s coaches at Biddeford High say the senior treats everyone as a friend, be it a freshman new to the team, a teacher, a coach or a member of the custodial staff.

“I just feel like everyone’s trying to do their best at whatever they’re doing,” Dutremble said. “So, it’s always nice to have a conversation and not ignore people.”

Dutremble, 18, maintained his upbeat spirit despite athletic adversity. That’s why he was chosen as The Role Model.

In football, Dutremble had consecutive seasons cut short by injuries that required surgery. He broke his hand as a sophomore and his ankle as a junior.

“The road hasn’t been easy for him,” said Brian Curit, Biddeford’s football coach.

Both times, he was able to recover quickly enough to return in time for the basketball season – where a different type of pain awaited.

In Dutremble’s first three seasons, Biddeford went 0-18, 1-17 and 1-17. That’s 2-52. As a 5-foot-8 freshman, Dutremble was the best option at power forward, a position he continued to play.

“Anyone can be a good teammate when you win,” said Justin Tardiff, Biddeford’s basketball coach, who nominated Dutremble for the award. “He was always a good teammate. He was like the rock in our program and he kept other kids positive.”

Dutremble, now 5-10 and 185 pounds, had a smoother senior season. A two-way starter in football at inside linebacker and either receiver or running back, he earned all-Western Maine Conference honors and Biddeford (9-2) advanced to the Class B South championship, losing to Kennebunk.

“I think he’s a successful football player but more important, you won’t meet a nicer kid,” Curit said.

Cam Lantagne, a junior, said Dutremble was there for him when he broke his ankle this past season.

“He was telling me how to stay positive and get through it. That helped me a lot,” Lantagne said.

In basketball, the Tigers were much improved, going 8-11 and losing a quarterfinal game to Falmouth. Known as a defender and hustle guy, Dutremble scored 26 points in a key win against Cape Elizabeth.

“It was so tough those first three years,” Dutremble said. “It was a great feeling to finally get noted for all of our hard work.”

Dutremble, ranked 10th in his graduating class, will stay in his hometown and study medical biology at the University of New England.

He will also be part of the first freshman football class at UNE, expecting to play receiver.

“I think it’s really cool because we’ll always be known as that first team and the first players to start UNE football,” Dutremble said.

Steve Craig can be reached at 791-6413 or:

Twitter: SteveCCraig

]]> 0 Dutremble had his sophomore and junior seasons cut short by injuries, but recovered for a strong senior season as a two-way starter and helped Biddeford reach the Class B South championship game.Fri, 19 May 2017 09:56:54 +0000
Saturday’s high school roundup: Capers get even with Falmouth Sun, 21 May 2017 02:02:20 +0000 FALMOUTH — Owen Thoreck scored three goals and assisted on two others, and Cape Elizabeth avenged its only loss with an 8-5 boys’ lacrosse victory Saturday night against previously undefeated Falmouth.

The Capers (8-1) grabbed a 4-0 lead after one quarter and held on from there. Thoreck scored the final two goals after Falmouth (8-1) cut its deficit to 6-5 with about seven minutes remaining.

Jeb Boeschenstein, Ben Carroll, Tate Perkins and Jacob Brydson scored in the first quarter, and Connor Thoreck had a goal and an assist for the Capers.

Falmouth, which beat Cape Elizabeth 9-8 in April, got two goals from Nate Arrants, and one apiece from Jack Scribner, Nick Farnham and Devin Russell.

SOUTH PORTLAND 13, MARSHWOOD 3: David Fiorini netted three goals and assisted on four others for South Portland (6-3) in a victory over the Hawks (1-8) in South Berwick.

Ross Myers and Finn Zechman tallied two goals apiece, and Quinn Watson made eight saves for the Red Riots.

Nevan Collins had a goal and an assist for Marshwood.


KENNEBUNK 8, MARSHWOOD 7: Briannagh Beaudette fired home a low shot off a fast break with 44 seconds left in the second overtime, giving Kennebunk (7-1) a triumph against over Marshwood (7-3) in South Berwick.

Erin Groton scored five goals to lead Kennebunk. Katherine Koch added a pair.

Reagan Nichols tallied four goals for Marshwood, and Marin Smith scored twice.

ST. DOMINIC 19, BONNY EAGLE 4: Caroline Gastonguay recorded seven goals and six assists to lead the Saints (5-5) over the Scots (4-6) in Standish.

Kristina Cornelio added four goals.

Jenna Litif scored twice for Bonny Eagle.

LAWRENCE 8, DEERING 7: Cassandra Poli scored five goals to lead the Bulldogs (2-6) to a win over the Rams (3-6) at Kents Hill.

Anna Castonguay, Nora Buck and Harley Hamlin also scored for Lawrence.

Hannah Amergian and Kiaya Gatchell each had two goals for Deering.


SOUTH PORTLAND 2, DEERING 1: Sam Troiano drove in the go-ahead run with an infield single in the seventh inning to lift the Red Riots (9-3) over the Rams (5-6) in Portland.

Deering took a 1-0 lead in the second inning when Luke Hill hit a double and scored on the same play after two errors.

Troiano singled in the third and scored on a single by Riley Hasson. Troiano led South Portland with three hits.

Zach Johnson earned the win, allowing six hits, one walk and one unearned run while striking out six.

FALMOUTH 8, YORK 1: Robbie Armitage had three hits and three RBI to lead the Yachtsmen (13-0) over the Wildcats (9-3) in Falmouth.

The game was scoreless until the bottom of the fourth, when Armitage hit a two-run single to highlight a six-run inning. Armitage drove in another run in the fifth with his second double of the day.

Andrew Rodrigues hit an RBI double for York in the sixth inning. It was the first earned run this season against Falmouth left-hander Cam Guarino (6-0), who allowed four hits and one walk while striking out six in six innings.

BIDDEFORD 8, NOBLE 7: Hunter Demeule singled home Joey Curit with the tiebreaking run in the bottom of the sixth as the Tigers (7-5) edged the Knights (4-7) in Biddeford.

Curit drew a leadoff walk and advanced on Logan Magnant’s sacrifice before Demeule’s single to right.

Demeule finished with two hits and three RBI. Brady Crepeau added two hits and two RBI.

Kasey Rogers paced Noble with two hits and three RBI. Coby Johnson hit two doubles and a single.

GORHAM 10, SCARBOROUGH 1: Logan Drouin pitched a five-hitter and drove in two runs to lead the Rams (11-2) over the Red Storm (7-5) in Scarborough.

Nolan Brown led the offense with three hits and three RBI. He hit an RBI triple in the second inning and a two-run triple in the fourth. Drouin tripled home a run in the second and added an RBI single in the third.

Scarborough scored on a single by Zachary Alofs in the sixth.

Drouin walked one and struck out five.

BONNY EAGLE SPLITS WITH MARSHWOOD: William Whyte drove home two runs on three hits and also scored twice as Bonny Eagle (3-10) rallied to salvage a doubleheader split with Marshwood (3-9), beating the Hawks 15-7 in the second game at South Berwick.

Bonny Eagle, trailing 7-1, pulled within one with a five-run fourth inning, then scored nine runs in the sixth.

Kolby Lambert homered, drove in two runs and scored twice for Bonny Eagle. Christian Napolitano had two hits, two RBI and two runs scored.

Cole McDaniel collected two hits, an RBI and a run for Marshwood.

Nathan Curtis drove home two runs and struck out seven in the opener to lead Marshwood to a 3-0 win.

Max Horton and Holden Jackman each had two hits and scored a run. Horton also had an RBI and Aidan Place scored a run.

Napolitano hit a pair of singles for the Scots.

GRAY-NEW GLOUCESTER 2, FREEPORT 0: Tanner Mann and Jake Winchester scored unearned runs in the bottom of the fifth to lift the Patriots (5-7) to a win over the Falcons (3-8) in Gray.

Mann led off the fifth with a single and went to second when Winchester’s sacrifice that was misplayed. Zack Mann advanced both runners with a sacrifice. After an intentional walk to John Villanueva, Mann came home when Nick McCann’s two-out grounder was misplayed. Eli Winchester followed with a sharp single to right.

Villanueva pitched a three-hitter, allowing just one hit over the final six innings. Shea Wagner went the distance for Freeport, giving up four hits.

SACOPEE VALLEY 13, FRYEBURG ACADEMY 0: D.J. Shea homered and struck out six in a one-hit shutout as the Hawks (5-7) defeated the Raiders (3-9) in Hiram.

Dylan Miner, Peter Cates and Shea each had three hits. Cates hit a solo homer in the second inning to put the Hawks ahead 3-0.

Sacopee Valley scored 10 runs in the fourth, highlighted by a two-run homer by Shea and a three-run double by Brandon Burnell.

Shea walked three. The lone Fryeburg hit was an infield single by Tucker Buzzell in the second inning.

ST. DOMINIC 5, TRAIP ACADEMY 3: The Saints (8-4) scored five runs in the fourth inning and defeated the Rangers (6-6) in Auburn.

Mike Pelletier highlighted the big inning with a two-out, two-run double. All five runs in the inning were unearned.

Casey Volpe earned the win, throwing a six-hitter with four strikeouts.

Trevor Salema took the loss despite allowing no earned runs in 5 1/3 innings. He had two hits, four stolen bases and a run scored.

WATERVILLE 6, MORSE 1: Cody Pellerin pitched six strong innings and had two hits as the Panthers (9-3) defeated the Shipbuilders (9-3) in Bath.

Andrew Roderigue paced Waterville’s offense with three hits.

Jackson Walker hit a double for Morse.

MESSALONSKEE 5, BRUNSWICK 3: Colby Dexter doubled and drove in a run to help the Eagles (4-8) beat the Dragons (0-11) in Oakland.

Tyler Lewis contributed a pair of hits and drove in a run for Messalonskee. Parker Poulin struck out three in the complete-game win.

Zachary Grant had two hits and scored twice for Brunswick.

SPRUCE MOUNTAIN 5, OCEANSIDE 0: Jordan Daigle tossed a six-hitter and drove in the game’s first run with a third-inning single as the Phoenix (8-4) beat Oceanside (6-5) in Livermore Falls.

Spruce Mountain added four runs in the fourth, highlighted by Hunter Dalton’s three-run homer.

Oceanside pitcher Michael Dougherty allowed eight hits and only one earned run. Coby Dorr collected two singles for the Mariners.


FRYEBURG ACADEMY 4, SACOPEE VALLEY 1: Nicole Bennett pitched a four-hitter with 12 strikeouts and Mackenzie Buzzell hit a two-run homer to help Fryeburg (9-2) beat Sacopee Valley (8-3) in South Hiram.

Buzzell and Bennett both singled and scored in the first inning. Makayla Cooper hit a sacrifice fly and Kaylee Emery singled home Bennett.

Jordan Miner homered for Sacopee in the fourth inning. Buzzell countered with a home run in the seventh.

SKOWHEGAN 12, CAMDEN HILLS 0: Ashley Alward struck out six in four innings and was a home run shy of hitting for the cycle, leading the Indians (10-2) to a five-inning victory in Skowhegan.

Lindsey Warren also had three hits, including a triple, and Allie Ingalls contributed two hits.

Nicole Brown had two hits for Camden Hills (2-9).

VINALHAVEN 10, VALLEY 9: Ashlyn Littlefield had a pair of hits to lead the Vikings (5-4) to a win.

Gilleyanne Davis-Oakes earned the pitching win.

Kendra Sweet went 4 for 4 and drove in two runs for Valley (3-5).

]]> 0 Sat, 20 May 2017 22:45:42 +0000
Baseball: Portland ends Cheverus’ unbeaten run Sat, 20 May 2017 23:23:24 +0000 Gio Ruotolo pitched a four-hitter and hit an RBI single during a three-run outburst in the fifth inning as Portland took down previously undefeated Cheverus 3-1 in an SMAA baseball game Saturday at Hadlock Field.

Ruotolo cruised through the first five innings before Cheverus (11-1) broke through in the top of the sixth.

Griffin Watson led off the inning with a single up the middle and Jack Casale followed with a double to right field, driving home Watson to cut Portland’s lead to 3-1.

With their 3-4-5 hitters coming up, the Stags looked primed to do more damage, but Ruotolo struck out Jared Brooks looking, induced a groundout from Maxx St. John and got catcher Logan McCarthy to pop out in foul territory on a nice play near the fence by Portland first baseman Tom Joyce.

“(Cheverus had) the momentum, they (felt) great, then all of a sudden in the seventh inning, after they couldn’t get another run across, 3-1 felt like 9-1,” said Portland Coach Mike Rutherford. “You could see it in their faces, and we knew they had the bottom of the order coming up. They needed (to score) at least one more run (in the sixth inning).”

Ruotolo improved to 5-0. He walked one and struck out six.

“(Ruotolo) pitches to contact and knows he has a great defense behind him,” said Rutherford. “He pitched like an ace, number one. For us to win anything in the playoffs, he’s going to have to win two games. Right now, he’s pitching like one of the best pitchers in the state.”

“I knew I had an undefeated record coming into this game. I knew I had a good defense behind me, and I wanted it a little more than (Cheverus) did,” said Ruotolo.

Portland (9-2) broke a scoreless tie in the bottom of the fifth. Don Tocci kicked off the scoring with a triple to right field, driving home Will Snyder, who had singled and advanced to second on a throwing error.

“I was just trying to pull the ball, hit it to the right side of the field to see if I can move (Snyder) over, and I ended up getting a good swing on it,” said Tocci.

Ruotolo then singled to shortstop, scoring Tocci to give the Bulldogs a 2-0 lead. Ruotolo came around to score later in the inning when McCarthy tried to pick him off at second base. Ruotolo took off for third, and the throw bounced and skipped away.

Snyder reached base three times, getting two hits after being hit by a pitch in his first plate appearance.

It was the ninth straight win for Portland after the Bulldogs opened the season with two losses. The Bulldogs have allowed just six runs in their last five games.

“(We need to keep) our heads high and keep staying under the radar,” said Ruotolo. “We just have to keep going.”

Cheverus, meanwhile, has given up more than three runs only once this season.

“We have to forget about this (game) and move on. That’s all we’re talking about right now,” said Cheverus Coach Mac McKew.

Brooks, a senior left-hander, went the distance on the mound for Cheverus. He allowed seven hits, walked one, hit two batters and struck out seven.

“Brooksie was fairly solid, (just) a couple of well-hit balls. Obviously, we unraveled there defensively. What are you going to do? You have to recover from it. We stopped the bleeding with the three runs there and gave ourselves a chance to get back in the game,” said McKew.

]]> 0 pitcher Gio Ruotolo, center, is congratulated by teammates Nick Archambault, left, and Cam King after finishing a 3-1 win Saturday against previously undefeated Cheverus.Sun, 21 May 2017 09:10:45 +0000
Friday’s girls’ roundup: Windham pulls away in softball Sat, 20 May 2017 03:23:04 +0000 WINDHAM — Olivia Mora hit a two-run homer to break a fifth-inning tie Friday and Windham went on to a 7-4 victory against Maine Girls’ Academy/Falmouth in an SMAA softball game.

Kayelyn Troiano scored ahead of Mora on the home run. Windham (11-2) added a run in the sixth when Alex Morang tripled, then ran home on Megan Joy’s fly ball.

Liberty Ladd belted two home runs for Maine Girls’ Academy (4-8), a solo shot in the first and a two-run homer in the fifth. Megan Faucher also homered for the Lions.

MEDOMAK VALLEY 2, NOKOMIS 1: Gabby DePatsy had eight strikeouts to lead the Panthers (11-1) over the Warriors (6-6) at Waldoboro.

Lydia Simmons had two hits and an RBI, and Aubrey Schaeffer added a double and a run for Medomak.

Austin Leighton and Mace Leali had two hits each for Nokomis.

Cam LaPierre of Westbrook dives back to second base as Isabella Santoro covers for Cheverus/North Yarmouth Academy. LaPierre finished with a double and four singles. Staff photo by Shawn Patrick Ouellette

WESTBROOK 15, CHEVERUS/NORTH YARMOUTH ACADEMY 7: Cam LaPierre led a 25-hit offense, using a double and four singles to drive in three runs, and scored four times as the Blue Blazes (2-10) beat Cheverus (0-13) at Westbrook.

LaPierre lined a two-run double during a five-run first inning that gave the Blazes a 5-2 lead. Westbrook expanded the lead to 9-1 in the third.

Julia Symbol added three hits, three runs and three RBI for Westbrook.

Allison Tillotson had a double and a triple for the Stags, with two runs and two RBI..

NOBLE 12, BONNY EAGLE 0: Raegan Kelly struck out 12 in a two-hit shutout as the Knights (10-2) beat the Scots (4-9) in six innings at North Berwick.

Kelly added two hits and two RBI. Kassidy Lessard led Noble with three RBI, including a two-run double in a five-run fourth inning. Kelsey Lessard added two hits and two RBI.

Nell Spencer and Samantha Averill had a hit for Bonny Eagle.

BIDDEFORD 16, MARSHWOOD 10: The Tigers (5-7) used an eight-run third inning to take a 12-5 lead and defeat the Hawks (6-7) at Biddeford.

After Biddeford scored four runs in the first inning, Marshwood answered with five in the top of the third, including a two-run homer by Lauren Leidermann-Smith.

In the Tigers’ fifth, Brooke Davis lined an RBI triple, and Chantel Perreault and Alexis Matteau followed with back-to-back doubles.

Liedermann-Smith, Meaghan Sandler and Kaylah Eastman each had three of the 15 hits for the Hawks.

GORHAM 11, SANFORD 6: Emily Murray went 4 for 4, driving in a pair of runs for the Rams (9-4), who opened a 9-0 lead and handled the Spartans (1-12) at Gorham.

Emma Shields added three hits, including a triple and a double, and drove in two runs for Gorham. Kiana Tracey had two doubles.

LAWRENCE 15, CAMDEN HILLS 8: Lilly Herrin had a home run and two singles with five RBI to pace the Bulldogs (6-6) over Camden Hills (2-9) at Fairfield.

CONY 6, MT. ARARAT 2: Cari Hopkins and Allee Cloutier each had two hits to help the Rams (5-7) defeat the Eagles (8-3) at Augusta.

PORTLAND 7, DEERING 2: Jessica Brown struck out 10 and the visiting Bulldogs (9-2) totaled six runs in the last two innings against the Rams (1-11) at Portland.

Portland took a 1-0 lead in the first inning on an RBI single by Taylor Crosby. Portland scored four runs in the sixth, and Crosby added an RBI triple to highlight a two-run seventh.

GREELY 3, YORK 0: The Rangers (8-5) had three of their seven hits in a two-run fifth inning and shut out the Wildcats (3-9) at Cumberland.

