A veteran broadcast journalist, Susan Kimball is a video reporter for the Portland Press Herald, focusing on features and investigative reporting.

VIDEO: Nova Star Arrives in Portland:
A tugboat gushing dual fountains of water greeted the Nova Star ferry Thursday as it cruised into Portland Harbor, its arrival signaling the return of ferry service between the city and Nova Scotia after a four-year hiatus.
Length: 01:59 Date Published: 04/17/2014
Musicians Perform for Nick Stanley:
Length: 04:28 Date Published: 03/28/2014
Spose and Dave Gutter perform for Nick Stanley at his Farmington home, where he has been confined to a bed for two years because of a spinal condition.
The Outgoing Tide:
Length: 03:32 Date Published: 03/06/2014
Susan Kimball talks with the cast of The Outgoing Tide, a play about a family's struggle with the challenges of aging. It runs through March 30 at the Good Theater at the St. Lawrence Arts Center in Portland.
Maine’s heroin crisis: A special report:
Length: 05:51 Date Published: 02/21/2014
On the streets of Portland, heroin has become a cheaper alternative to prescription drugs while funding for treatment is cut. Read the stories.
Bath house fire rescue:
Length: 02:13 Date Published: 02/21/2014
Susan Kimball reports on the dramatic rescue of Jon Tanguay and his 4-year-old son.

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Susan Kimball

Susan Kimball is an award-winning journalist and former lawyer who spent 25 years in the television news business. She began her career at WAGM-TV in Presque Isle, and was subsequently hired by WCSH-TV in Portland. Susan spent two years as the lead investigative reporter at KSTP in Minneapolis before returning home to Maine and WCSH, where she worked until 2010. Her work has been recognized by a number of organizations, including the Associated Press, the Maine Association of Broadcasters and the Harry Chapin Foundation in New York, from which she received a national award for her reporting on hunger in Maine. Susan was inducted into the Maine Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2011. She joined the staff of the Portland Press Herald in January 2014 as a video reporter.