Veteran TV journalists Susan Kimball and Peggy Keyser will produce video reports regularly on Kimball & Keyser will deliver stories from the streets of Portland to the backroads of Maine, profiles of well-known Mainers "out of their element", and behind-the-scenes "shop talk" with the Portland Press Herald writers, editors, reporters, photographers, and more.

VIDEO: Underwater Dogs in Maine:
Photographer Seth Casteel visits Maine to photograph puppies for a sequel to his best-selling book, "Underwater Dogs." Watch more from Kimball & Keyser here.
Length: 03:32 Date Published: 10/10/2013
Final Touch: Mastering records in Maine:
Length: 04:24 Date Published: 09/23/2013
Adam Ayan, a Gateway Mastering engineer in Portland, has worked with some of the largest names in music.
On Death & Dying:
Length: 04:19 Date Published: 08/23/2013
Members of the Maine State Prison hospice team provide 'end of life' care to fellow prisoners - changing their own lives in the process. More Kimball & Keyser videos.
A Caregiver's Path:
Length: 04:46 Date Published: 07/31/2013
A Maine couple's painful journey leads to a place of healing for them and others.
Wildlife photographer Mark Picard:
Length: 04:34 Date Published: 07/25/2013
Wildlife photographer and 2012 Maine Sportsman Artist of the Year, Mark Picard, takes us on a colorful journey in the north Maine woods. More Kimball & Keyser videos.
A Tug's Eye View:
Length: 04:03 Date Published: 07/08/2013
It was all hands on deck in Portland Harbor on this day for the tugboat Andrew McAllister guiding the BBC Congo to the dock. Click here for more Kimball & Keyser videos.
Mike Rowe's still driving strong:
Length: 04:29 Date Published: 07/02/2013
At 63 years old, and long after most drivers his age have retired, Mike Rowe is a Pro All Stars series champion race car driver. Click for more Kimball & Keyser videos.
Maine dancer takes center stage:
Length: 04:30 Date Published: 05/24/2013
Nathaniel Dombek, a ballet dancer and 2012 Gorham High School graduate, has been cast in a national tour of "West Side Story." Click for more Kimball & Keyser videos.
Mary Erskine, A Portland Baseball Treasure:
Length: 04:29 Date Published: 05/16/2013
Longtime Sea Dogs usher Mary Erskine reflects on Ted Williams, Jimmy Piersall and beauty of America's pasttime. Click here for more Kimball & Keyser videos.
Snowboarding off the Knife's Edge:
Length: 05:56 Date Published: 05/01/2013
Mainer Owen Cassidy and his team set a record on one of Mt. Katahdin's most treacherous trails.
King of the Hill:
Length: 04:26 Date Published: 04/22/2013
Bobby Lipps keeps a close eye on his beloved Munjoy Hill neighborhood.
Polina's World of Ballroom Dancing:
Length: 04:17 Date Published: 04/11/2013
Polina Kirillova brings the joy of dance from Ukraine to Maine.
Games People Play:
Length: 02:52 Date Published: 04/02/2013
There's no holding back and no place to hide when teams face off on '80s Night at the Casco Bay Sports Dodgeball League.
Captain of the Pirates:
Length: 04:19 Date Published: 02/27/2013
Alex Bolduc talks about his journey from Canada to Portland, his father's influence and his NHL dreams.
Shop Talk – Cliff Schechtman:
Length: 02:40 Date Published: 03/05/2013
The Press Herald's executive editor discusses running the state's largest news organization.
Michael Odokara-Okigbo ­– Singing His Heart Out:
Length: 03:59 Date Published: 02/20/2013
A Portland man is poised to make it big in the music industry.
Ellyn Touchette, Slam Poet:
Length: 02:50 Date Published: 02/19/2013
Making personal connection through poetry is 'maximum success.'
Shop Talk ­– Scott Dolan:
Length: 02:41 Date Published: 02/19/2013
The Press Herald court reporter distills compelling human stories from the legal process.
Jackpot: South Portland Bingo Night:
Length: 03:29 Date Published: 02/13/2013
An intimate look at the players who make the event so much fun.
New England Runner Sled Championship:
Length: 03:24 Date Published: 02/11/2013
An affectionate and intimate look at those involved in the world of "Wood & Steel."
Shop Talk – Gillian Graham:
Length: 02:19 Date Published: 02/13/2013
York County reporter Gillian Graham talks about "being born into the news business" and her love of telling stories.
Out Of Their Element: Tess Gerritsen:
Length: 03:41 Date Published: 02/04/2013
The best-selling author and Maine resident shows off her affinity for nighttime musical jam sessions.
Shop Talk – Karen Beaudoin:
Length: 02:33 Date Published: 02/04/2013
The online editor talks about high-paced, web-based journalism at the Press Herald.
Gimme Shelter: Saving Lives on Oxford Street:
Length: 04:26 Date Published: 01/28/2013
'I'd just like to be my own person again.'
Hanover House – Horror Made in Maine:
Length: 05:40 Date Published: 01/22/2013
A film crew isolates itself in the mountains of Western Maine to create a feature-length horror film.
Derby Girls:
Length: 03:56 Date Published: 01/21/2013
The appeal of Roller Derby. It's a full-contact sport but it's not just for kids.
Shop Talk: Greg Rec:
Length: 03:36 Date Published: 01/21/2013
"I have witnessed so many things in my life because of my job." Photographer Greg Rec talks about his work.
Tattoo Life:
Length: 04:58 Date Published: 01/14/2013
At Tsunami Tattoo, body art is a journey for artist and client.
Shop Talk: Jessica Hall:
Length: 02:32 Date Published: 01/15/2013
Reporting on the good and the bad in Maine's economy.
Bob Marley, Funny Man:
Length: 04:13 Date Published: 01/09/2013
Maine's premier comedian prepares for The Big Show.
Saved by the Bell:
Length: 04:19 Date Published: 01/07/2013
Men and women find purpose at the Portland Boxing Club.
Shop Talk: Ray Routhier:
Length: 02:20 Date Published: 01/07/2013
A Press Herald features writer's quest for stories that are fun, quirky and surprising.
Beatles Night in Portland:
Length: 06:44 Date Published: 01/02/2013
Music fans celebrate the 10th annual Beatles Night at the State Theatre in downtown Portland, ME.
Soccer tournament for the deaf:
Length: 02:54 Date Published: 01/03/2013
Deaf students compete on equal footing at the New England Schools for the Deaf Fall Soccer Tournament.
Shop Talk: Katherine Lee:
Length: 01:54 Date Published: 01/01/2013
The Press Herald's city editor strives to give readers a "sense of immediacy."
Open Gates:
Length: 04:11 Date Published: 12/23/2012
Where neglected horses get the love they deserve, it also helps humans heal.
Farming the Ocean:
Length: 02:51 Date Published: 01/15/2013
A visit with Mainer Tollef Olson, operator of the "first and only" kelp farm in the U.S.
Christmas at The Root Cellar Ministry:
Length: 03:02 Date Published: 12/23/2012
A new pricing strategy provides the Portland charity with dignity.
Shop Talk: John Ewing:
Length: 02:17 Date Published: 12/23/2012
Portland Press Herald photographer strives to capture those peak moments of human emotion.
Dante's Story:
Length: 03:55 Date Published: 12/19/2012
Soccer gives juvenile offender Dante Dennis an 'opportunity to be normal.'
Shop Talk: Steve Solloway:
Length: 02:49 Date Published: 12/17/2012
The Portland Press Herald sports columnist talks about writing and storytelling.
Out of their Element: Michael Brennan:
Length: 02:43 Date Published: 12/17/2012
Portland's mayor reveals his expensive habit ­ and his secret goal in life.
Sign of the Times:
Length: 04:37 Date Published: 12/10/2012
Kimball & Keyser – Sign of the Times
Out of their Element: David Turin:
Length: 02:21 Date Published: 12/10/2012
Kimball & Keyser – Out of Their Element – Chef David Turin
Kimball & Keyser — A new online video feature:
Length: 01:58 Date Published: 12/11/2012
In this week's series of videos, the veteran reporters take a deeper look at panhandling in Portland and Maine chef David Turin's love of surfing.
Shop Talk: Bill Nemitz:
Length: 01:42 Date Published: 12/10/2012
Kimball & Keyser – Shop Talk – Bill Nemitz