Moira Train and Kayley Cimino each had a pair of hits for Greely.


FALMOUTH 14, FREEPORT 6: Josephine Stucker had four goals and an assist for the Yachtsmen (8-0), who cruised to a 7-2 halftime lead and handled the Falcons (3-6) at Freeport.

Sydney Bell scored three goals and Amelia Waite added a pair for Falmouth.

CAPE ELIZABETH 10, LAKE REGION 6: Chloe Chapin and Susie Graham each scored four goals as the Capers (6-4) cruised past the Lakers (4-2) at Cape Elizabeth.

Karli Chapin added two goals for Cape Elizabeth, which led 8-3 at halftime.

Lindsey Keenan scored three goals for Lake Region.

]]> 0 Hammond of Cheverus/North Yarmouth Academy prepares to tag out Angelica Johns of Westbrook, who was caught stealing Friday. Westbrook earned a 15-7 victory at home.Fri, 19 May 2017 23:37:27 +0000
Friday’s boys’ roundup: Falmouth stops Yarmouth to stay unbeaten in baseball Sat, 20 May 2017 03:08:03 +0000 YARMOUTH — Reece Armitage hit a run-scoring double to break a tie in the sixth inning Friday, and Falmouth went on to a 13-10 victory against Yarmouth in a Western Maine Conference baseball game.

Griffin Aube followed with a two-run single to make it 13-10. Robbie Armitage had three hits and drove in five runs for the Yachtsmen (12-0), and also was the winning pitcher, striking out seven in three innings of relief.

Falmouth scored four runs in the top of the fourth to break a 5-5 tie, but Yarmouth (9-3) answered with four in the bottom of the inning.

Gibson Harnett doubled twice and drove in three runs for the Clippers. Luke Waelnder added three hits and scored three times, and Jake Romano had two hits and two RBI.

LAKE REGION 5, WELLS 4: Elijah Grizzard-Brown hit an RBI double during a three-run fifth inning as the Lakers (5-6) opened a 5-1 lead and held off the Warriors (8-4) at Wells.

Grizzard-Brown later scored on a balk by John Miles.

Wells closed within 5-4 on Camren Cousins’ two-run single in the sixth.

SACOPEE VALLEY 15, WAYNFLETE 0: Brandon Burnell went 3 for 4 and drove in five runs, and the Hawks (4-7) shut out the Flyers (0-9) in five innings at Portland.

Austin Eastman had a double and a single for Sacopee.

ERSKINE ACADEMY 3, OCEANSIDE 2: Noah Howard struck out seven to lead the Eagles (10-3) over the Mariners (6-4) at South China.

LAWRENCE 5, CAMDEN HILLS 2: Brandon Hill had two doubles and an RBI to lead the Bulldogs (5-7) over the Windjammers (5-6) at Fairfield.


BONNY EAGLE 8, PORTLAND 7: Spencer Shields scored the winning goal 28 seconds into overtime to lift the Scots (3-5) over the Bulldogs (2-7) at Portland.

Shields and Tyler Williams each scored twice, and Wyatt Blanchette, Tanner McClure and Alex Dyer each added a goal for Bonny Eagle.

Reilly O’Brien and Wes Bryan each scored two goals for Portland.

CHEVERUS 18, NOBLE 3: Max Coffin had five goals and an assist as the Stags (6-3) beat Noble (1-7) at Portland.

Michael Cawley had three goals and two assists, Christopher St. John added three goals, Michael Hatch and Noah Thomas scored twice each, Colby Anton finished with a goal and two assists, and Patrick Griffin and Luke Church also scored for Cheverus.

SCARBOROUGH 19, WINDHAM 8: Sam Neugebauer scored six goals to power the Red Storm (8-2) past the Eagles (4-5) at Windham.

Marc Guerette and Josh Derosa each added four goals for Scarborough.

SOUTH PORTLAND 17, DEERING 7: John Cooper Mehlhorn had five goals and five assists as the Red Riots (5-3) downed the Rams (5-4) at South Portland.

David Fiorini added five goals and four assists for South Portland, which led 9-1 at halftime.

Nick James had three goals and an assist, and Nathan Richards scored twice for Deering.

CAPE ELIZABETH 22, WAYNFLETE 0: Noah Bates scored four goals for the Capers (7-1), who led 14-0 at halftime against the Flyers (2-6) at Cape Elizabeth.

Hans Croft, Tate Perkins, James Boeschenstein and Owen Thoreck each scored twice. Samuel Price and Jack Dresser combined for two saves.

]]> 0 Sun, 21 May 2017 09:11:11 +0000
Boys’ lacrosse: Thornton ups the tempo, collects a victory Sat, 20 May 2017 02:46:27 +0000 SACO — The Thornton Academy boys’ lacrosse team stresses an up-tempo style, looking to put as many shots on goal as possible and not worry about giving the ball back to the opposition.

The Golden Trojans’ coaching staff found little to complain about Friday night in an 18-6 rout of Biddeford at Hill Stadium.

Thornton (7-1) unleashed 58 shots but also controlled possession and limited the Tigers (5-4) to 24 shots.

Biddeford led 3-2 before the Trojans scored the final four goals of the first quarter for a 6-3 lead. Thornton then added all eight goals of the second quarter to put the game away with a 14-3 lead at halftime.

Biddeford’s Mitchell Farley falls to the turf while battling for the ball with Thornton’s Eli Arsenault during the first period. Staff photo by Gabe Souza

“I’m glad that once again, it showed that if we keep on sticking with pushing the ball and playing a high-intensity offense, that goals will come in bunches,” Thornton Coach Ryan Hersey said. “It’s a strategy Bates (College) is using and other colleges are using – push the ball and get as many shots on goal as possible, and not worry if you lose possession of the ball.”

Thornton made it 14 consecutive goals with the first two scores of the third quarter, opening a 16-3 advantage, before C.J. Thorne of Biddeford recorded his second of four goals.

The Tigers went 23 minutes, 28 seconds without scoring.

“I thought it was a good game (for us),” said Trojans attack Noah Edborg, who finished with five goals and two assists. “We played good together. We were just trying to come out fast and get goals in quick.

Thornton’s Taylor Jipson tries to elude the Biddeford defense while on attack. Staff photo by Gabe Souza

“I was not expecting a run like (that) at all. We’ve been used to close games recently.”

The Trojans grabbed control late in the first quarter when they scored four times in a 2:24 span.

Man-advantage goals 49 seconds apart by Wyatt LeBlanc (one goal, three assists) and Thomas Levasseur (three goals, two assists) started the run.

Biddeford was still in the game early, trailing by three goals to start the second quarter.

But five penalties – totaling six minutes – in the quarter resulted in four more man-advantage scores as the Trojans pulled away.

“This is a great rivalry, a fantastic rivalry,” Biddeford Coach Jason Martel said. “In the second quarter, (the) penalties got us.

Biddeford’s Mitchell Farley, center, looks for the ball as he’s sandwiched by two Thornton defenders, including Thomas Pike, at right, during the first period. Staff photo by Gabe Souza

“It’s hard to stay with a team like Thornton Academy when we spend so much time locked in the penalty box. I think we had five or six solid minutes in the second quarter in the penalty box, and it’s hard to play a man down.”

The Trojans scored four times in 4:44 at the end of the second quarter, with Edborg netting three goals, two of them from John Giroux (two goals, three assists). Giroux had the other, taking a pass from Edborg and finding the back of the net.

“I’ve played with (John) almost my whole life. Last year we started connecting more (offensively), and this year we are connecting a lot,” Edborg said.

Also recording multiple points for the Trojans were Jaden Wells (two goals), Thomas Pike (two goals), Jack Webb (one goal, one assist) and C.J. Labreck (two assists).

Ean Patry made nine saves as Taylor Jipson and Eli Arsenault played strong defense in front of him to limit Biddeford’s chances.

]]> 0 Houde of Thornton Academy attempts to evade a Biddeford defender Friday night during the first quarter of Thornton's 18-6 boys' lacrosse victory at Saco. The Trojans improved to 7-1 and dropped the Tigers to 5-4.Fri, 19 May 2017 22:56:55 +0000
Baseball: York scores 4-2 win over Greely Sat, 20 May 2017 01:27:55 +0000 CUMBERLAND — Trevor LaBonte did what he does best – pound the strike zone – to lead York to a 4-2 victory against Greely in a Western Maine Conference baseball game Friday.

“Greely is uncharacteristically young and we knew if Trevor threw strikes, they would be hard-pressed to put up anything offensively,” York Coach Chuck Chadbourne said.

LaBonte, a right-hander who will start a postgrad year at Bridgton Academy in the fall, allowed four hits, struck out eight, walked three and hit a batter.

“I’m a competitor, and I just want to go out there and attack the strike zone,” LaBonte said.

LaBonte was aided by a blustery wind that blew in from center field.

“LaBonte was tough,” Greely Coach Derek Soule said. “You know, he had a nice wind behind his back and he’s already tough enough. (The wind) held up some of theirs and some of ours, but it was a nice wind behind a pitcher who already has great stuff.”

It was the third consecutive loss for the Rangers (8-4) and the fifth straight win for the Wildcats (9-2).

“We didn’t swing the bats too well today, but we were sharp in the field, defensively,” LaBonte said. “We’re playing some good baseball right now.”

York had seven hits and most of them were timely.

The Wildcats opened the scoring in top of the first. Chris Neilson led off with a single, stole second and came home when Dawson Gundlah grounded a two-out second through the left side of the infield.

York took a 3-0 lead in the fourth. With one out, LaBonte, Gundlah and Riley Linn each singled to a produce one run. An infield error brought the other run in.

The Rangers scored both of their runs in the bottom of the fourth when LaBonte had a momentary lapse in his control. With one out, he walked one batter and hit another. Will Neleski drove in one run with a single, the first hit off LaBonte. The other run scored on a fielder’s choice.

The Wildcats added a run in the seventh. With one out, Shane Pidgeon walked, then beat a throw to second after Neilson sent a chopper back toward the mound that the Greely pitcher Zach Brown was unable to field cleanly. Andrew Rodrigues singled sharply to left to drive in the run.

LaBonte was denied a complete game because of the Maine Principals’ Association rule that limits pitchers to 110 pitches. He had to stop pitching in the bottom of the seventh with two outs and a runner on first.

“I gave a couple free bases away (in the fourth), and any time you do that your pitch count is going to be high,” LaBonte said. “It came back to hurt me. I couldn’t finish what I started.”

Neilson struck out Brown to earn his first save.

“I’ve been coming (to Greely) for 10 years, and with the exception of the magical run four years ago when we won a state title, we never won up here,” Chadbourne said. “You don’t come here and beat (Soule). He’s got a young team, but nobody is going to want to play them come tournament time.”

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Madison softball rallies for comeback win over Monmouth Fri, 19 May 2017 23:41:04 +0000 MONMOUTH — Down to their final out, their final strike, the Madison Area Memorial High School softball team somehow found a way.

Just inches from having been retired for the game’s final out on a popup in foul territory on the previous pitch, Sydney LeBlanc singled home two runs to tie the score and Destiny Howes singled in the go-ahead run, leading the Bulldogs to a seven-run seventh inning and an improbable 8-6 win over Monmouth Academy in a matchup between the two Mountain Valley Conference leaders on Friday afternoon.

After surrendering five runs in the bottom of the sixth — four of those runs unearned — to fall into a 6-1 hole, Madison (11-0) kicked off its one-out rally with five straight singles before LeBlanc’s big blow with two outs. Howes, one of only two seniors on the Bulldogs’ roster, doubled to right-center field and extended Madison’s winning streak to 32 straight games.

“I love the high and outside pitches,” said Howes, who went 2 for 3. “I just take them to right field. If they catch it, I just try the next time to hit more of a line drive.”

It took exactly 11 minutes from the time Madison walked off the field trailing by five until they were back in front.

“We never give up. We always keep our heads up and cheer everybody on,” Howes said. “Everybody was up in the dugout cheering each other on. It was a great inning.”

Madison pulled to within 6-5 when Annie Worthen grounded out to second to score Whitney Bess and set the stage for LeBlanc. The count was even when she popped up a 2-2 pitch just a couple of feet up the third base line. Monmouth catcher Abby Ferland made a tremendous leaping play on the ball, momentarily snaring it in her mitt before her forward momentum sent her tumbling to the dirt. When the back of her glove hit the ground, the ball popped free and LeBlanc and the Bulldogs had new life.

LeBlanc entertained the idea that the game had been lost in Ferland’s mitt.

“For a second,” LeBlanc said. “But coach called a timeout right before that, so it really relaxed me. I just had to keep my head up.”

That she did, ripping a base hit back up the middle for the tying runs.

What had been a 1-1 game through five innings turned into anything but predictable over the final two frames.

“It’s actually a huge confidence builder,” said Monmouth coach Dave Kaplan, whose team dropped to 10-3. “These guys are the team to beat in this league. We had them in the seventh, but we let them get away. Now, we know we can compete with them… It’s all good. It’s all good stuff we’re taking out of today.”

The Mustangs, who tied the game in the bottom of the fifth on No. 9 batter Julia Johnson’s RBI groundout to third, put plenty of pressure on the Madison defense in the sixth. Under that pressure, the Bulldogs crumbled.

Worthen made two costly errors at shortstop, with the second of those allowing two runs to score on what could have been the final out of the inning. Haylee Langlois drove in one run, while Rhiannon Dumond’s batted ball forced two runs in for a 6-1 lead.

Madison coach Chris LeBlanc opted not to say anything to his team following the nearly-disastrous inning, instead choosing to see how his team responded.

Respond, they did.

“It was good character,” Chris LeBlanc said. “I didn’t know how we would react. In the dugout, I’m wondering what I’m going to say. At that point, I chose not to say anything and see what they did. I saw that excitement that they had (during the rally).. and it gives me confidence that if we get into situations like this as we go into the second half of the season that we’re able to believe in ourselves.”

Lauria LeBlanc, Aishah Molloy, Ashley Emery (2 for 4), Bess and Wood strung together base hits to give the Bulldogs life, and Sydney LeBlanc made sure that the game would continue on at the very least.

Howes made sure it would not, The designated player drilled Emily Chasse’s 0-1 pitch to the opposite field, allowing Wood to close things out with a 1-2-3 bottom of the seventh on just nine pitches.

“That’s what I love so much about my team,” Sydney LeBlanc said. “We never hang our heads. We never quit.”

Travis Barrett — 621-5621

Twitter: @TBarrettGWC

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Thursday’s girls’ roundup: Fryeburg outslugs Yarmouth in softball Fri, 19 May 2017 03:08:50 +0000 FRYEBURG — Fryeburg Academy scored eight runs in the second inning, highlighted by Mackenzie Buzzell’s three-run homer, and fought off a comeback bid by Yarmouth to secure a 15-7 win in a Western Maine Conference softball game Thursday.

Yarmouth (10-2) got six runs in the fourth to cut its deficit to 10-7, but Fryeburg (8-2) added five runs in the sixth.

Buzzell went 2 for 4, while Tina Leblanc and Makayla Cooper each had three hits, and combined for five RBI for the Raiders.

Cate Ralph led Yarmouth with three hits.

GRAY-NEW GLOUCESTER 5, CAPE ELIZABETH 4: Chelsea Davis reached on a dropped third strike in the bottom of the seventh inning and eventually scored the winning run as the Patriots (5-4) beat Cape Elizabeth (5-5) in Gray.

Davis stole second and advanced to third on a passed ball before Syndey Rodrigues hit a hard shot to third. She retreated to the bag as the ball was fielded but broke for home on the throw to first and scored.

The Patriots tied the game on Allie Martell’s three-run double in the fifth.

Martell was the winning pitcher, striking out 10 while holding the Capers to four hits. Jessica Robicheaw took the loss despite striking out nine and allowing just three hits.

SCARBOROUGH 12, MARSHWOOD 0: Laura Powell blasted a pair of home runs to power the Red Storm (12-0) past the Hawks (6-6) in five innings in South Berwick.

Powell’s first homer, a two-run shot, help the Red Storm open a 6-0 lead after four innings. She added a three-run shot as the Red Storm invoked the mercy rule with a six-run fifth. Hunter Greenleaf contributed a two-run single in the fifth.

Chloe Griffin limited the Hawks to three hits.

SACOPEE VALLEY 16, OLD ORCHARD BEACH 2: After giving up a home run in the first inning, Brynn Hink allowed only three more hits as the Hawks (7-3) rolled past the Seagulls (2-7) in five innings at South Hiram.

Morgan Howlett-Brown staked OOB to an early lead with her first-inning homer, but Sacopee answered with six runs in the bottom half, then added five in the second and five in the third.

The first-inning rally included consecutive RBI singles from Brenna Humphrey, Annette Humphrey and McKenzie Fox.

Hink hit a two-run homer in the third.


GREELY 9, YORK 8: Brooke Clement had three goals and an assist to pace the Rangers (5-4) to an overtime win over the Wildcats (7-2) in Cumberland.

Ellie Schad also scored three goals, while Katherine Leggat-Barr had a goal, an assist and five draw controls.

Cassie Reinertson and Allie Lawlor led York with three goals apiece, with Reinertson also contributing two assists.

Mollie McDonald stopped seven shots for the Rangers. Juliana Kiklis made five saves for York.

BIDDEFORD 14, BONNY EAGLE 8: Paige Laverriere recorded four goals and two assists to pace the Tigers (8-1) to a win over the Scots (4-5) in Standish.

Peyton McKeown added two goals and two assists.

Alexandra Farley led Bonny Eagle with four goals, while Natalie Bushy chipped in with a pair.

Eliza Gilliam stopped eight shots for the Tigers.

THORNTON ACADEMY 11, CHEVERUS 5: Amanda Cyr tallied six goals for the Golden Trojans (8-2) in a win over the Stags (3-6) at Saco.

Mackenzie Basile and Paige LeBlanc each scored twice, and Dana Sirois made six saves for Thornton.

Mackenzie Johnston got two goals for Cheverus.

MARSHWOOD 11, SCARBOROUGH 6: The Hawks (7-2) opened a 7-0 halftime lead on the way to a win over the Red Storm (1-7) at Scarborough.

Paige Singer paced Marshwood with three goals and three assists. Marin Smith had three goals and an assist, and Reagan Nichols and Abby Rowe chipped in with two goals apiece. Nichols also set up a goal.

Erin Stolz scored a pair of goals for Scarborough.

CAPE ELIZABETH 14, ST. DOMINIC 10: Susie Graham scored three first-half goals and added a pair of assists in the second half as the Capers (5-4) defeated the Saints (4-5) in Cape Elizabeth.

Emily Healy had two goals and three assists for Cape Elizabeth, and Chloe Chapin, Eleanor Roberts and Karli Chapin each added two goals.

