Winter 2012-13 High School Sports

VIDEO: Class A State Championship:
Falmouth Yachtsmen vs. Lewiston Blue Devils Boys' Hockey 3.9.2013
Length: 02:04 Date Published: 03/09/2013
Class B State Championship:
Length: 01:41 Date Published: 03/09/2013
Greely Rangers vs. Messalonskee Eagles Boys' Hockey 3.9.2013
Class B Final:
Length: 01:35 Date Published: 03/06/2013
Greely Rangers vs. Camden Hills Windjammers Boys' Hockey 3.6.2013
Western Class A Final:
Length: 01:39 Date Published: 03/05/2013
Falmouth Yachtsmen vs. Scarborough Red Storm Boys' Hockey 3.6.2013
Class A State Final:
Length: 02:18 Date Published: 03/02/2013
South Portland Red Riots vs. Hampden Academy Broncos Boys' Basketball 3.2.2013
Class A State Final:
Length: 02:18 Date Published: 03/02/2013
McAuley Lions vs. Bangor Rams Girls' Basketball 3.2.2013
Class B State Final:
Length: 01:55 Date Published: 03/01/2013
Falmouth Yachtsmen vs. Medomak Valley Panthers Boys' Basketball 3.1.2013
Class B State Final:
Length: 02:14 Date Published: 03/01/2013
Lake Region Lakers vs. Presque Isle Wildcats Girls' Basketball 3.1.2013
Cheverus Stags vs. Thornton Academy Trojans:
Length: 02:18 Date Published: 02/27/2013
Western Class A Quarterfinal Boys' Hockey 2.27.2013
Western Class A Quarterfinal:
Length: 01:52 Date Published: 02/26/2013
Biddeford Tigers vs. Falmouth Yachtsmen Boys' Hockey 2.26.2013
Western Maine Class A Final:
Length: 02:11 Date Published: 02/23/2013
Bonny Eagle Scots vs. South Portland Red Riots 2.23.2013
Western Maine Class B Championship:
Length: 02:07 Date Published: 02/23/2013
Falmouth Yachtsmen vs. York Wildcats 2.23.2013
Western Maine Class A Championship:
Length: 01:25 Date Published: 02/23/2013
McAuley Lions vs. Cheverus Stags 2.23.2013
Western Maine Class B Final:
Length: 01:27 Date Published: 02/23/2013
Lake Region Lakers vs. York Wildcats
Class B Semifinal:
Length: 01:30 Date Published: 02/21/2013
York Wildcats vs. Wells Warriors Girls' Basketball 2.21.2013
Class B Semifinal:
Length: 01:13 Date Published: 02/21/2013
Lake Region Lakers vs. Greely Rangers 2.21.2013
Class A Semifinals:
Length: 02:07 Date Published: 02/20/2013
South Portland Red Riots vs. Portland Bulldogs 2.21.2013
Class A Semifinals:
Length: 01:31 Date Published: 02/20/2013
Bonny Eagle Scots vs. Thornton Academy Trojans Boys' Basketball 2.21.2013
Wells Warriors vs. Spruce Mountain Phoenix:
Length: 01:26 Date Published: 02/19/2013
Girls' Basketball 2.20.2013
Class A State Championship:
Length: 01:28 Date Published: 02/19/2013
Girls' Swimming 2.20.2013
Class A State Track Championship:
Length: 02:03 Date Published: 02/18/2013
Boys' and Girls' State Track 2.18.2013
Class A State Wrestling Championship:
Length: 02:20 Date Published: 02/16/2013
Class A State Wrestling 2.16.2013
Western Class A Quarterfinal:
Length: 01:26 Date Published: 02/15/2013
Portland Bulldogs vs. Westbrook Blue Blazes 2.15.2013
Western Class A Final Girls' Hockey:
Length: 01:59 Date Published: 02/13/2013
Scarborough Red Storm vs. York Wildcats 2.13.2013
Eastern Class A Final Girls' Hockey:
Length: 01:20 Date Published: 02/13/2013
Greely Rangers vs. Edward Little/Leavitt 2.13.2013
WMC Championships:
Length: 01:55 Date Published: 02/11/2013
Class B Track 2.11.2013
Cheverus Stags vs. Biddeford Tigers:
Length: 01:32 Date Published: 02/06/2013
Western Class A Quarterfinals Girls' Hockey 2.7.2013
Southwesterns Track:
Length: 01:31 Date Published: 02/02/2013
Track 2.2.2013
2013 Sassi Memorial 5k Classic:
Length: 02:01 Date Published: 01/26/2013
Nordic Skiing 1.26.2013
Falmouth Yachtsmen vs. Wells Warriors:
Length: 01:22 Date Published: 01/25/2013
Boys' Basketball 1.25.2013
Portland Bulldogs vs. Deering Rams:
Length: 01:41 Date Published: 01/24/2013
Boys' Basketball 1.24.2013
Camden Hills Windjammers vs. Cape Elizabeth Capers:
Length: 01:40 Date Published: 01/19/2013
Boys' Hockey 1.19.2012
Falmouth vs. Cape Elizabeth/Waynflete:
Length: 01:41 Date Published: 01/19/2013
Girls' Hockey 1.20.2012
Bonny Eagle Scots vs. Windham Eagles:
Length: 01:13 Date Published: 01/15/2013
Boys' Basketball 1.15.12
Deering Rams vs. Cheverus Stags:
Length: 01:21 Date Published: 01/11/2013
Girls' Basketball 1.12.2013
Greely Rangers vs. York Wildcats:
Length: 02:13 Date Published: 01/10/2013
Boys' Hockey 1.10.2013
South Portland Red Riots vs. Sanford Spartans:
Length: 01:19 Date Published: 01/08/2013
Boys' Basketball 1.9.2012
McAuley Lions vs. Deering Rams:
Length: 01:32 Date Published: 01/05/2013
Girls' Basketball 01.05.2012
Greely Rangers vs. Scarborough Red Storm:
Length: 01:45 Date Published: 12/22/2012
Girls' Hockey 12.22.2012
Scarborough Red Storm vs. Portland Bulldogs:
Length: 01:53 Date Published: 12/21/2012
Boys' Basketball 12.21.2012
Greely Rangers vs. Cape Elizabeth Capers:
Length: 01:27 Date Published: 12/18/2012
Girls' Basketball 12.19.12
Yarmouth Clippers vs. York Wildcats:
Length: 02:00 Date Published: 12/15/2012
Boys' Basketball 12.15.2012
Biddeford Tigers vs. Brunswick Dragons:
Length: 01:47 Date Published: 12/12/2012
Boys' Hockey 12.12.2012
Portland Bulldogs vs. Marshwood Hawks:
Length: 01:22 Date Published: 12/07/2012
Boys' Basketball 12.07.2012

Winter 2012-13 High School Sports

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