Kimball & Keyser



Susan Kimball

Susan Kimball is an award-winning journalist and former lawyer who spent 25 years in the television news business. She began her career at WAGM-TV in Presque Isle, and was subsequently hired by WCSH-TV in Portland. Susan spent two years as the lead investigative reporter at KSTP in Minneapolis before returning home to Maine and WCSH, where she worked until 2010. Her work has been recognized by a number of organizations, including the Associated Press, the Maine Association of Broadcasters and the Harry Chapin Foundation in New York, from which she received a national award for her reporting on hunger in Maine. Susan was inducted into the Maine Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2011.


Peggy Keyser

Peggy Keyser began her career in television at Cablevision of Connecticut as a reporter, weathercaster, field producer and assignment editor. She was eventually promoted to the position of senior producer of “The Fairfield Exchange,” a popular local daily talk show. Peg moved to Maine to work for WCSH-TV in Portland as a weathercaster on the statewide morning and noon broadcasts. During Peggy’s tenure, the noon newscast at WCSH became the number one noon newscast in the market, with nearly double the number of viewers of the ABC and CBS affiliates combined. She also hosted cooking segments and conducted interviews with Maine newsmakers. Peggy subsequently joined the Maine Public Broadcasting team, hosting two seasons of “True North” -- a half-hour show with segments about intriguing Maine people, places and stories. In 2012, Peg co-created and co-hosted “We’re All Talk,” a weekly talk radio program for women.