Caroline Castonguay scored three goals for St. Dom’s, which also got two goals apiece from Rileigh Stebbins, Kristina Cornelio and Emma Theriault.

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Thursday’s boys’ roundup: Deering edges Marshwood in baseball Fri, 19 May 2017 03:00:03 +0000 Riley Bartell drove in the go-ahead run with a fielder’s choice grounder in the fifth inning as Deering earned a 5-4 win over Marshwood in an SMAA baseball game Thursday.

Deering (5-5) took a 3-0 lead in the second inning on an RBI single by Keegan Stanton and a two-run single by Rob Dacey.

Marshwood (2-8) tied it in the third, thanks to a two-run double by Max Horton and an RBI single by Holden Jackman.

The Rams then got two runs in the fifth, with an insurance run scoring on an error.

The Hawks pulled close on Jack Cahill’s RBI single in the sixth, but winning pitcher James Sinclair escaped a jam in the seventh to secure the victory, despite allowing 11 hits.

Horton and Jackman each finished with three hits.

CHEVERUS 11, SANFORD 1: Dominic Casale hit a two-run single to spark a five-run outburst in the bottom of the first inning, and the Stags (11-0) remained unbeaten with a five-inning win over the Spartans (3-8) in Sanford.

Casale finished with three hits and three RBI. Jack Casale also had three hits, including a triple and a double, and scored three runs, and Maxx St. John had three hits and scored twice.

WELLS 9, GREELY 2: Cameren Cousins pitched a five-hitter and also drove in three runs to lead the Warriors (8-3) past the Rangers (8-3) in Wells.

Wells, ahead 1-0 after one inning, expanded the margin to 4-0 in the fourth when Tyler Carpenter singled home Matt Tufts and Gary Andrews before scoring on a single by Cousins.

Liam Bell, Tufts, Tyler Bridge and Carpenter each finished with two hits. Carpenter also had three RBI.

SOUTH PORTLAND 9, MASSABESIC 1: Hunter Owen pitched six scoreless innings of one-hit, nine-strikeout baseball for the Red Riots (8-3) against Massabesic (1-11) in South Portland.

South Portland took the lead in the first when Jake Pool singled home Sam Troiano and Riley Hasson. The Riots added another run in the second and broke the game open with six in the fourth. Zack Johnson rapped a two-run single, Gordon Whittemore and Hasson each added an RBI single, and Nick Caristinos drove in a run with a groundout.

The Mustangs got on the board in the seventh when Alex Schepis came home on Noah McGrath’s single.

SCARBOROUGH 6, NOBLE 2: Zoltan Panyi’s two-run single capped a three-run third inning as Scarborough (7-4) pulled out to a 5-2 lead against the Knights (4-7) in North Berwick.

Cameron Seymour had scored on a groundout by Zachary Alofs before Wyatt Plummer and Morgan Pratt came across on Panyi’s hit.

Alofs and Panyi had two hits apiece, and Nolan Lamontagne drove home two runs.

Noble’s Duncan McGilvery singled twice and drove in a run.

GORHAM 5, BONNY EAGLE 4: Ben Nelson singled home two runs as Gorham (10-2) scored five times in the second inning and held on for a victory against the Scots (2-9) in Standish.

Logan Drouin belted a two-out solo home run to begin the decisive rally.

Kolby Lambert singled home William Whyte and Connor Sirois scored on an error as Bonny Eagle got two runs in the fourth.

Nelson and David Drew finished with two singles each for Gorham. Lambert had a double and two singles for the Scots.

CARRABEC/MADISON 12, MONMOUTH 4: Aaron Morgan had four hits, including a double, and the Cobras (9-3) broke a 4-4 tie with five runs in the fifth inning against the Mustangs (8-4), at Monmouth.

Evan Bess, Ryan Emery, Dylan Willette, Zach Belanger and Jordan Hadley contributed two hits apiece for the Cobras, who are ranked No. 1 in Class B South.

Hunter Richardson hit a single and a double for Monmouth.


KENNEBUNK 9, FREEPORT 7: The Rams (4-4) overcame a 19-save effort by Garrison Thompson to beat the Falcons (1-6) in Freeport.

Kaleb Barrett scored three goals for Freeport, and Connor Dostie added two goals and an assist.

BRUNSWICK 15, LEWISTON 8: Josh Dorr scored five goals as the Dragons (9-0) handled the Blue Devils (5-4) in Brunswick.

Aiden Glover added four goals and an assist, while Christian Glover tallied three goals. Brunswick goalie Connor Pendergast made 12 saves.

Jayden Wilson and Alex Rivet each had three goals for Lewiston.

CONY 8, MORSE 7: Chad Bickford scored four goals, including the winner in overtime, to lift the Rams (5-3) over the Shipbuilders (2-5) in Augusta.

Nate Foye added two goals, and Zach Whitney and Jason Barnes had one apiece for Cony. Cam Gallant made 16 saves.

Declan Hall led Morse with two goals. Braden Olson, Ethan Brown, Cameron Marco, Jacob Brochu and Ethan Pascuzzo also scored.

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Girls’ lacrosse: Undefeated Massabesic stops Windham Fri, 19 May 2017 02:09:23 +0000 WINDHAM — Despite facing a strong defense, the Massabesic girls’ lacrosse team still managed its share of good shots Thursday night.

An impressive passing game allowed the Mustangs to find the few cracks in Windham’s staunch zone defense, resulting in a 13-6 victory.

“When you’re playing against a zone, you cannot hold onto the ball,” said Massabesic Coach Brooks Bowen. “You’ve got to be able to move the move the ball and you have to be able to catch in small areas with passes.

“One of the key things we’ve worked on this year is the ability to catch in a tight, small area – especially inside the 8 when they close in on you. Tonight we were really able to execute that.”

The Mustangs (9-0) scored the first three goals and opened a 5-1 lead midway through the first half.

“They jumped out 5-1 and it’s kind of like ‘holy cow,’ ” said Windham Coach Matt Perkins. “The rest of the way it’s 8-5. That’s a little bit different. You can’t let a team like this come out and get those early goals but I was very happy with some of the changes we were able to make.”

Even a solid showing on defense, plus 10 saves from goalie Grace Sawyer, couldn’t hold off the Mustangs’ well-rounded offense.

“We called a timeout and fixed it some, then they adjusted,” said Perkins. “Then we fixed again at halftime and then they made another adjustment. They do a great job.”

That great job resulted in seven Mustangs scoring, led by four from Taylor Manning.

Skylar Renaud added three goals, Logan Champlin scored twice, and Kailyn Forrester, Morgan Pike, Josie Ring and Madison Drain each added a goal.

“We were focusing on ball movement and foot movement in the offensive end,” said Bowen. “Once we got the ball really moving, we turned the zone a little bit and were able to capitalize on a couple good plays on our part. We were very consistent and we’re very excited to get out of here with a (win) tonight.”

Mya Mannette paced the Eagles (7-2) with a pair of goals and an assist.

Alanna Joyce, Holly Spencer, Kaitlyn Roberts and Belle Skvorak also scored.

After starting 6-0 this season, Windham fell twice this week – also losing to Marshwood, a regional power.

Both losses offered learning opportunities for the Eagles.

“(Massabesic) and Marshwood are the teams that I’ve said for four years, we just need to keep closing the gap,” said Perkins. “What’s great when you play an awesome team like this, they’re going to show you what you need to fix.

“Ground balls, and kind of rushing and throwing the ball away for us – you’ve got to do a better job, but I’m very proud of the girls with their effort and was happy with the way they made the changes we talked about needing to make.”

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Softball: Wells keeps rolling, ends Greely’s winning streak Fri, 19 May 2017 00:36:22 +0000 WELLS — Anya Chase tossed a shutout and outdueled Kelsey Currier to lead Wells to a 1-0 win over Greely in a Class B South softball game Thursday.

The only jam Chase found herself in came in the first inning. With two outs and runners on second and third, Chase bore down and notched a strikeout.

“I felt like I had good snap on the ball today, so I felt confident in myself,” said Chase, who struck out 12, walked none and allowed only three hits. “But I knew I couldn’t have any mental slips because (Greely is) a really good hitting team and I knew that one hit, one play, could change the game, so I knew I had to be mentally tough the whole game.”

Wells, ranked first in Class B South, improved to 11-1 and ended Greely’s six-game winning streak.

“(Chase) did a good job of mixing her (pitches) and dominated a lot of the game,” said Wells Coach Kevin Fox.

Moira Train of Greely dives back to first base before the tag from Samantha Bogue of Wells in the seventh inning. Staff photo by Derek Davis

“I knew (Greely was) going to be a tough team coming in; we lost to them last year in a tough game,” said Chase. “I knew I wanted to come out and beat them. I have a strong team behind me and we decided we were going to stay strong, have good energy in this hot weather and do our thing, play our game.”

In the bottom of the first inning, Wells pushed across the game’s only run when Chase hit a double and eventually scored on Olivia Clay’s sacrifice fly.

The Warriors threatened in the bottom of the second, getting runners on second and third with two outs, but Currier induced a comebacker for the third out.

Anya Chase of Wells delivers a pitch in the sixth inning. Staff photo by Derek Davis

“We didn’t give a game away. We got beat by a good team,” said Greely Coach Rob Hale.

Currier was outstanding for Greely (6-5), forcing weak contact from Wells hitters for most of the game and showing the ability to limit the damage with runners on base.

“(Currier) pitched well. (Wells) got runners on base, but she pitched well under pressure and got some popups and line drives. She’s not a strikeout pitcher, so she did what she does,” said Hale.

Currier allowed six hits, didn’t walk a batter and struck out two.

“Kelsey did a great job hitting her spots, and I thought I hit my spots as well. It was a battle. It was a really fun game,” said Chase.

Greely pitcher Kelsey Currier dives but can’t make the catch on a popup by Olivia Durfee of Wells in the sixth inning. Staff photo by Derek Davis

Senior shortstop Moira Train played a strong game for Greely, making several good defensive plays. She also notched two of Greely’s three hits.

Timely hitting is a point of emphasis for Wells going forward, and Fox knows that it will be tough to win a lot of 1-0 games.

“It would have been nice to get a little offense for ourselves, but it’s good to be in those situations and win those types of games,” said Fox.

First baseman Sam Bogue collected two hits for the Warriors.

“I hope we see (Wells) again (in the playoffs). They’re a good team,” said Hale.

Correction: This story was updated at 8:47 a.m. on May 19, 2017 to correct the last name of Sam Bogue.

]]> 0 pitcher Anya Chase, right, celebrates with her teammates after finishing a 1-0 victory Thursday against Western Maine Conference rival Greely.Fri, 19 May 2017 08:48:14 +0000
Baseball: Cape Elizabeth downs Gray-New Gloucester Fri, 19 May 2017 00:05:03 +0000 GRAY — Cape Elizabeth shook off a shaky first inning Thursday and rolled to a 5-1 victory against Gray-New Gloucester in a Western Maine Conference baseball game.

Gray-New Gloucester’s leadoff hitter, Jake Winchester, reached on an error by the shortstop, and the Patriots took advantage to manufacture a first-inning run.

But the Capers came back, responding with a three-run second inning.

With runners on second and third and one out for Cape Elizabeth in the second, Jameson Bakke hit a sharp grounder to short.

Ryan Weare lingered too long in the baseline between third and home, getting into a rundown. It looked like Cape Elizabeth would pay for its baserunning error when pitcher Zach Mann slapped a tag on Weare.

Yet just as the umpire was calling Weare out, the ball jarred loose and Cape Elizabeth managed to tie the game at 1-1.

The Capers further capitalized on that break later in the inning, scoring two more runs on a double to center by their leadoff hitter, Brett McAlister.

Pitcher Marshall Peterson made sure that Cape Elizabeth kept that lead.

Peterson allowed one hit in six innings, striking out 10 and walking two.

Five of those strikeouts were looking, with Peterson frustrating the Patriots with stellar control and a sharp breaking ball.

“Coming into this game, my off-speed stuff hadn’t really been working well the whole season, but today it was definitely on,” Peterson said.

“I think the warm weather helped my arm loosen up and I was feeling better.”

The Patriots added an unearned run in the third. Peterson reached on an error by the third baseman and later scored on a two-out RBI single by Finn Bowe.

Though Mann recovered to shut down the Capers in the fourth, fifth, and sixth innings, catcher Brendan Tinsman struck a powerful final blow in the seventh.

Tinsman, who has committed to play for Wake Forest, drilled a fastball over the fence in left-center field to extend the Cape Elizabeth lead to 5-1.

Coach Andrew Wood took Peterson out for the final inning, handing the ball to Sean Agrodnia. The Patriots did manage their second hit of the day off Agrodnia but couldn’t mount a serious rally.

Wood was pleased with Peterson’s performance.

“I liked that he threw a lot of strikes. It was kind of discouraging that the first batter of the game reached on an error, but he did well just throwing strikes and pitching to contact. He’s been our ace for the past couple years and he helped us get a nice win today when we definitely needed it.”

The Capers moved to 6-4 and Patriots fell to 4-7.

Gray-New Gloucester’s next game is at home against Freeport on Saturday. Cape Elizabeth will be at home against Greely (8-3) on Monday.

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Wednesday’s boys’ roundup: York downs Traip Academy in baseball Thu, 18 May 2017 03:31:23 +0000 YORK — Andrew Rodrigues went 4 for 4 with a run and also was the winning pitcher Wednesday as York downed Traip Academy 13-3 in six innings in a Western Maine Conference baseball game.

The Wildcats (8-2) compiled a total of 19 hits against the Rangers (6-5).

Trevor Labonte was 3 for 4, including a two-run homer in the third inning, and drove in three runs for York, and Dawson Gundlah added a solo home run and an RBI double.

Rodrigues allowed three earned runs on four hits, striking out three and walking one.

FALMOUTH 8, LAKE REGION 2: Griffin Aube knocked home three runs on two hits as the Yachtsmen (11-0) beat Lake Region (4-6) at Falmouth.

Aube doubled home Robbie Armitage and Reese Armitage for a 2-0 first-inning lead. Falmouth then used a four-run fourth to make it 8-2, including Garret Aube’s double and Colin Coyne’s RBI single.

PORTLAND 8, WESTBROOK 1: Camren King drove in three runs, including a two-run single in the second inning, as the Bulldogs (8-2) got a win over the Blue Blazes (5-7) at Westbrook.

King’s single gave Portland a 3-0 lead. Donnie Tocci picked up the win, allowing one run on five hits and two walks, striking out five in six innings, and William Snyder added three hits.

Dustin Delponte had three hits for Westbrook, including a double.

WATERVILLE 9, MEDOMAK VALLEY 0: David Barre had a double and a single to spark the Purple Panthers (7-3) over Medomak Valley (5-6) at Waterville.

Jackson Aldrich and Cody Pellerin each had two singles for Waterville.

Cam Robinson had a double and a single for Medomak.

MORSE 12, NOKOMIS 5: The Shipbuilders (8-2) capitalized on eight errors by Nokomis (9-2) for 10 unearned runs at Newport.

Zach Hartsgrove had three hits for Nokomis.

SACOPEE VALLEY 20, WAYNFLETE 2: The Hawks (3-7) scored seven runs in the second inning and added eight in the third to cruise past the Flyers (0-8) in five innings at South Hiram.

Cameron Cyr, Peter Cates, Jared Jordan and Brandon Burnell each had two hits for Sacopee. Burnell picked up the victory for Sacopee, allowing two runs on two hits, striking out six in four innings.

GARDINER 11, MAINE CENTRAL INSTITUTE 1: Cole Lawrence allowed three hits to earn the win in his first start of the season as the Tigers (9-3) rolled to a five-inning victory against MCI (2-9) at Gardiner.

Isaiah Magee had three singles, two RBI and scored for Gardiner, and Hunter Chasse had a double, a single and scored twice.

Owen Williams, Pedro Matos and Norman Duncombe singled for the Huskies.

OAK HILL 9, BOOTHBAY REGION 2: Brent Mulherin and Caleb Treadwell each hit two singles to lead the Raiders (4-6) over the Seahawks (2-7) at Wales.

Matt Clifford earned the win for the Raiders, who broke the game open with an eight-run second inning.

OCEANSIDE 9, LINCOLN ACADEMY 8: Connor Harvey’s suicide bunt scored Uriah Thongsaphaphone in the bottom of the seventh inning to lift the Mariners (6-3) over the Eagles (1-10) at Rockland.

Lincoln led 6-3 going into the bottom of the sixth but Oceanside scored five runs to take an 8-6 lead.

Harvey, Michael Dougherty and Logan Sheridan had RBI singles in the inning.

The Eagles tied it in the top of the seventh on a two-run single from Sam Laemmie. Harvey and Sheridan each had two hits and two RBI for Oceanside. John Henry and Bradley Cross each had two hits and an RBI for the Eagles.

OXFORD HILLS 10, LAWRENCE 5: Ashton Keniston homered to lead the Vikings (8-2) over Lawrence (4-7) at Fairfield.

Keniston also had a single for Oxford Hills. Cam Slicer had two hits, including a double, for the Vikings.

Devon Webb hit two singles for Lawrence.

CARRABEC/MADISON 8, MT. ABRAM 0: Dustin Crawford went 2 for 3 with three RBI to lead the Cobras (8-3) over Mt. Abram (0-10) at Madison.

Evan Bess collected a pair of RBI for Carrabec, and Ryan Emery and Aaron Morgan each added a single and an RBI.

Mt. Abram managed two hits against three pitchers.


CAPE ELIZABETH 17, GREELY 6: Tate Perkins scored seven goals for Cape Elizabeth (6-1) against the Rangers (2-5) at Cumberland.

Owen Thoreck added four goals for the Capers. Andrew Lawrence led Greely with three.

DEERING 19: BONNY EAGLE 4: Nate Richards scored six goals as the Rams (5-3) cruised past the Scots (2-5) at Standish.

Nick James had four goals and Omar Contreras added three for Deering.

Spencer Shields had a pair of goals for Bonny Eagle. Tanner McClure and Alex Dyer also scored.

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Wednesday’s girls’ roundup: Knights walk off winners in softball against Massabesic Thu, 18 May 2017 03:04:54 +0000 NORTH BERWICK — Abigail Sprague drew a bases-loaded walk in the bottom of the eighth inning to score Mackenzie Aleva and lift Noble to a 2-1 victory against Massabesic in a Class A South softball game Wednesday.

Aleva led off the eighth with a single, then advanced to third on a throwing error. After starter Grace Tutt walked the bases loaded, Sprague drew another walk to score the winning run.

Raegan Kelly picked up the win for Noble (9-2), allowing two hits while striking out 14 in a complete game. Tutt gave up four hits and four walks while striking out six.

