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Wednesday July 23, 2014
Current Conditions
79° RealFeel™

TODAYClouds and sun; breezy, very warm and humid with a strong thunderstorm late this afternoon

TONIGHT A couple of strong thunderstorms around this evening; mainly cloudy with a couple of showers late

55%Chance of Precipitation
10.4 mi/h Wind
29.86 inHg Barometric Pressure
76% Relative Humidity
68F Dewpoint
0% Cloud Cover
10 mi Visibility
  • Sunrise 5:21 AM
  • Sunset 8:01 PM
  • Moon
Five Day Forecast

  • Today July 23
    64 F | 87 F

    A strong afternoon t-storm

  • July 24
    57 F | 75 F

    Not as warm with a t-storm

  • July 25
    60 F | 79 F

    Partly sunny

  • July 26
    61 F | 80 F

    Mostly sunny and pleasant

  • July 27
    63 F | 76 F

    Some sun, a t-storm possible

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Almanac Data
Average: 70F
High: 96F 1978
Low: 45F 1976
Precipitation: Not Available
Marine Forecast
  • Today Wind from the south at 6-12 knots. Wave heights 2 feet or less. Visibility generally unrestricted.
  • Today Night Wind from the south-southwest at 7-14 knots. Wave heights 2-4 feet. Mainly clear.
  • Tomorrow Wind from the south-southwest at 8-16 knots. Wave heights 3-5 feet. Visibility generally clear.
  • Tomorrow Night Wind from the south-southwest at 6-12 knots becoming northwest. Wave heights 1-3 feet. Strong thunderstorms, mainly early.
  • Thursday Wind from the north at 4-8 knots. Wave heights 2 feet or less. Visibility less than 2 miles in a morning shower; otherwise, clear.
  • Thursday Night Wind light and variable. Wave heights less than a foot. Clear.

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