Noble took a 1-0 lead in the first on a fielder’s choice that scored Aleva. Massabesic (9-3) tied the game in the fourth on a groundout by Kyra-Mei Cartwright that scored Julia Gregoire who led off the inning with a triple.

GORHAM 4, WINDHAM 1: The Rams (8-4) received run-scoring singles from starter Grace McGouldrick, Emily Murray and Kiana Tracey during a four-run third inning and downed the Eagles (10-2) at Gorham.

Windham got an RBI single from Taylor Tibbetts in the fifth.

McGouldrick went the distance for the Rams, allowing five hits, striking out eight and walking three.

THORNTON ACADEMY 20, DEERING 4: Jenica Botting was 3 for 4 and drove in four runs as the host Golden Trojans (10-2) easily got by the Rams (1-10) at Saco.

Louisa Colucci hit a three-run homer for Thornton Academy, while Olivia Howe and Kylie Lavallee each added two RBI.

SOUTH PORTLAND 6, WESTBROOK 3: Stephanie Aceto doubled home two runs and then scored on a double by Maeve Kelley to key a four-run third inning that gave the Red Riots (3-8) a 4-3 lead over Westbrook (0-10) at South Portland.

Aceto finished with three RBI on two hits. Kaitlin Bouchard and Meghan Livingston each had two hits and an RBI for South Portland.

Emily Talbot had two hits and drove home a run for the Blue Blazes.

PORTLAND 8, BIDDEFORD 4: The Bulldogs (11-4) used a two-run double from Kitiara Rosmus and an RBI double by Taylor Crosby in the sixth inning to pull away from the Tigers (4-7) at Biddeford.

Starter Jessica Brown blasted a bases-clearing double in the fourth to help Portland open a 5-1 lead.

Biddeford answered in the fifth as Alex Chase hit a two-run home run and Aibhlin O’Connor followed with a solo shot to cut the deficit to 5-4.

Brown went the distance for the Bulldogs, striking out four and walking two.

MORSE 8, NOKOMIS 3: Paige Faulkingham had three hits as the Shipbuilders won in Newport.

Morse (7-3) got a four-hitter from Marissa Parks, who also had a double and two singles.

Austin Leighton hit a pair of doubles as part of a three-hit day for Nokomis (6-5).

MEDOMAK VALLEY 2, WATERVILLE 0: Addie Jameson struck out 11 as visiting Medomak Valley (10-1) shut out Waterville.

Lydia Simmons and Emily Wotton each had two hits for Medomak, which scored a run in the first inning on a passed ball and the other in the seventh on an error.

Madison Clowes struck out 13, Elyssa Giguere had two singles and Molly Wasilewski hit a double for Waterville (2-8).

FRYEBURG ACADEMY 9, FREEPORT 0: Nicole Bennett threw a two-hitter, striking out 11, and the Raiders (7-2) pounded out 14 hits to beat the Falcons (1-9) in Freeport.

Bennett walked two.

Mackenzie Buzzell had three hits, including a double, and drove in three runs. Makayla Cooper and Brianna Brunell each added two hits for Fryeburg.

OCEANSIDE 13, LINCOLN ACADEMY 1: Chloe Jones threw a complete game with 11 strikeouts and drove in a run as the Mariners (7-2) cruised past the Eagles (1-10) in five innings in Rockland.

Jones allowed three hits, while Hannah Moholland had two doubles and drove in three runs. Oceanside scored four runs in the third inning to take a 6-0 lead.

Caroline Fowler drove in a run with a single in the sixth for the Eagles.

MAINE GIRLS’ ACADEMY/FALMOUTH 6, SANFORD 3: Elizabeth Kennedy blasted a two-run homer to center to give Maine Girls’ Academy (4-7) a 3-2 lead over the Spartans (1-11) in Sanford.

Jill Joyce drew a two-out walk to get on base ahead of Kennedy’s homer.

Madeline Beaulieu scored on a passed ball in the fourth to up the Lions’ lead to 4-2.

BONNY EAGLE 12, CHEVERUS/NORTH YARMOUTH ACADEMY 7: Nell Spencer and Makala Greene hit RBI singles, Samantha Averill added a sacrifice fly, and the Scots (4-8) took a 6-4 lead with three runs in the fourth inning against the Stags (0-12) in Portland.

Spencer hit a two-run double in the fifth as Bonny Eagle added three more runs for a 9-5 lead.

OAK HILL 23, BOOTHBAY REGION 0: Charlotte Waterman went 3 for 5 with three RBI to lead the Raiders (7-3) over the Seahawks (0-9) in Wales.

Emma Hlister had three hits, including a double and a home run, and two RBI, while Julia Ahlberg also homered and drove in a two runs.

GARDINER 13, MAINE CENTRAL INSTITUTE 1: Jillian Bisson had a double among her three hits and also pitched a three-hitter to lead the Tigers (11-1) in a five-inning win in Gardiner.

Haley Brann had two hits for Gardiner, while Jazmin Clary ended the game with a two-run home run in the fifth.

The Huskies fell to 2-9.

MONMOUTH ACADEMY 7, HALL-DALE 3: Emily Kaplan, Katie Harris and Hannah Anderson each had two hits to lead the Mustangs at Farmingdale.

Anderson also drove in three runs for Monmouth (10-2).

Amanda Benner had an RBI double for Hall-Dale.


MORSE 18, CONY 12: Paige Daigle had six goals and an assist to pace the host Shipbuilders (6-2) against the Rams (2-5).

Amanda Gagne had three goals and doled out three assists for Morse, while Emily Martin added three goals and an assist, and Emily Belanger chipped in with a pair of goals.

Faith Leathers-Pouliot led Cony with four goals. Lauren Coniff had three goals and two assists, and Kami Lambert added two goals and an assist.

MESSALONSKEE 18, MT. ARARAT 6: Ally Turner scored seven goals and had five assists to lead Messalonskee over Mt. Ararat in Topsham.

Lydia Dexter, Lauren Pickett and Katie Seekins each added three goals for Messalonskee (7-1). Sophie Holmes won seven ground balls.

Emily Welch had four goals for Mt. Ararat (1-7). Casi Perow had nine saves.

GARDINER 8, ERSKINE ACADEMY 6: Claire Crocker had a hat trick and Julia Hinkley made 15 saves to lead Gardiner past Erskine at Thomas College in Waterville.

Evelyn Hinkley added two goals for Gardiner (3-4) while Hailee Lovely, Madisyn Smith and Lauren Chadwick had one apiece.

Hayley Hinds had two goals for Erskine (4-3).

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Baseball: Yarmouth rolls past Old Orchard Thu, 18 May 2017 01:55:19 +0000 OLD ORCHARD BEACH — This always was going to be a trying week for the Old Orchard Beach baseball team. Four games were scheduled – one on Saturday morning following Friday night’s senior prom.

As if that wasn’t enough, Coach Tom Lachance found out Tuesday night that his starting pitcher for Wednesday’s game against Yarmouth had a slight case of turf toe.

No surprise, then, that Yarmouth, the top-ranked team in Class B South, rolled to an 11-2 victory against Old Orchard, a mid-level team in Class C South, at The Ballpark.

Yarmouth (8-2) stole 15 bases, constantly putting runners in scoring position. The Clippers also drove in eight runs with two outs.

“We only have two players from varsity last year so we’re young, energetic and enthusiastic,” Yarmouth Coach Marc Halsted said. “And we want to be aggressive on the basepaths, and make the other team make plays.

“We thought we could run today. So we wanted to be aggressive. Fifteen stolen bases is a really nice afternoon.”

Leadoff hitter Luke Waeldner got Yarmouth off to a quick start in the first inning. He walked, stole second – his first of four – and scored on Jack Romano’s two-out single.

In the next inning, the No. 9 hitter, John Thoma walked, stole second, went to third on a wild pitch and came home on Waeldner’s two-out single.

The Clippers had runners in every inning. Four pitchers for Old Orchard (5-4) combined to allow 11 hits, 11 walks and three hit batters. Yarmouth scored in every inning except the fourth.

Coach Tom Lachance said he knew Halsted’s teams like to run, and the situation worsened because Evan O’Donnell, who was pressed into starting on the mound, is the usual starting catcher.

O’Donnell saw nine stolen bases in his 21/3 innings pitching.

“I think the stolen bases weighed on him. He walks a batter and then he can’t throw them out because he isn’t behind the plate,” Lachance said.

Yarmouth doubled its lead to 4-0 in the third when James Waaler (walk) and Jackson Caruso (hit by pitch) scored.

Waeldner, the starting pitcher, got out of jams in the next two innings: The Seagulls had runners on first and second with one out in the third, then runners on first and third with two outs in the fourth.

“I just trusted my defense and knew I had to throw strikes, and put the ball in play,” said Waeldner, who allowed four hits and one run in five innings. “It was a tight (strike) zone so I had to work with that, trust myself, trust my curveball and trust my team behind me.”

Lachance said he’s still looking for a clutch hitter for his team, which could have changed the complexion of the game.

“We’re battling on (finding) that clutch person. Once that one person becomes our clutch person it will become contagious,” he said.

Old Orchard finally broke through in the fifth when Tom Fregeau’s fly to center drove in Aidan Hickey, who had singled.

But that just made the score 9-1 after the Clippers batted around in the top of the inning and scored five runs. Chris Romano and Jack Romano had two-run singles for Yarmouth in the fifth.

Matt Hurley stroked a run-scoring double in the sixth for Old Orchard.

]]> 0 Romano, right, is congratulated by teammates Wednesday after scoring during an 11-2 victory against Old Orchard Beach at The Ballpark. Yarmouth, the top-ranked team in Class B South, improved to 8-2 and dropped OOB to 5-4.Wed, 17 May 2017 22:08:41 +0000
Tuesday’s boys’ roundup: Gorham triumphs in baseball Wed, 17 May 2017 02:48:41 +0000 GORHAM — Gorham scored four runs in the second inning to take the lead for good Tuesday night and went on to a 10-5 victory against Thornton Academy in an SMAA baseball game.

Will Prescott singled in two runs and Jason Komulainen singled in another for the Rams (9-2) in the second.

Prescott and Komulainen each finished with a pair of hits. Six batters had multiple-hit games for Gorham.

Evan Balzano had three hits for Thornton (6-5). Noah Goren had a double and triple, and Brogan Searle-Belanger added a triple.

SOUTH PORTLAND 2, WESTBROOK 0: Sam Troiano threw 62/3 scoreless innings, striking out 11 and walking five as the Red Riots (7-3) shut out the Blue Blazes (5-6) at South Portland.

Troiano singled to lead off the first inning for South Portland, advanced on a balk and later scored on a double by Zach Johnson.

Riley Hasson made it 2-0 in the sixth with a sacrifice fly, driving in Troiano, who led off with a triple.

Dylan Francoeur of Westbrook allowed two earned runs on four hits, striking out six.

Ed Buckley pitched a third of an inning for the save.

WELLS 11, POLAND 3: Cam Cousins went 4 for 4, and Matt Tufts doubled and drove in three runs as the Warriors (7-3) cruised past the Knights (3-8) at Poland.

Tufts hit a two-run double in the third inning to give Wells a 6-3 lead, and Ryan Sousa allowed three runs on seven hits and two walks, striking out one.

Andrew Skeats added two hits and two RBI, and Michael Wrigley had two hits for Wells. Caleb Hodgkin and Gawain Tibbetts had RBI doubles for Poland, which scored its runs in the first.

BIDDEFORD 4, MASSABESIC 1: Brady Crepeau pitched a two-hitter and hit an RBI double during a two-run second inning as the Tigers (5-5) defeated the Mustangs (1-10) at Biddeford.

Crepeau walked one and struck out four. His double in the second gave Biddeford a 3-0 lead. Nick Roberge of Massabesic scored on a fielder’s choice in the sixth.

CHEVERUS 6, NOBLE 2: Justin Ray had three hits, including a double, as the Stags (10-0) handled the Knights (4-6) at North Berwick.

Jack Casale and Max St. John each added a pair of hits, and Griffin Watson had a triple for Cheverus.

Jackson Vandenburg had a two-run homer for Noble.

PORTLAND 5, BONNY EAGLE 2: Giovanni Ruotolo threw a complete game, and Jake Knop had two hits and an RBI as the Bulldogs (7-2) beat the Scots (2-8) at Standish.

Ruotolo allowed two runs on three hits, striking out one, and Knop hit an RBI single during a two-run first inning for the Bulldogs. Ben Stasium added two hits and Dominic Tocci had a triple for Portland.

Bonny Eagle scored its runs in the fourth. Brady Grass hit a sacrifice fly to score Arlo Pike and Cody Mains drove in a run with a groundout.

WINDHAM 5, DEERING 3: Caleb McCartney hit a two-run single and Cole Sheets squeezed in the winning run during a four-run sixth inning for the Eagles (5-6) against the Rams (4-5) at Windham.

Chris Naylor pitched the final three innings for the win. Naylor struck out three and didn’t allow a hit or a run.

Colby Dame allowed three hits and five runs, striking out eight for Deering. James Sinclair led the Rams with two hits, two walks, an RBI and a run.

RICHMOND 5, OLD ORCHARD BEACH 1: Zach Small allowed seven hits and hit a home run to lead the Bobcats (9-1) over Old Orchard Beach (6-3) at Richmond.

Small, who also had a double, struck out eight and walked one. Tristan Shea added a double for Richmond.

Dylan Creswell and Thomas Fregeau each had two hits, Evan O’Donnell scored and Kyle Allen doubled for the Seagulls.

MARANACOOK 9, LINCOLN ACADEMY 0: Chris Florek pitched a three-hitter and struck out four to lead the Black Bears (4-5) over the Eagles (1-9) at Readfield.

Jackson McPhedran scored three runs and Nick Bowie had a double for Maranacook.

Chris Sullivan had a double for the Eagles.

SCARBOROUGH 5, MARSHWOOD 2: The Red Storm (6-4) scored three unearned runs with two outs in the eighth inning to defeat the Hawks (2-7) at South Berwick.

Scarborough scored twice in the first inning when Morgan Pratt tripled to right to drive in Tim Carion and Cam Seymour.

Marshwood tied it in the second when Cole McDaniel’s single drove in Quinn McDaniel and Jack Cahill.

EDWARD LITTLE 9, CONY 2: Jared Plourde earned the win, and also had a home run and a single as the Eddies (9-2) beat Cony (1-8) at Auburn.


THORNTON ACADEMY 15, SOUTH PORTLAND 9: C.J. LaBreck had five goals and an assist for the Golden Trojans (6-1), who took a 10-5 lead and handled the Red Riots (4-3) at Saco.

John Giroux had three goals and a pair of assists, and Noah Edborg added three goals and an assist for Thornton.

Finn Zechman led South Portland with three goals.

Ean Patry turned aside 17 shots for the Trojans. Quinn Watson stopped 16 shots for the Red Riots.

WINDHAM 19, MARSHWOOD 7: Tom Lekousi scored five goals for the Eagles (4-4), who led 13-6 at halftime and defeated the Hawks (1-6) at Windham.

Tyler Woolston recorded four goals and three assists, and Liam McCusker scored three times for Windham.

Henry Honkanen finished with four goals for Marshwood.

GARDINER 15, MORSE 8: Parker Hinkley had three goals to lead balanced scoring for the Tigers (8-0) against the Shipbuilders (2-4) at Bath.

Michael Poirier, Tristan Hebert, Tanner Hebert and Kyle Johnson added two goals apiece for Gardiner. Noah Keene made four saves, and Jake Weston and Sloan Berthiaume also scored.

Seamus Mann had four goals for Morse.

BRUNSWICK 18, MESSALONSKEE 7: Aiden Glover scored six goals to lead the Dragons (8-0) over the Eagles (5-3) at Waterville.

Max Gramins and Christian Glover each added three goals for Brunswick, and Connor Pendergast made seven saves.

Connor Smith scored three goals for Messalonskee, and Trevor McCray and Alden Balboni each added two.


BIDDEFORD 14, WELLS 13: The Tigers (5-3) led 9-6 at the half and held off a rally by the Warriors (5-2) at Biddeford.

Ethan Marsh and Evan Whitten each scored five goals for Wells.

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Tuesday’s girls’ roundup: Cape Elizabeth reaches .500 with 13-10 win Wed, 17 May 2017 02:36:30 +0000 CUMBERLAND — Susie Graham had four of her game-high six goals in the second half as Cape Elizabeth topped Greely 13-10 in a girls’ lacrosse game Tuesday.

Chloe Chapin had three goals and an assist for Cape Elizabeth (4-4), Karli Chapin had a goal and dished out three assists and Emily Healy, Mariah Deschino and Casey Kelly also scored.

Brooke Clement led Greely (4-4) with three goals, Courtney Sullivan, Jayme Morrison and Ellie Schad each had a pair of goals.

FREEPORT 16, FRYEBURG ACADEMY 4: Cationa Gould scored four goals as the Falcons (3-5) downed the Raiders (1-7) in Freeport.

Regan Lynch and Chloe Davidson each added three goals for Freeport, which led 7-2 at halftime.

Hannah Frye scored three goals to lead Fryeburg.

GORHAM 10, MAINE GIRLS’ ACADEMY 9: Bridget Rossignol scored the winner with 1:06 remaining in sudden-death overtime as the Rams (4-4) outlasted the Lions (4-4) at Portland.

Athena Pappalardo had three goals to lead the way for Gorham; Celia Begonia added a pair of goals.

Claire Reid led all scorers with five goals for Maine Girls’ Academy; Zoe Mazur added four goals.

Lily LaCasse made 11 saves for the Lions.

MARSHWOOD 9, CHEVERUS 5: Hannah Costin scored four goals to lead the Hawks (6-2) over the Stags (3-6) in Portland.

Reagan Nichols and Luci Albers each scored twice for Marshwood. Skyler Amsden recorded nine saves.

Mackenzie Johnston had two goals for Cheverus. Aisling Flaherty, Isabella Booth and Terryn MacDonald each had one goal.

MASSABESIC 18, SCARBOROUGH 4: Madison Drain had six goals and two assists to lead the Mustangs (8-0) over the Red Storm (1-6) in Waterboro.

Taylor Manning added three goals for Massabesic. Lydia Wasina had two saves.

Sarah Callahan, Marielle Smith, Leah Manfra and Hannah St. Germain each scored once for Scarborough.

Sophia Crovo recorded nine saves.

THORNTON ACADEMY 14, BIDDEFORD 3: Paige LeBlanc scored four goals and Dana Sirois stopped 12 shots as the Trojans (7-2) beat the Tigers (7-1) in Biddeford.

Taylor Ouellette added three goals for the Trojans.

Paige Laverriere, Peyton McKeown and Serena Speight each scored goals for Biddeford.

LAKE REGION 13, WELLS 6: Lindsey Keenan scored four goals and Lauren Jakobs added three as the Lakers (4-2) beat the Warriors (2-4) in Naples.

Isabelle Davis-White added two goals for the Lakers, who led 8-3 at halftime. Aimley Michaud-Nolan scored two goals for Wells.


MASSABESIC 10, GORHAM 1: Kyra-Mei Cartwright had a two-run triple to pace a four-run bottom of the third as the Mustangs (9-2) cruised past the Rams (7-4) at Waterboro.

Olivia Ducharme had a pair of hits for Massabesic.

Shayla Harris had a double and single for Gorham.

Cayleigh Morris went the distance for the Mustangs, allowing an earned run on five hits, fanning nine and walking four.

SOUTH PORTLAND 4, DEERING 2: Maeve Kelley lined an RBI single to score Ashlee Aceto with the go-ahead run in the top of the fifth inning as the Red Riots (3-8) outlasted the Rams (1-9) at Portland.

Trailing 1-0 heading to the bottom of the first, Deering took the lead as Elizabeth Drelich drove in a run with a single past the shortstop and Abby Elowith scored a run with a sacrifice fly.

Aceto reached to lead off the third inning for South Portland and later scored on a fielders choice to even the score at 2-2.

Stephanie Aceto picked up the win for the Red Riots, allowing two earned runs on seven hits, striking out four.

MacKenzie O’Donnell had three hits for the Rams.

BIDDEFORD 20, CHEVERUS/NORTH YARMOUTH ACADEMY 12: The Tigers (4-6) overcame an 11-5 deficit by scoring 15 runs in the last three innings in a victory over the Stags (0-11) in Portland.

Sydney Plummer led Cheverus with three hits and eight RBI. She had a two-run single in the first, a two-run double in the second and a grand slam in the fourth that put Cheverus up 11-5.

Biddeford capitalized on 12 errors by Cheverus, and scored seven two-out runs in the seventh inning. Alexis Matteau and Aibhlin O’Connor each had three hits for Biddeford. Chantel Gagnon had two hits and four RBI.

BONNY EAGLE 3, SANFORD 1: Sadie Denico struck out seven to lead the Scots (3-8) over the Spartans (1-10) in Standish.

Bonny Eagle took a 1-0 lead in the first inning on an RBI single by Makala Greene. Sanford tied it in the second as a run scored when Sara Boissonneault hit into a fielder’s choice.

Mackenzie Emery hit into a fielder’s choice that scored Denico in the third to put Bonny Eagle up 2-1. The Scots added another run in the sixth on an RBI double by Journey Barnes.

Denico (3-3) earned the win, allowing five hits, two walks and an earned run in 51/3 innings.

THORNTON ACADEMY 9, MAINE GIRLS’ ACADEMY/FALMOUTH 2: Olivia Howe hit a three-run home run in the first inning and Louisa Colucci threw a complete game as the Trojans (9-2) downed the Lions (3-7) in Falmouth.

Colucci allowed two runs on five hits, striking out 13. Kaitlin Verreault added a solo home run in the fifth inning to give Thornton a 6-1 lead.

Liberty Ladd had two hits, including a double to lead the Lions.

RICHMOND 17, OLD ORCHARD BEACH 2: Sydney Tilton fanned eight and allowed three hits, and doubled and homered to lead the Bobcats (10-0) to the five-inning victory in Richmond.

Bryanne Lancaster (double) and Cassidy Harriman had three hits for Richmond; Mackenzie Abbott (double) and Meranda Martin had two hits apiece.

Old Orchard Beach fell to 2-6.

WINSLOW 8, MORSE 4: Cassie Demers hit two doubles, drove in three runs and scored twice to lead the Black Raiders (7-1) over the Shipbuilders (6-3) at Bath.

Paige Trask had two hits, including a home run, with two RBI and Bailey Robbins hit two singles with an RBI for Winslow.

Marrissa Parks led Morse with a home run, three singles and three RBI.

Hope Faulkingham doubled, had an RBI and scored for Morse.

MARANACOOK 14, LINCOLN 3: Paige Costa went the distance as the Black Bears prevailed at Readfield.

Maranacook pounded 10 hits and scored eight runs in the fifth inning en route to improving 6-3.

Lincoln Academy fell to 1-7.

NOKOMIS 6, ERSKINE 1: Maci Leali, Chelsea Crockett and Lexi Allard all doubled to lead the Warriors to a win in South China.

Britney Bubar and Caitlyn Tasker combined for Nokomis (5-4) to blank the Eagles over the final six innings.

Faith Krause had a double for Erskine (4-7).

EDWARD LITTLE 12, CONY 6: Emmy Lachua hit three doubles and the Red Eddies capitalized on eight errors for the win in Auburn.

Edward Little (9-2) scored six runs in the bottom of the fifth inning to take the lead for good.

Cari Hopkins, Brooklyn Belanger and Allee Cloutier each had two hits for Cony (4-5).

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Girls’ lacrosse: Falmouth sends York to first loss Wed, 17 May 2017 02:03:57 +0000 FALMOUTH — Keeper Mary Budri came up big down the stretch Tuesday night, continually turning away would-be goals to allow Falmouth to escape with a 10-7 victory against York in a game between undefeated girls’ lacrosse teams.

“I have nothing but great things to say about Mary,” said Falmouth Coach Kait Johnson. “We call her Brick Wall Budri because she’s crushing it. She came up with some amazing saves.”

Budri turned away 16 shots, four in the final 2:20 for the Yachtsmen (7-0).

“Mary is the heart of the defense,” said captain Sydney Bell. “Nothing gets through Mary. She’s just so good. She put in so much work in the offseason and its really playing off. Everyone on this team knows they can rely on her.”

Budri wasn’t just a stopper but proved a key passer. York (6-1) maintained heavy pressure and Budri was often the player creating relief with strong passes out of the defensive zone.

That was never more obvious than with just over six minutes to go in the first half. With York building momentum, Budri turned away a shot, then caught the rebound attempt in her stick. In one motion she sidestepped a York player and unloaded a perfect pass down the middle to a running Bell.

Bell outpaced the last defender and slipped in a shot to give Falmouth a three-goal lead.

“You can’t always do that,” said Johnson. “It was a great opportunity and she has an amazing clear, especially when there’s a gap in the midfield. (Bell) is great at reacting to those plays and getting out ahead of the (defense).”

Just over a minute later, Bell connected on her third goal of the half to extend the Yachtsmen’s lead to 6-2.

“It completely sets the tone because those fast breaks are what got us going,” said Bell. “There’s so much momentum and it all starts with her. Something like that completely changes the game.”

Olivia Stucker and Devon Sarazin – both captains with Bell – added two goals each for Falmouth.

“That was extremely important,” said Johnson. “They’re such great leaders and such great kids.

“What’s great is we have players like Amelia Waite and Cristina Oakes, who are getting clears in the midfield, working off the ball and setting up those teammates so they can score. That was huge tonight. Definitely a team win.”

Falmouth also got goals from Amelia Waite, Kayla Sarazin and Caitlyn Camelio – who scored off the opening draw just 13 seconds into the game.

Cassie Reinertson led the Wildcats with four goals. Alexandra Lawson scored twice and Martha McCaddin chipped in with one for York.

Julianna Kiklis had 14 saves for the Wildcats, including turning away nine shots in the second half.

]]> 0 Tue, 16 May 2017 23:12:33 +0000
Baseball: Unbeaten Falmouth gets 10th win Wed, 17 May 2017 01:37:35 +0000 CUMBERLAND — Falmouth took advantage of nearly every mistake made by Greely on Tuesday to remain unbeaten in baseball.

University of New Haven-bound Cam Guarino outdueled University of Rhode Island-bound Ryan Twitchell to lead the Yachtsmen to a 4-0 win over the Rangers in a Western Maine Conference baseball game.

Guarino, a left-hander, allowed three hits, struck out eight and walked one for his fifth win of the season; Twitchell, a right-hander, gave up six hits, struck out 12 and walked none to fall to 3-1.

“That was a good win for us,” Falmouth Coach Kevin Winship said. “Anytime you face a pitcher of Twitchell’s caliber and beat him, it’s good for the program and for the team.”

Twitchell pitched well enough to win but didn’t get offensive support and the defense made three errors behind him. Three of Falmouth’s runs were unearned.

“We thought if we were going to win this game it was going to have to be grind-it-out, low-scoring and we were going to have to play defense,” Greely Coach Derek Soule said. “We made couple of infield errors, a couple of outfield bobbles and missed opportunity (for an out) on a pickoff.”

The Yachtsmen (10-0) took a 3-0 lead in the third inning with two outs.

Garrett Aube doubled to the base of the fence in right field and scored when Colin Coyne rifled a single through the left side of the infield on the next pitch. Coyne stole second and scored when third baseman Tate Porter let Robbie Armitage’s hard-hit ground ball roll between his legs. Reece Armitage followed with a single to left to drive in his brother.

Falmouth scored an unearned run in the seventh. With one out, Will Blum singled. Pinch-runner Brady Douglas stole second and scored when shortstop Zack Brown was unable to come up with Garrett Aube’s ground ball.

The Rangers fell to 7-2.

“Ryan had enough good stuff today, but obviously we have to score some runs for him and play better defense,” Soule said. “We feel every time Ryan gets the ball we have a chance to win, even against a team like Falmouth.”

Greely had base runners in every inning but the fifth and seventh, but none advanced beyond second base.

“Early on, I was just trying to blow the ball by people, but I wasn’t throwing very hard today. I just didn’t have it,” Guarino said, “so I just relied on defense more. I tried to pick at the corners and throw inside handle stuff. They started rolling over on the ball and hitting ground balls.”

“In the beginning, he was trying figure out where the strike zone was,” Winship said. “He was trying to nibble a little bit. It gave them a couple of (base runners) but then he figured out where (the strike zone) was and he kind of settled in and did a really good job coming down the stretch.”

“He was hitting his spots, and he was getting ground balls and lazy fly balls,” said Reece Armitage, who had two hits. “He had some trouble (early) walking some kids, but he doubled back nicely. He might miss a couple of spots, but he’s really good at adjusting.”

]]> 0's Garrett Aube celebrates with Robbie Armitage after scoring a run in the third inning. The Yachtsmen scored three times in the inning and won 4-0.Thu, 18 May 2017 10:42:21 +0000
Softball: Scarborough leaves no doubt against Windham in showdown of unbeaten teams Wed, 17 May 2017 00:37:16 +0000 WINDHAM — This was the game everyone in Class A South was waiting for – especially, it seems, the players and coaches at perennial softball power Scarborough High.

In a showdown between unbeaten teams Tuesday, the Red Storm left little doubt that the gap between them and the rest of the region is still pretty significant.

With Abbie Murrell pitching and hitting, Scarborough routed Windham 15-0 in a game stopped after five innings because of softball’s 12-run rule. Murrell allowed one hit in four innings, and drove in five runs with a homer and two singles.

“I’m just really pleased with the way my kids responded today. They were ready,” said Scarborough Coach Tom Griffin. “This was a good opportunity to see what we have.

“Basically we said we wanted to send a message here to everybody that this is what we have. And (his players) wanted to play the game hard, play it all-out and see what happens, try to win all phases of the game. We went out and dominated from the get-go.”

Scarborough (10-0) has pretty much dominated everyone this season, outscoring opponents 137-4. Windham (10-1) had scored 148 runs coming in.

“We were just kind of waiting for this game,” said center fielder Laura Powell. “Playing another undefeated team can only happen once or twice a season. We were really motivated to win this game.”

“We wanted to separate ourselves from everybody else,” said Murrell.

The Red Storm scored three times in the first inning and the Eagles (10-1) never recovered.

It was a tough first inning for Windham, which allowed an infield pop-up to drop untouched next to the pitcher’s circle and let in another run while throwing the ball around the infield to try to get a Scarborough runner who was already out.

“I think we just came out kind of sleepwalking from the get-go,” said Windham Coach Travis Demmons. “You can’t do that against a team like Scarborough. They’ll take full advantage of it as they did today.”

Scarborough broke it open with a 10-run third inning, sending 15 batters to the plate.

After a walk and a single to open it, Murrell hit a line-drive home run that cleared the left-field fence in about two seconds.

“I was on (second) base when it happened,” said Powell. “And right when she hit it I just knew that’s going to set the tone for the rest of the game. I knew that was going to hype everyone up.”

By the end of the top of the third, Courtney Brochu and Bella Dickinson had RBI singles, Powell drew a bases-loaded walk and Murrell hit a scorching RBI single that ricocheted off the chest of a Windham infielder, allowing another runner to score as the ball rolled away. Two other runs came in on an error.

While pitching, Murrell allowed only a double by Olivia Mora in the fourth and struck out five.

“Abbie Murrell is a phenomenal player,” said Demmons. “I can’t say enough good things about her. She’s been great ever since she pulled on that Scarborough jersey.”

As good as the Red Storm played against the Eagles, they expect more.

“We haven’t peaked yet,” said Powell. “We weren’t perfect. We’ve still got some stuff to work on.”

]]> 0 Murrell of Scarborough receives congratulations Tuesday after lining a home run during a 15-0, five-inning victory at Windham. Murrell finished with five RBI and on top of that, allowed one hit in four innings in a game against an undefeated opponent.Tue, 16 May 2017 22:23:21 +0000
Monday’s high school roundup: Gray-New Gloucester beats Kennebunk in baseball Tue, 16 May 2017 02:46:45 +0000 GRAY — Jacob Winchester scored on a throwing error in the ninth inning to lift Gray-New Gloucester to a 5-4 win over Kennebunk in a high school baseball game Monday.

Cole Hoffman hit a two-run single in the fifth inning to put Kennebunk (2-9) ahead 4-3. Gray-New Gloucester (4-6) tied it in the sixth inning when Josiah Rottari drew a bases-loaded walk.

With Winchester on third in the ninth, Kennebunk had a throwing error on a pickoff attempt, which allowed Winchester to score the winning run.

Elijah Winchester (1-0) earned the win, allowing one hit and one walk and striking out four in four innings of relief.

YARMOUTH 10, TRAIP ACADEMY 0: Luke Waeldner hit a two-run single as part of a six-run bottom of the fifth as the Clippers (7-2) downed the Rangers (6-4) in six innings in Yarmouth.

Gibson Harnett picked up the win for Yarmouth, pitching five shutout innings.

He allowed one hit, striking out five.

John Romano went 3 for 4 with a double and an RBI, and Harnett and Joe Coyne each had a double.

YORK 10, FREEPORT 0: Shane Pidgeon had a two-out, two-run single to spark a string of six consecutive hits as the Wildcats (7-2) beat the visiting Falcons (3-6) in six innings in York.

Timothy MacDonald had three hits for York.

Starter Trevor LaBonte pitched five scoreless innings, allowing two singles and striking out eight.

Jack Kelley threw a scoreless inning in relief.

MESSALONSKEE 6, LAWRENCE 4: Josh Joy pitched a complete game, striking out nine, as the Eagles (3-6) beat the Bulldogs (4-6) in Waterville.

Joy allowed one earned run on three hits. He also had two hits, including a double.

Tyler Lewis added three hits for the Eagles, including two doubles.

Brandon Hill, Jared Dodge and Jacob Bickford all had singles for Lawrence.


KENNEBUNK 21, GRAY-NEW GLOUCETSER 10: Brittney Gregoire drove in three runs and Samantha Henry hit an RBI double as part of an 11-run eighth inning as the Rams (7-5) beat the Patriots (4-5) in Gray.

Zoe Novicki hit a solo home run in the top of the seventh to force extra innings for Kennebunk. Lydia Howarth added two hits.

Alison Martell had two hits, including a double, and drove in three runs for the Patriots. Alexa Thayer, Cara Waltz and Grace Kariotis each added two hits for Gray-New Gloucester.

MEDOMAK VALLEY 22, SPRUCE MOUNTAIN 10: Lydia Simmons tripled and drove in five runs as the Panthers (9-1) scored 11 runs in the second inning to beat the Phoenix (3-6) in five innings in Waldoboro.

Gabby DePatsy had two hits and drove in four runs; Melayna Benner drove in two for Medomak Valley.

Calley Baker hit a three-run home run for Spruce Mountain and Alex Bessey had four hits.

PORTLAND 2, MARSHWOOD 0: The Bulldogs (10-1) scored a pair of runs in the top of the sixth inning and beat the Hawks (6-5) in a pitchers’ duel in South Berwick.

Jess Brown led off the sixth for Portland with a double and scored on an RBI single by Elaina Legere to give Portland a 1-0 lead.

The Bulldogs added a run on a wild pitch.

Emersyn Colbath-Stevens had a triple and a single for Marshwood.

Brown went the distance to pick up the win, allowing five hits, striking out four and walking one.

Madison Eastman suffered the loss for the Hawks, allowing five hits, striking out nine and walking one.

RICHMOND 18, OLD ORCHARD BEACH 1: Sydney Tilton and Cassidy Harriman each had a double, three hits and two RBI to lead the unbeaten Bobcats in Old Orchard.

Meranda Martin added three singles for Richmond (9-0) and struck out five in a four-hit shutout.

Old Orchard Beach dropped to 2-5.

MADISON 20, DIRIGO 5: Ashley Emery went 3 for 5 with a homer and five RBI to lead the Bulldogs (8-0) to a win over the Cougars at Dixfield.

Emery added a double and a triple for Madison, which scored seven runs in the fourth and the fifth innings.

Whitney Bess had a double and three RBI; Sydney LeBlanc and Destiny Howes each had two RBI.

LAWRENCE 10, MESSALONSKEE 6: The Bulldogs scored four times in the third inning on their way to a victory over the Eagles in Waterville.

Cassidy Sirois had a two-run double in the third for Lawrence and Haley Holt had three hits for the Bulldogs.

The Eagles had five hits and scored four runs, but couldn’t finish the comeback in the bottom of the seventh.

Makenzie Charest singled twice and doubled for Messalonskee and McKenna Brodeur and Makayla Wilson added two hits each.


WINSLOW 11, ST. DOMINIC 8: Colby Nadeau and Isaac Lambrecht each had three goals and an assist to lead the Black Raiders (3-5) to a win over the Saints (0-5) in Winslow.

Bryce Hillier had two goals and two assists for Winslow; Sam Lambrecht, Cameron Fredette and Jacob Clark also scored.

Goalie Doug Carmichael had 11 saves for the Black Raiders.

Xavier Michaud and Will Fletcher each led St. Dominic with three goals.


MARSHWOOD 9, WINDHAM 6: Marin Smith scored four goals and Reagan Nichols had two goals and two assists as the Hawks (5-2) beat the Eagles (6-1) in South Berwick.

Paige Singer added four assists and Luci Albers added two goals for Marshwood, which led 5-3 at halftime.

Mya Manette and Holly Spencer each scored two goals for Windham.

GARDINER 12, LAWRENCE 11: Claire Crocker and Hailee Lovely each scored four goals to lead the Tigers (2-4) to a win over the Bulldogs (1-5) at Colby College in Waterville.

Lauren Chadwick added a pair of goals for Gardiner.

Cassandra Poli scored four times for Lawrence.

Nora Buck chipped in with three goals and Sierra Weston made nine saves.

]]> 0 Thu, 18 May 2017 10:42:21 +0000
Softball: Home runs lift Yarmouth to 9-0 win Tue, 16 May 2017 01:58:29 +0000 YARMOUTH — Sophie McGrath seems to have a knack for big hits.

Yarmouth’s junior center fielder hit a pair of home runs over the fence in left-center field to lead the Clippers to a 9-0 win over Traip Academy in a high school softball game Monday.

McGrath also had a pair of home runs in the Clippers’ 4-3 win over Gray-New Gloucester on May 8.

“I think today was one of our best games,” McGrath said. “We can still work on little things like base running, but I think we’re definitely improving all around as a team.”

Yarmouth Coach Amy Ashley was wary of Traip pitcher Reilly Eddy, who was coming off a 16-strikeout performance against Class D Richmond in a 2-1 loss on Thursday.

“We knew coming in that their pitcher was very talented, very strong, so we wanted to focus on just putting the ball in play,” Ashley said.

The Clippers got their offense going in the first when Andrea St. Pierre was hit by a pitch and moved to second on a sacrifice bunt by her twin, Sydney. McGrath followed with her first home run of the day to give Yarmouth a 2-0 lead.

It was all the support pitcher Ceanne Lyon would need. Traip had runners on second and third with one out in the top of the first, but Lyon worked out of the jam and got into a rhythm.

At one point, she retired 11 straight, including a stretch in the third and fourth innings when she induced five consecutive groundouts. Lyon wasn’t overpowering, striking out seven, but relied on Yarmouth’s dependable defense.

“She seemed to settle in, just worked the zone and relied on her defense a lot more,” said Ashley. “Sometimes as a pitcher you tend to want to do it all yourself, but our defense has done an excellent job this year. Once she realized she doesn’t have to strike them out, then she seemed to pitch a lot better.”

Yarmouth added a pair of insurance runs in the third. Cate Ralph hit an RBI double to right-center to score Cayte Tillotson, and scored on a squeeze bunt by Lyon to give the Clippers a 4-0 lead.

Tillotson added an RBI triple and McGrath hit a solo home run in the fourth.

In appreciation of her efforts on a cold, gloomy afternoon, McGrath’s teammates gave her a surprise shower after the game, dousing her with what remained in their water bottles.

Yarmouth has won six straight and improved to 9-1 heading into a matchup with Old Orchard Beach on Wednesday. Traip (5-7) plays York on Wednesday.

]]> 0, ME - MAY 15: Traip Academy vs Yarmouth softball. Yarmouth teammates crowd the plate after Sophie McGrath (#5) hit her second home-run. (Staff photo by Derek Davis/Staff Photographer)Mon, 15 May 2017 22:43:54 +0000
Kennebunk softball player comes back from battle with rare cancer Mon, 15 May 2017 08:00:00 +0000 Sydney Waitt stands at the back of the pitcher’s circle on Kennebunk High’s softball field, right hand at her hip, twirling the ball until she finds the right grip.

Then she steps to the rubber, bends at the waist, and in one quick motion windmills the ball toward home plate. The pitch ends up high and, with the bases loaded, allows a run to score.

Two years ago, maybe that pitch would eat at Waitt. But on this wet, chilly afternoon, she shows no emotion. Waitt, a 17-year-old junior, has a different perspective on softball – and life – these days.

Two years ago, as a freshman, Waitt was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer, Ewing sarcoma, that had spread from a tumor on her left arm to her lungs, leaving her with a cure rate of less than 30 percent.

She endured a surgery that removed two-thirds of the radius bone in her left arm and several intensive rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. She lost her hair, can no longer rotate her left arm palm up – forcing her to catch nearly everything backhanded – and had to learn how to bat left-handed.

Waitt now is cancer-free, according to her pediatric oncologist, Dr. Stanley Chaleff of the Maine Children’s Cancer Program in Scarborough. But she must undergo periodic exams to make sure the cancer has not returned.

“I think I’ve definitely learned to, I would say, not take things for granted,” said Waitt. “I may have walked three people, but I’m on the pitcher’s mound. Everything has to be put into perspective. I feel extremely fortunate.”

Waitt returned to play softball for the Rams a year ago, but the chemo treatments left her body weakened and she was not able to contribute much. Stronger this school year, she played soccer in the fall and unified basketball in the winter. Her full return this spring, as a pitcher and outfielder, has given the softball team a boost.

She hit a game-winning single in Kennebunk’s first victory of the season. But her mere presence has given the Rams their biggest lift.

“It gives you a reason not to give up,” said Kylie DeFeo, her best friend and a softball teammate. “If she’s over there cheering everyone on and trying her best and doing well, it makes it easier to keep going and keep trying when things are hard.”


Waitt was warming up to pitch during a preseason scrimmage two years ago when she noticed a lump on her left forearm. It hurt.

She showed it to her coach, Kortney Nedeau, and they decided it would be best if she didn’t pitch until it was checked out.

“Everyone thought it was a hematoma (a mass of clotted blood),” said Nedeau. “They thought maybe there was an infection. So they put her on infection medicine.”

Waitt played her freshman season. The lump never went away. After it started to bother her again as she was preparing to play for her travel team, Waitt went to the family doctor for an X-ray.

The next day, her father got a call at work. “They wanted to know if I could bring her in for an MRI in an hour and a half,” said Al Waitt. “I was an hour away, so I raced back, called school and took her. Three hours later, we were hearing that that white thing that’s jumping out of the X-ray, that’s a tumor.”

That was June 10, 2015. “You really can’t believe what you’re hearing,” he said. “We watch all the Jimmy Fund stuff, we’re Red Sox fans, and you never think that you’re going to be that person or your kid is going to be that person, one of those kids.”

Ewing sarcoma is rare. According to Chaleff, “We see two to three cases a year in Maine.” Nationally, he said, there are only about 600 cases a year. By comparison, he said there are about 4,000 cases per year for leukemia, the most common childhood cancer.

Ewing sarcoma is a cancerous tumor that grows in the bone or the soft tissue surrounding it. While its cause is unknown, it occurs mostly in children or young adults ages 10-20, affects boys slightly more than girls, and has a fairly high cure rate (70 percent). However, if it spreads to the lungs, as it did with Waitt, that cure rate drops below 30 percent.

“It was one of those cancers that didn’t even make sense,” said Kim Waitt, her mother. “It’s random. The first thing the doctor said is there’s nothing you could have done – if you ate more broccoli, if you didn’t sit so close to the TV, it wouldn’t have mattered. It’s that crazy luck of the draw, or bad luck of the draw.”

Waitt’s treatment included chemotherapy (which eliminated the nodules in her lung, according to Chaleff), surgery that was performed at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston (to remove the tumor on the radius bone), more chemotherapy, then three weeks of radiation. Following surgery, her left arm was in a full-length cast. Waitt – who pitches right-handed but writes left-handed – had to learn to write right-handed.

She kept up with her classes via Skype and still earned high honors, and she tried to live as normally as possible, despite spending up to five days at a time in the hospital receiving chemotherapy.

“She never once said, ‘Why me?'” said Kim Waitt. “She even said one time, ‘I’m glad it’s me and not one of my friends or family because I can handle this.’ And she always looked at her life beyond this, and that this was just a stinky blip in the screen. This was not going to be what defined her. She was incredibly strong and incredibly concerned about people around her, and I think pretty humbled by all the attention and the response of the people.”

Her summer travel team, New England Legacy, held a dance for her. Church suppers were held. T-shirts saying “Sydney Strong” were sold at the high school. Teammates and opponents wore yellow ribbons (for bone cancer) with her uniform number (18).

DeFeo went to the hospital with Sydney for her first chemotherapy treatment and spent almost as much time there as the family. “I tried to get up as much as I could to make her comfortable, bring her food, distract her a little,”said DeFeo. “It was hard because sometimes she’d get really sick.”

Her final chemotherapy was in January 2016; her final radiation treatment was the following month.

“As of last February, I was declared cancer-free,” said Waitt.


She returned to the softball team in 2016, weakened physically, now a left-handed hitter and only able to play in nine games. But Nedeau said her presence was all the team needed.

“She has such a big spirit about her,” said Nedeau. “She makes it happen, always has a positive attitude. She’s a leader, shes confident, she’s fun, she’s happy.”

This year, she has helped Kennebunk to a 6-5 record in Class A South. Waitt is 2-1 with a save, and she’s hitting .223, still impressive considering she never batted left-handed until after she was diagnosed with cancer.

“To see where she was and how far she’s come back, it’s just really nice,” said DeFeo.

Waitt still isn’t done with treatment. As Chaleff said, “She’s with us for an incredibly long time.”

She continues to undergo periodic tests, such as X-rays, CT scans and MRIs, to make sure the cancer hasn’t returned. Because the chemotherapy was so potent, she also needs electrocardiograms and echocardiograms to make sure her heart hasn’t been affected. Blood work is required to make sure leukemia doesn’t develop.

She recently completed a set of scans and was told she didn’t have to return for four months. Previously, she had scans every three months, so this was big news.

“Her prognosis is excellent,” said Chaleff. “I fully anticipate her being someone to lead a long and healthy life.”

Waitt plans to study humanitarian aid in college, perhaps at New York University or Fordham. She wants to give back. She doesn’t believe there is anything she can’t do.

“You need to stay positive,” she said. “Whenever it got bad, I would tell myself there is always someone out there with it worse than you. You’ve got to focus on the good things around you and keep persevering.

]]> 0 Waitt underwent surgery, chemotheraphy and radiation treatments after she was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma two years ago, but she's back playing softball and pitching for Kennebunk High.Sun, 14 May 2017 21:48:15 +0000
Saturday’s boys’ roundup: Sanford holds off Biddeford Sun, 14 May 2017 00:52:47 +0000 SANFORD — Sanford scored four runs in the fourth inning and held off a late rally to defeat Biddeford 5-4 in an SMAA baseball game Saturday.

Nate Martineau hit a two-run single in the fourth inning as Sanford (3-7) took a 5-1 lead.

Biddeford (4-5) scored three runs in the sixth, with Carter Edgerton hitting a two-run single. Edgerton led Biddeford with three hits.

Frank Veino (1-2) got the win, allowing two earned runs and two walks with six strikeouts in six innings. Josiah Scott pitched the seventh for the save.

SOUTH PORTLAND 5, SCARBOROUGH 2: Zach Johnson pitched a two-hitter as the Red Riots (6-3) beat the Red Storm (5-4) in Scarborough.

Noah McHugh went 2 for 4 with an RBI, and Riley Hasson, Sam Troiano and Jake Poole each drove in a run for South Portland.

Tim Carion and Noah Frink scored Scarborough’s runs.

GORHAM 6, MARSHWOOD 0: Logan Drouin allowed three hits over six innings to lead the Rams (8-2) over the Hawks (2-6) in Gorham.

Kyle King led the offense with three hits, including RBI singles in the first and sixth innings.

Drouin (5-0) allowed one walk and struck out five. Jason Komulainen recorded his second save, striking out all three batters he faced.

Holden Jackman had two hits for Marshwood.

OLD ORCHARD BEACH 7, TRAIP ACADEMY 4: The Seagulls (5-2) took a 5-0 lead in the second inning and held off the Rangers (6-3) in Kittery.

Evan O’Donnell hit a two-run homer and finished with three RBI for OOB. Dylan Creswell hit a single and a triple and scored three runs.

Shane MacNeill led Traip with three hits.

Matt Hurley went the distance to earn the win, allowing six hits.

GARDINER 5, ERSKINE ACADEMY 4: Hunter Chasse’s two-run single highlighted a sixth-inning rally, and Gardiner (7-3) extended its winning streak to six games with a win over Erskine (8-2) in South China.

Erskine pitcher Dylan Presby limited Gardiner to one hit – a two-run single by Logan Porter – through five innings. But the Tigers got two hits and two walks to force home the tying run in the sixth, and Chasse singled off reliever Noah Bonsant to give Gardiner a 5-3 lead.

Sam Jermyn earned the win, and Chasse recorded the last five outs for the save.

Cody Taylor hit two singles and reached base four times for Erskine, and Andrew Browne added a single and a double.


CHEVERUS 11, GREELY 8: Michael Hatch scored three goals to lead the Stags (5-2) over the Rangers (2-4) in Portland.

Colby Anton, Max Coffin, Keiran Conley and Christopher St. John each scored twice, and Sean Walsh recorded 11 saves for Cheverus.

Schuyler Wetmore and Ben Kennedy scored two goals apiece for Greely. Grady Wood stopped seven shots.

GORHAM 19, WAYNFLETE 3: Christopher Tucker scored eight goals to lead the Rams (6-2) over the Flyers (2-5) in Portland.

Alex York added four goals and six assists. Carter Landry recorded five saves.

Hank Duvall scored twice for Waynflete, and Oliver Burdick scored once. Will Armstrong had 11 saves.

GARDINER 15, WINDHAM 7: Michael Poirier scored six goals to lead the Tigers (7-0) over the Eagles (3-4) in Gardiner.

Gardiner also got four goals from Tristan Hebert and two from Connor Manter. Sloan Berthiaume, Parker Hinkley and Tanner Hebert were the other goal scorers.

Tyler Woolston scored four goals for Windham.

SCARBOROUGH 16, YARMOUTH 8: Sam Neugebauer scored five goals and set up two of Marco Manfra’s four goals as the Red Storm (6-2) defeated the Clippers (3-4) in Yarmouth.

Scarborough also got three goals apiece from Cam Thibault and Marc Guerette.

Remi LeBlanc tallied for goals and Bill Jacobs added a pair for Yarmouth.

DEERING 19, OAK HILL 1: Jonah Peterson and Nathan Richards each scored five goals to lead the Rams (4-3) over the Raiders (4-3) in Wales.

Nick James and Omar Contreras scored three goals apiece.

]]> 0 Sat, 13 May 2017 22:10:44 +0000
Saturday’s girls’ roundup: Kennebunk wins clash of lacrosse champions Sun, 14 May 2017 00:50:50 +0000 OAKLAND — Gabby Fogg, Briannagh Beaudette and Erin Groton each scored three goals and Kennebunk earned a 13-6 win over Messalonskee in a girls’ lacrosse match Saturday.

Ally Turner scored three goals for Messalonskee (7-1), the defending Class A state champion.

Kennebunk, the reigning Class B state champion, is now 5-1.

BIDDEFORD 9, MORSE 6: Paige Laverriere scored four goals to lead the Tigers (7-0) over the Shipbuilders (5-2) in Biddeford.

Hailey Allen and Serena Speight each added two goals, and Eliza Gilliam recorded 16 saves.

Paige Daigle led Morse with three goals, and Amanda Gagne scored twice. Zenaide McCarthy stopped 14 shots.

WAYNFLETE 15, CHEVERUS 8: Izzy Burdick had six goals and two assists and Elspeth Olney added five as the Flyers (4-3) beat the Stags (2-5) in Portland.

Kanha Stockford and Laura Baginski each chipped in with a pair of goals for Waynflete, which led 12-4 at halftime.

Brooke McElman scored four goals for Cheverus, while Mackenzie Johnston had three goals and one assist.

MAINE GIRLS’ ACADEMY 17, NORTH YARMOUTH ACADEMY 4: Catherine Reid scored 10 goals and Zoe Mazur added seven to lead the Lions (4-3) over the Panthers (2-6) in Portland.

Lily LaCasse recorded 11 saves for MGA, which led 13-3 at halftime.

Amber Rose scored three times and Margaret Larsen got the other goal for NYA.

YARMOUTH 15, SCARBOROUGH 3: Ella Antolini, Cory Langenbach and Eliza Lunt each scored three goals as the Clippers (7-0) cruised past the Red Storm (1-6) in Yarmouth.

Margaret Elder finished with two goals and three assists, and Eva Then and Meredith Lane also scored twice for Yarmouth, which led 12-0 at halftime.

Liz Callahan, Brady Stolz and Sydney Rusak scored for Scarborough.

LAKE REGION 18, WINSLOW 3: Lindsey Keenan had four goals and four assists to pace the Lakers (3-2) to a win over the Black Raiders (1-3) at Naples.

Melissa Bonenfant also scored four goals, Georgia Shanks had three goals and five assists, and Paige Davis scored a pair of goals.

Savannah Joler scored all three goals for Winslow.

Madelyn Nelson and Emily Lake split time in goal for the Lakers, combining for 14 saves.

PORTLAND 11, GARDINER 8: Annika More scored four goals for the Bulldogs (3-4) in a win over visiting Gardiner (1-4).

Claire Crocker and Evelyn Hinkley each tallied two goals for Gardiner.

THORNTON ACADEMY 6, LEWISTON 4: Paige LeBlanc scored three goals as the Trojans (6-2) pulled away from the Blue Devils (4-2) in Saco.

Mackenzie Basile and Amanda Cyr each chipped in with a goal and an assist.

Morgan Eliasen scored twice for Lewiston.

BONNY EAGLE 12, EDWARD LITTLE 7: Keelin Sweeney had three goals and five assists Catherine Biegel scored the go-ahead goal midway through the second half as the Scots (3-4) beat the Red Eddies (1-5) in Auburn.

Biegel’s goal gave Bonny Eagle a 7-6 lead.

Megan Steele scored three goals to lead Edward Little. Piper Norcross added two.


GREELY 5, FRYEBURG ACADEMY 4: Winning pitcher Kelsey Currier hit an RBI double during a four-run second inning and the Rangers (5-4) held on to beat the Raiders (6-2) at Fryeburg.

Kayley Cimino and Moira Train followed with run-scoring singles to give Greely a 5-1 lead.

An RBI double from Nicole Bennett cut the lead to 5-2 in the third. The Raiders scored two more runs in the fourth, as Mackenzie Buzzell doubled home a run and Paige LeBlanc followed with an RBI triple.

GRAY-NEW GLOUCESTER 8, LAKE REGION 0: Alison Martell had four hits and threw a three-hitter with seven strikeouts as the Patriots (4-4) downed the Lakers (0-8) in Naples.

Alexa Thayer, Izzy Brindley and Hannah Dixon each added two hits.

SKOWHEGAN 10, BRUNSWICK 3: Sydney Ames earned the pitching win and hit a double and a single to lead the Indians (7-2) to a win over the Dragons (0-8) at Brunswick.

Margaret Dickinson doubled for the Dragons.

GARDINER 1, ERSKINE ACADEMY 0: Julia Nadeau hit an RBI double in the ninth inning to give the Tigers (9-1) a win in South China.

Winning pitcher Jillian Bisson allowed four hits and struck out nine. Bisson, Sydney Bartunek and Haley Brann each hit a single for Gardiner.

Kayla Hodgkins took the loss despite striking out 12 and giving up only four hits. Hodgkins, Lydia Boucher, Maddy Boynton and Olivia Wyman each hit a single for Erskine (4-6).

CONY 7, BREWER 5: The Rams (4-4) pounded out 12 hits on their way to the a win in Augusta.

Delaney Keithley had three singles and two RBI, and Carly Lettre added two singles and three RBI. Jamie Coull chipped in with a double and a single.

Joselyn Goodridge led Brewer (4-6) with a home run, a double, a single and two RBI. Becca Gideon had a triple and a double.

OAK HILL 14, HALL-DALE 3: Kiera Young had a single, double and three RBI to lead the Raiders (6-2) to a win over the Bulldogs (4-4) in Wales.

Abby Nadeau added two singles and three RBI. Sadie Waterman earned the win, allowing three hits while striking out six.

Amanda Benner smacked a double for Hall-Dale.

]]> 0 Sat, 13 May 2017 20:58:06 +0000
High school baseball: Casale’s three-hitter sparks Cheverus Sat, 13 May 2017 17:41:13 +0000 Jack Casale threw a dominating three-hit shutout to lead Cheverus to a 7-0 win over Deering in an SMAA baseball game Saturday at Kevin MacDonald Memorial Field.

From the end of the first inning into the fourth, Casale retired nine in a row until Riley Bartell’s two-out single. Casale then retired another nine consecutive batters before allowing a two-out single to Luke Hill in the seventh.

“I had both of my breaking balls working today, slider and curveball. That’s the first time this year I’ve had that, and that helps off the fastball,” said Casale.

The senior right-hander struck out eight and with no walks over his seven innings.

“Typically, (Casale) puts more balls in play, but he overmatched the bottom of their order today so he got more strikeouts than he normally does,” said Cheverus Coach Mac McKew. “He’s just a very efficient, effective pitcher.”

Casale also contributed two hits, knocked in a run, scored twice and stole two bases.

Cheverus (9-0) played errorless defense, which allowed Casale to work at a quick pace.

“It helps when all the guys in the dugout are behind me and the guys in the field are making plays, because then I know if I mess up, they’ll make a play,” said Casale.

“I think this was our fourth game in a row without any errors,” said McKew.

The Stags jumped ahead early, scoring three runs on five hits in the first inning. Maxx St. John roped a single to left field to drive home Griffin Watson with the first run. Two batters later, Dominic Casale hit a two-strike, two-out single through the right side to score Jared Brooks. Justin Ray smoked a line drive to left field for a single, bringing home St. John to give the Stags a 3-0 lead.

In the second inning, the Stags only had one hit, but they hit the ball hard off left-hander Joe Pelletier of Deering (4-4).

“I thought we were going to be on (Pelletier) all game. We hit the ball hard all game, though, right at the (defense). There’s nothing you can really do about that,” said Jack Casale.

Pelletier kept the game close for the Rams until Cheverus struck for four unearned runs in the fifth and sixth innings, with the help of four Deering errors.

“I’m proud of Joe (Pelletier) today. He was able to battle, started getting his breaking balls and changeups over for strikes (to) keep those guys off balance,” said Deering Coach Josh Stowell.

The bottom of the sixth inning began innocently with a groundout to third. Rylan Benedict and Cam Dube then reached on errors. After Dube was erased on a force play at third, Jack Casale singled to right field to score Dube.

With Casale on first and Watson on third, Casale stole second. Then, on an 0-2 pitch, Brooks hit a two-run double into the gap in right-center field for 7-0 lead.

“(Cheverus is) the best team in the league for a reason. I was proud of how the guys battled today. We were in it a for a while but just couldn’t string any hits together,” said Stowell.

Pelletier pitched a complete game, allowing nine hits while striking out two and walking one batter.

]]> 0 Thu, 18 May 2017 10:42:25 +0000
Friday’s girls’ roundup: Portland rallies to victory Sat, 13 May 2017 03:08:47 +0000 Grace Stacey hit a walk-off double in the seventh inning Friday, scoring Jessica Brown to give Portland a 5-4 victory against Massabesic in an SMAA softball game at Payson Park.

Brown picked up the win for Portland (9-1), striking out nine.

Stacey’s double came after Kitiara Rosmus hit a sacrifice fly, scoring Sydney Gilbert to make it 4-4 in the seventh.

Morgan Boyle had three hits for Portland. Grace Tutt had two hits and struck out seven for Massabesic (8-2).

YARMOUTH 18, FREEPORT 2: Ceanne Lyon pitched a three-hitter and recorded three hits to lead the Clippers (7-1) to a six-inning victory over the Falcons (1-7) at Freeport.

Lyon struck out four and walked three. She had two RBI singles.

Andrea St. Pierre led Yarmouth with three RBI. Lydia Guay drove in two runs.

Abbye Koenig, Alexys Koenig and Alexys Langley each had a hit for Freeport.

CAPE ELIZABETH 3, YORK 2: Anna Torre hit a two-run single in the third inning, then scored on Maddie Culkin’s single in the fifth as the Capers (5-4) beat York (1-6) at Cape Elizabeth.

The Wildcats scored twice in the seventh when Abigail Kavanagh came home on Julia Harrod’s comebacker to the pitcher, followed by Alexandra’s York single that drove in Julia Babcock.

Jessica Robicheaw struck out seven in a three-hitter for Cape Elizabeth. Abigail Orso of York also pitched a three-hitter, including two singles by Torre, and struck out 10.

WELLS 8, GRAY-NEW GLOUCESTER 2: The Warriors (9-1) led 7-0 after three innings and defeated the Patriots (3-4) at Wells.

Anya Chase of Wells allowed four hits with four strikeouts and added three hits.

Chase, Olivia Clay and Karissa Kenyon hit RBI doubles for Wells in the second inning.

Isabelle Brindley had an RBI double for Gray-New Gloucester.

THORNTON ACADEMY 6, BONNY EAGLE 5: The Golden Trojans (8-2) scored three unearned runs in the seventh inning to rally past the Scots (2-8) at Standish.

Thornton scored twice in the first, including a leadoff home run by Kaitlin Verreault, but Bonny Eagle answered with three in the bottom of the first: Sydney Gillingham had an RBI single and later scored, and Makala Greene came in on a wild pitch.

Greene added a two-run homer in the third to extend the Scots’ lead to 5-2.

GREELY 5, KENNEBUNK 3: Madison Rawnsley doubled and drove in two runs, and the Rangers (5-4) scored three runs in the fifth inning to beat the Rams (6-5) in Cumberland.

Kelsey Currier of Greely allowed three runs on four hits, striking out six. Lindsey Gregoire had two hits and scored twice for Kennebunk.

SOUTH PORTLAND 8, SANFORD 1: Aviyonna Kim and Stephanie Aceto hit consecutive RBI singles as South Portland (2-8) extended a 2-1 lead with a pair of runs in the sixth inning against the Spartans (1-9) at Sanford.

The Red Riots broke the game open with five more in a seventh-inning rally highlighted by Ashlee Aceto’s two-run double.

SCARBOROUGH 14, MAINE GIRLS’ ACADEMY/FALMOUTH 2: The Red Storm (9-0) led 11-0 after five innings and cruised over the Lions (3-6) at Portland.

Lilly Volk of Scarborough allowed three hits and one walk with seven strikeouts over five innings. She added a two-run single to highlight a five-run third.

Chloe Griffin had two hits for Scarborough, including a double. Abbie Murrell and Samantha Carreiro each hit triples.

Jill Joyce hit a two-run single for the Lions in the sixth inning and finished with two hits.

MARSHWOOD 12, WESTBROOK 0: Lauren Leidemann-Smith struck out seven in a two-hit shutout as the Hawks (6-4) defeated the Blue Blazes (1-9) at South Berwick.

Erin Gray led Marshwood with four hits and three RBI, including run-scoring doubles in the fourth and fifth innings. Leidemann-Smith recorded two hits and three RBI.

Kiana Fuller and Emily Talbot had the hits for Westbrook.

NOKOMIS 13, LINCOLN ACADEMY 0: Austin Leighton had three hits, including a grand slam in the third inning, to power Nokomis (4-4) over Lincoln Academy (0-8) at Newport.

Chelsea Crocet added a two-run homer and Abby Laprade had three hits. Maci Leali chipped in with a triple and a single.

Britney Bubar held Lincoln to six hits.

WINDHAM 13. CHEVERUS/NORTH YARMOUTH ACADEMY 5: Alex Morang hit two home runs and scored four times as the Eagles (10-0) defeated the Stags (0-10) at Windham.

Danielle Tardiff and Megan Joy also homered for Windham. Allison Tillotson homered for Cheverus.

ERSKINE ACADEMY 6, WATERVILLE 1: Jenna Lully had three singles and scored twice to lead the Eagles (4-4) over the Purple Panthers (2-6) at Waterville.

Parker King had two singles and two RBI, and Madison Boynton added a single, double and two RBI for Erskine (4-4).

Madison Clowes homered for Waterville.


YORK 15, ST. DOMINIC 9: Ali Lawlor scored all four of her goals in the first half as York (7-0) opened an 11-2 lead against the Saints (4-3) at Auburn.

Cassie Reinertson finished with four goals and two assists, Martha McCaddin added three goals and three assists, and Ali Lauersen had two goals.

Caroline Gastonguay led St. Dom’s with four goals and two assists; Emma Theriault added three goals.

GREELY 16, MT. ARARAT 4: Brooke Clement scored four goals, and Courtney Sullivan had three goals and two assists as the Rangers (4-3) cruised past the Eagles (1-5) at Topsham.

Katherine Leggat-Barr added three goals, and Ellie Schad had two goals and two assists.

Emily Welch scored all four goals for Mt. Ararat.

FREEPORT 12, CONY 5: Chloe Davidson scored five goals for the Falcons (2-4), who opened a 6-3 halftime lead and beat the Rams (2-4) at Freeport.

Paige Rinaldi had a pair of goals and an assist, and Taylor Dostie added two goals.

Faith Leathers-Pouliot led Cony with three goals. Alexis Roy had the other two goals.

Jordan Randall saved seven shots for the Falcons.

MASSABESIC 10, CAPE ELIZABETH 3: Madison Drain had three goals and two assists as the Mustangs (7-0) downed the Capers (3-4) at Waterboro.

Cailyn Forester added three goals for Massabesic, which led 6-3 at halftime.

Caroline Coburn, Emily Healy and Susannah Graham scored for Cape Elizabeth.

ERSKINE ACADEMY 8, LAWRENCE 5: Ella Johnson scored twice to lead Erskine to a win at Fairfield.

Cassandra Poli finished with two goals for Lawrence.

]]> 0 Currier of Greely leaps over a tag by Zoe Novicki of Kennebunk to score in the fifth inning Friday during Greely's 5-3 victory in a softball game at Cumberland.Fri, 12 May 2017 23:14:37 +0000
Friday’s boys’ roundup: Yarmouth rallies past Freeport Sat, 13 May 2017 02:53:39 +0000 FREEPORT — Yarmouth scored the tying and go-ahead runs on a fielder’s choice grounder by James Waaler in the seventh inning, capping a comeback from a five-run deficit as the Clippers earned a 7-5 win over Freeport in a Western Maine Conference baseball game Friday.

Freeport (3-5) got five runs in the third inning, highlighted by Caleb Salter’s two-run single.

Yarmouth (6-2) rallied for four runs in the sixth and three in the seventh.

Gibson Harnett led Yarmouth with three hits. Dominic Morrill (1-0) earned the win, allowing just one hit and striking out five in 42/3 innings of relief.

TRAIP ACADEMY 8, SACOPEE VALLEY 7: Jacob Farnham hit a two-run double in the bottom of the ninth to lift Rangers (6-2) past the Hawks (2-7) in Kittery.

Farnham’s double scored Trevor Salema and Charlie Driscoll, who both singled.

Traip starter Shane MacNeill had two hits, including a two-run double, and allowed one run in 62/3 innings. Isaac Keefe pitched the final 21/3 innings to get the win.

Sacopee Valley erased a 4-2 deficit with three runs in the top of the seventh, but Traip got a run in the bottom half to force extra innings. Sacopee then scored two runs in the ninth before the Rangers answered with three runs.

WELLS 6, GRAY-NEW GLOUCESTER 3: Cameren Cousins went the distance on the mound and had three hits, including an RBI single, as the Warriors (6-3) defeated the Patriots (3-6) in Wells.

Wells took a 3-1 lead in the first inning with the help of RBI singles from Tyler Bridge and Andrew Skeats.

Cousins (5-0) added an RBI single in the second inning. He allowed six hits and two earned runs while striking out four.

Jacob Winchester and Nick McCann each had two hits for Gray-New Gloucester, and Zachary Mann hit an RBI single.

FALMOUTH 11, POLAND 1: Reece Armitage drove in two runs and struck out seven over four innings scoreless innings as the Yachtsmen (9-0) downed the Knights (4-6) in five innings in Falmouth.

Colin Coyne and Griffin Aube each added three hits for the Yachtsmen, who scored six runs in the fourth to take a 10-0 lead.

Aube ended the game with an RBI single in the fifth.

OCEANSIDE 15, MT. VIEW 1: Michael Norton Jr. registered four hits, two runs and two RBI to pace the Mariners (5-3) past the Mustangs (2-6) in Thorndike.

Coby Dorr added three hits, two runs and three RBI, and Tim Mazzeo, Titus Kaewthong and Jack Freeman each had two hits and an RBI.

Mt. View took a 1-0 lead in the first when Kevin Richards singled home Colby Furrow.

NOKOMIS 10, LINCOLN ACADEMY 0: The Warriors (8-0) scored eight runs in the fourth inning to pull away from the Eagles (1-7) in a six-inning game Newport.

Zach Hartsgrove and Matt Dyer each had three hits for Nokomis. Dyer allowed one hit with eight strikeouts and two walks.

GARDINER 13, MEDOMAK VALLEY 3: Hunter Chasse had four singles, three RBI and a run scored to spark the Tigers (6-3) to a five-inning win over the Panthers (4-5) in Gardiner.

Logan Porter earned the pitching win and had two singles, three RBI and two runs scored.

]]> 0 Fri, 12 May 2017 23:02:08 +0000
Boys’ lacrosse: Cape Elizabeth routs South Portland Sat, 13 May 2017 01:56:44 +0000 CAPE ELIZABETH — A season-opening loss to Falmouth has proven beneficial to the Cape Elizabeth boys’ lacrosse team.

“That loss to Falmouth really hit us hard,” said Cape senior Owen Thoreck. “We started off and it was too much of one person doing their own thing. We really just ingrained it in practice, and Coach has been pushing all year that it has to be a team effort.”

The resulting team-oriented style the Capers have developed was on display throughout an impressive 16-2 win over South Portland on Friday night. Eight Capers scored, led by four goals apiece from Thoreck and Tate Perkins.

“That’s our thing this year,” said Thoreck. “We’re really focusing on the team aspect, that one more pass, the good looks, the open shot.

“We’ve focused on that a lot in practice and it pays off.”

Just over four and a half minutes into the opening quarter, Noah Bates cashed in for the first goal. From there, the Capers never looked back as they improved to 5-1.

Bates kick-started a first half outburst as Cape took a 10-1 lead into halftime.

Six players contributed to the first-half barrage. Perkins scored three goals, Kev Boeschenstein and Thoreck each chipped in with two, and Connor Thoreck and Finn Raymond each had one.

Owen Thoreck scored two more in the second half, while Perkins, Boeschenstein, Cole Spencer, Ben Ekedahl each added a single tally.

“When that many people score, it means we’re having more of our goals assisted,” said Cape Elizabeth Coach Ben Raymond. “Our dodgers are doing a better job of getting their heads up and finding where the slides coming, finding the open man, and then we’re finishing our shots.”

Spencer, the Capers’ faceoff specialist, was dominant in earning possession again for Cape Elizabeth following many of its goals.

“It’s a good benefit to have,” Raymond said. “He’s doing a great job. We’re getting more possessions out of his wins. He’s putting them in spots where only we can get them. He’s realizing when our wing men are shut off and then he’s putting it in a spot where only he can get it.”

“He’s unbelievable,” Owen Thoreck remarked about Spencer’s effort. “He’s a stud and he really pushes us. He gives us a ton of possessions.”

Sam Price turned away seven shots for Cape.

Cooper Mehlhorn and Jack Tierney scored for the Red Riots (4-2), whose only other loss was a 12-10 defeat against unbeaten Falmouth. South Portland goalie Quinn Watson made 18 saves.

“That was just a good, old-fashioned shellacking,” said South Portland Coach Tom Fiorini. “Cape showed up ready to play. Shame on me, my kids were not prepared. That’s it. They’re good and we were under-prepared. That’s on me.

“We should’ve given them a better game than that. It is what it is. We have a whole rest of the season, and we have a big game coming up against (Thornton Academy) and we’ve got to get ready for that. This one is in the dust and we’re going to get ready for TA.”

]]> 0 ELIZABETH, ME - MAY 12: Cape Elizabeth's David Hare looks for room to shoot while South Portland Sean Scott applies pressure. (Staff photo by Ben McCanna/Staff Photographer)Sat, 13 May 2017 18:27:45 +0000
Softball: Freshman leads Noble to victory Sat, 13 May 2017 01:10:10 +0000 GORHAM — Raegan Kelly is going to frustrate SMAA hitters for a very long time. Three more years, in fact.

Noble’s freshman pitcher was dominant Friday in a 6-1 victory against Gorham at Robie Field, striking out 14 with no walks.

The Knights (8-2) gave Kelly an early lead, scoring twice in the first inning. Two days after stroking the winning hit in a 4-3 win over Marshwood, Marisa Cipolla led off with a triple to center.

“Right from the first batter of the game, we were aggressive,” said Noble Coach Rick Melanson. “We knew we were going to see a good pitcher, but our leadoff hitter gets a triple and we end up scoring two runs in the first inning.”

Though she allowed an infield single in the first, Kelly was nearly impossible to hit early. She retired 10 straight into the fifth inning.

Kelly, who shut down the Rams with a mix of riseballs and changes of speed, praised the work of catcher Mackenzie Alva, for ensuring that her borderline pitches were called strikes.

“I think she’s the best catcher in the league,” Kelly said. “She frames so perfectly, I could throw it anywhere and she’ll make it a strike.”

Gorham pitcher Grace McGouldrick, who recorded eight strikeouts, did well to keep her team close for most of the game. But Noble managed to add runs in the fourth, fifth, and seventh innings.

Jordan Boucher manufactured a run in the fourth by working an eight-pitch leadoff walk, advancing to second on a wild pitch and eventually scoring on Abbie Sprague’s single to give Noble a 3-0 lead.

Kelly scored in the fifth and seventh.

She led off the fifth with a single to center, reaching third on a two-base error. Alva then drove her in with an opposite-field triple.

After starting the seventh with a walk, Kelly circled the bases on a series of wild pitches.

In the bottom of the seventh, Gorham (7-3) avoided a shutout thanks to singles by McGouldrick, Noelle Dibiase, and Kiana Tracey.

Melanson praised his team and also credited the Rams.

He also acknowledged Kelly, who gives his team a chance to win each game.

“Gorham played well. Gorham’s a real good team,” Melanson said.

“We knew coming in that it was going to be a tight game, and I think that first inning helped us a lot. With (Kelly) pitching, we usually don’t need a lot of runs.”

]]> 0 Fri, 12 May 2017 21:12:48 +0000
Thursday’s boys’ roundup: Unbeaten Cheverus shuts out South Portland in baseball Fri, 12 May 2017 03:17:26 +0000 SOUTH PORTLAND — Jared Brooks gave up a leadoff infield single to Sam Troiano but didn’t allow a hit the rest of the game, leading Cheverus to a 4-0 win over South Portland in an SMAA baseball game Thursday.

Brooks struck out 11 and walked three.

Maxx St. John delivered a two-run single in the third inning and Cam Dube scored on Jack Casale’s grounder as Cheverus (8-0) took a 3-0 lead.

Griffin Watson had three hits for Cheverus.

South Portland fell to 5-3.

DEERING 3, WESTBROOK 1: Riley Bartell hit an RBI single and was one out away from a complete game when he reached the pitch limit as the Rams (4-3) downed the Blue Blazes (5-4) at Hadlock Field.

Westbrook took an early lead on an RBI single from Justin Capetta in the first inning.

Luc Harrison drove in the tying run with a groundout in the third and Bartell followed with his run-scoring single.

A bases-loaded walk to Jack Lynch produced an insurance run in the sixth.

Bartell allowed one earned run on six hits and five walks while striking out six. Joe Pelletier retired the final batter.

Kyle Hebert went six innings for Blue Blazes, surrendering two earned runs on five hits and four walks. He struck out six.

PORTLAND 5, WINDHAM 0: Don Tocci pitched a three-hitter with six strikeouts as the Bulldogs (6-2) defeated Windham (3-6) in Portland.

Portland took a 1-0 lead in the third when Bill Snyder scored on Dom Tocci’s sacrifice fly.

Ben Sawyer’s two-run single highlighted a four-run sixth.

SCARBOROUGH 6, BONNY EAGLE 3: Winning pitcher Morgan Pratt lined a two-run single down the left-field line in the top of the seventh inning to help the Red Storm (5-3) secure a win over the Scots (2-6) at Standish.

Pratt’s hit helped Scarborough turn a 3-2 lead through six innings into a four-run cushion.

Cameron Seymour belted a solo home run in the fifth inning for Scarborough. Zoltan Panyi, Tim Carion and Wyatt Plummer each added a pair of hits.

Brady Grass had two for Bonny Eagle, and Kolby Lambert and Arlo Pike each hit a double.

Pratt gave up seven hits and struck out three.

GORHAM 5, SANFORD 3: Jason Komulainen had three hits and Bill Prescott homered for the Rams (7-2) in a victory over the Spartans (2-7) in Sanford.

Gorham scored single runs in the first and third and widened the lead to 3-0 on Prescott’s homer in the fourth.

Komulainen doubled home a run and later scored in the fifth to make it 5-1.

NOBLE 6, MASSABESIC 3: Duncan McGilvery, Coby Johnson and Matt Chambers drew consecutive walks in the sixth inning and Kasey Rogers followed with a go-ahead two-run double as the Knights (3-5) rallied past the Mustangs (1-8) in North Berwick.

Rogers’ second hit of the game gave Noble a 4-3 lead. Jack Lacroix followed with a sacrifice fly, and Rogers scored the final run on an error.

Tyler Ouellette had a hit, a walk and a run scored for Massabesic.

RICHMOND 6, TRAIP ACADEMY 4: The Bobcats (7-1) scored five runs in the top of the seventh with the help of four errors to beat the Rangers (5-2) at Kittery.

Matt Rines and Nate Kendrick each had a single and scored in the winning rally.

Trevor Salema hit a double and a single, scored a run and drove in a run for Traip.

MORSE 6, MARANACOOK 3: The Shipbuilders (6-1) took advantage of four errors and a hit batter to score five times in the seventh inning, rallying for a win over the Black Bears (2-5) in Bath.

Morse got three hits from Riley Lamarre.

Chris Florek pitched a six-hitter for Maranacook and had a pair of doubles and scored a run.


BRUNSWICK 12, KENNEBUNK 11: Josh Dorr scored with 3:18 left in overtime to give the Dragons (5-0) a win over the Rams (2-4) in Brunswick.

Aiden Glover set up the winning play, coming down the field in transition and rounding the cage before feeding Dorr on the far side.

Dorr registered four goals and two assists, and Glover had three goals and two assists. Nate Girardin added a pair of goals.

Dante DeLorenzo and Cam Connor notched three goals apiece for Kennebunk, while Brenden Whitten collected two goals and four assists.

FALMOUTH 17, WAYNFLETE 0: Jack Scribner powered the offense with four goals and five assists as the Yachtsmen (7-0) rolled past the Flyers (2-4) in Portland.

Devin Russell had three goals and two assists, and Nate Arrants also recorded three goals. Kristian Valle, Henry Farnham, Louis Mainella and Iyendae St. Louis each chipped in a pair of goals.

Will Armstrong stopped 15 shots for Waynflete, while Liam Tucker had three saves for the Yachtsmen.

]]> 0 Thu, 18 May 2017 10:42:29 +0000
Thursday’s girls’ roundup: Richmond rallies, extends softball winning streak to 77 Fri, 12 May 2017 03:10:24 +0000 KITTERY — Bri Lancaster and Mackenzie Abbott hit back-to-back singles in the seventh inning and scored on an error as the Richmond rallied for a 2-1 softball win Thursday against Traip Academy, extending its winning streak to 77 games.

Traip pitcher Reilly Eddy recorded a career-high 16 strikeouts while allowing three hits and three walks. Cora Perez hit a double and a single for the Rangers (5-5).

Richmond, the four-time defending Class D state champion, improved to 7-0.

BONNY EAGLE 2, MAINE GIRLS’ ACADEMY/FALMOUTH 0: Sadie Denico pitched a four-hitter with eight strikeouts as the Scots (2-7) shut out the Lions (3-5) in Standish.

Makala Greene scored on a Lauryn Fagan fielder’s choice to give Bonny Eagle a 1-0 lead in the second inning.

In the fourth, Taya Phelan led off with a single, stole second and eventually scored on a grounder by Nell Spencer.

Gabrielle Begos hit a double and a single for MGA, while Lillie Donovan added a double.

BIDDEFORD 14, DEERING 4: Alex Chase had four hits and four RBI for Biddeford (3-6) in a win over Deering (1-8) in Biddeford.

Chase hit an RBI single and scored in the first inning as Biddeford took a 3-1 lead. The Tigers stretched the margin to 8-1 after three innings, then added three runs in the fifth and three in the sixth.

Brook Davis finished with three hits for Biddeford. Elizabeth Drelich had three hits for Deering.

WELLS 13, FREEPORT 2: Sara Ring drove in two runs with a double and a home run as the Warriors (8-1) easily handled the Falcons (1-6) in Wells.

Olivia Durfee and winning pitcher Karissa Kenyon each had two hits and an RBI, and Casi Haye hit a two-run double.

Kenyon went six innings, allowing two runs on one hit and one walk while striking out 12.

MEDOMAK VALLEY 13, WINSLOW 4: Winning pitcher Gabby DePatsy had three hits, including a two-run homer, and drove in three runs as the Panthers (8-0) defeated the Black Raiders (6-1) in Waldoboro.

Abby Nelson added three singles, and Lydia Simmons had two hits and two RBI.

DePatsy allowed four hits and two walks while striking out five.

Bailey Robbins hit a pair of singles for Winslow.

CARRABEC 18, WISCASSET 1: Lexie Cowan collected five RBI with a home run, a double and a single, leading the Cobras (4-4) to a five-inning win in North Anson.

Sam LeBeau added three singles, and Cheyenne Sirois and Makenzie Baker chipped in with two hits apiece.

Stephanie Jones had two singles for Wiscasset (1-8).

MONMOUTH 15, DIRIGO 5: Tia Day had two doubles and four RBI to lead the Mustangs (8-1) to a win over the Cougars (2-5) in Monmouth.

Emily Chasse added a pair of doubles and three RBI. Catcher Katie Harris had three hits and threw out two runners trying to steal.


SOUTH PORTLAND 12, PORTLAND 5: Paige Fleming led a balanced attack with three goals as the Red Riots (3-5) beat the Bulldogs (2-4) in South Portland.

Molly Walker had two goals and added an assist, and Jena Leckie, Kaya Backman and Eileen Porterfield also scored twice for South Portland. Red Riots goalie Virginia Saunders made 13 saves.

Chloe Kilbride notched two goals for Portland.

BIDDEFORD 17, WESTBROOK 3: Grace Boisvert scored five goals, and Peyton McKeown added four goals and three assists to pace the Tigers (6-0) to a win over the Blue Blazes (0-6) in Westbrook.

Paige Laverriere, Hailey Allen and Angie Fitzgerald each contributed a pair of goals.

MARSHWOOD 17, NOBLE 1: Hannah Costin tallied six goals and Reagan Nichols finished with four goals and three assists for the Hawks (4-2) in a win over the Knights (2-4) at South Berwick.

The Hawks also got two goals and three assists from Luci Albers and two goals from Marin Smith.

Samantha Couture scored for Noble.

MASSABESIC 17, CHEVERUS 2: Taylor Manning scored four goals for the Mustangs (6-0) as they handled the Stags (3-3) at Portland.

Logan Champlin and Morgan Pike each added three goals, and Skylar Renaud and Madison Renaud both scored twice.

Bella Booth and Mackenzie Johnston scored for Cheverus.

]]> 0 Thu, 11 May 2017 23:13:33 +0000
Girls’ lacrosse: Windham again shows its balance Fri, 12 May 2017 03:01:10 +0000 WINDHAM — For the Windham High girls’ lacrosse team, the difference a year can make has been on display all season.

That was certainly the case again Thursday night as the Eagles dispatched Deering 17-2 to remain unbeaten.

“Last year, we were a younger team, so it was harder for a lot of people to step up and be confident with the ball on their stick,” said senior Mya Mannette. “This year we have more people who are confident.”

The result has been a well-rounded offensive attack, which was evident as 10 players scored goals for Windham.

“We’ve played five games, and every game we’ve had seven or more scorers,” said Windham Coach Matt Perkins. “And that’s kind of been our M.O., where it’s like ‘let’s not get hung up with one person doing all of the scoring, we’ve got to distribute.’ We’re tougher to defend and better if we’ve got everybody scoring.

Paced by five goals from Mannette, who also anchored the defense with nine ground balls, Windham raced out to an early 6-0 lead. The Eagles were up 9-1 at halftime.

“Our transition is really good down the field, and when we set up our offense like we did today, it’s easier for us to get everyone involved because we have cutters getting open,” said Mannette. “Our offense is good because we can pass the ball around well.”

“We’re really getting there,” added Perkins. “Our spacing is getting better and our timing is getting better. We feel like we’ve got a good bench and some good depth and that showed through today.”

The goals continued to pour in after the break, with the Eagles adding four more in the first 4:26 of the second half.

Maddie Beem finished with three goals, Eliza Palow chipped in with a pair, and Alanna Joyce, Kaitlyn Roberts, Belle Skvorak, Lyndsey Arsenault, Ashley Cummings, Lauren Black and Morgan Colangelo had a goal apiece for the nearly impossible-to-stop Eagles’ attack.

“We’ve been on the other side of that and it’s tough,” said Perkins. “Massabesic and Marshwood, they’re teams that are like that, that do a really good job of having more than one scorer. You have to worry about a lot of them, and it keeps a defense from being able to key on any option.”

The offense, which controlled much of the play, was set up for success by an impressive defensive effort that saw Deering register just three shots on goal.

“Defensively, we stopped their running game,” said Perkins. “They’re really fast, and get up and down the field. We did a good job pinching and making them set up. We feel good about our defense, and when teams set up, we feel we can do a job playing them that way.”

The Eagles have held four of their first five opponents to five goals or less.

For Deering (2-4), freshman Kiaya Gatchell scored both goals and Divine M’Bambi turned away 12 shots.

]]> 0 Thu, 11 May 2017 23:14:37 +0000
Waterhouse Field bleachers ready to be dismantled Fri, 12 May 2017 00:25:08 +0000 BIDDEFORD — Over 350 volunteers are expected at Waterhouse Field on Saturday to tear down the condemned bleachers at the iconic home of Biddeford High football.

Removal of the bleachers is a significant step toward the goal of getting Waterhouse ready to use in some capacity by the 2017 fall sports season, said Jim Godbout, president of the Waterhouse Field Alumni Association.

“With the (old) bleachers gone we can use the facility,” Godbout said, “whether that’s with no bleachers or temporary bleachers.”

“It’s always a goal to play our games there but we have to work through the feasability of that, whether it’s a temporary situation or a long-term decision,” said Biddeford School Superintendent Jeremy Ray. “No final decisions or confirmed decisions have been made.”

The field is owned by the non-profit Waterhouse Field Alumni Association and has been leased to the city for school use for $1 a year since 1973, and has been used for Biddeford High soccer games as well as football.

The deteriorating condition of the bleachers has been a concern for several years. After an independent study determined the bleachers were unsafe, Ray closed the facility April 11. End zone seating was closed by the city’s code enforcement officer last fall.

On May 1, an engineering firm hired by the school department unveiled a $6 million proposal to improve multiple athletic fields in the city. The plan targeted $2.5 million for Waterhouse Field that would include new bleachers, a larger, multi-sport artificial turf field, new lights and a new press box.

At this point no decisions on renovations at Waterhouse or how they will be funded have been made. The next step is determining how the three organizations – city, school and the Waterhouse Field Alumni Association – can best work together.

“How do we put together an organization or a structure so the field can be adequately maintained and who will have oversight over it?” said Mayor Alan Casavant. “Once that’s determined, then we can start to make decisions about the scope of the place; how many seats? Turf or grass? Should we expand the field?”

Regardless of the long-term outcome, Godbout and his crew of volunteers will help to cut the total cost of improving Waterhouse Field. Last Friday, Godbout and a small crew removed the old press box from the home field in hopes it can be used at Waterhouse in the future. The proposed plan put the price of a new press box at $110,000.

And the cost of demolition and removal of the condemned bleachers would have been over $40,000, based on initial contractor proposals, Ray said.

An online site to volunteer for Saturday’s bleacher demolition can be accessed at the Biddeford School Department website. Volunteers must sign a waiver prior to working.

Waterhouse renovations, however, won’t be an entirely all-volunteer effort.

“We couldn’t have (volunteers) build new bleachers because it would bring up liability issues,” Casavant said.

Steve Craig can be reached at 791-6413 or:

Twitter: SteveCCraig

]]> 0 Field has been a source of community pride in Biddeford for decades, but officials are now facing questions on the best way to handle renovations.Thu, 11 May 2017 20:41:49 +0000
Baseball: Biddeford wins in eight innings Fri, 12 May 2017 00:18:38 +0000 SACO — After wild seventh and eighth innings, Biddeford held on Thursday to defeat Thornton Academy 5-4 in an SMAA baseball game.

Thornton (5-4) led 3-1 in the seventh and was one out from victory before Biddeford recovered.

The Tigers had two runners on when Thornton Coach Greg Paradis decided to let starter Brogan Searle-Belanger – who had pitched a strong game – try and finish it.

Joey Curit then singled to load the bases for Logan Magnant, who jumped on the first pitch and drove a shot over the center fielder’s head for a bases-clearing double, giving the Tigers a 4-3 lead.

“I was waiting for a nice, flat fastball, which I got on the first pitch,” said Magnant. “I was hopping on it right away. I knew it was coming.”

In the bottom of the seventh, it was Thornton’s turn to come back, tying the game when Brandon Hall drove in a run with an infield single off reliever Brice Springer.

Hall finished with three hits, two doubles and three RBI.

Biddeford (4-4) loaded the bases with one out in the top of the eighth, forcing Searle-Belanger out of the game.

Brady Crepeau knocked in the winning run with a sacrifice fly to right that scored Colin Lavigne from third base.

“This team, we seem to be pretty mentally tough. I feel like they’re doing a nice job staying focused, staying competitive, staying into the game and who knows. Keeping it close, that’s important,” said Biddeford Coach Keith Leblanc.

Searle-Belanger lasted 71/3 innings, allowing five runs and striking out five.

Thornton threatened in the bottom of the eighth off reliever Owen Sullivan.

Back-to-back walks to lead off, followed by Luke Chessie’s sacrifice, gave the Trojans runners on second and third with one out.

But Sullivan responded with a strikeout on a called third strike followed by a groundout to third to end it.

“(Sullivan) had only pitched one inning so far this year. Sometimes those guys don’t get as much work as you’d like them to, but kudos to him for coming in and battling,” said Leblanc.

Nick Gallant started for Biddeford, throwing five innings and allowing three runs.

With two outs in the top of the third, Crepeau lined a single to left-center, then went to second when the ball was misplayed.

Crepeau went to third on a passed ball and scored when Carter Edgerton singled up the middle to give the Tigers a 1-0 lead.

“That was (Biddeford’s) first run and (the misplay in center field) could be the difference in the game,” said Paradis.

Searle-Belanger answered for Thornton with a liner to shortstop that one-hopped off Edgerton’s shoulder, scoring Luke Chessie from third to make it 1-1.

The Trojans pulled ahead 3-1 when Hall ripped a two-run double in the right-center field gap.

“That’s our M.O. All season long we’ve had really good innings early on (in the game) and then we kind of coast,” said Paradis.

]]> 0 Magnant, who hit a three-run double for Biddeford in the seventh inning Thursday, attempts to turn a double play after forcing Jacob Laplume of Thornton Academy during Biddeford's 5-4 victory in eight innings at Saco.Thu, 18 May 2017 10:42:33 +0000