What’s your job and how long have you worked for the town?

I’ve worked for the town now for 16 years. I am the assistant director of Community Services. My direct responsibilities are the extended school car department, summer department, facilities scheduling. I also do some layout and design. I’ve been the assistant director the whole time.

How have things changed since you have been there?

Our office has changed in size and the volume of work. The volume of our facilities scheduling has changed tremendously. We’re scheduling the school facilities, but also the town and the Fort Williams sites. Our extended school care has expanded, too.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

The diversity of it. We joke that there are no two days that are the same.

What’s the biggest challenge?

The volume of work, keeping up with it. There are a lot of kids, keeping track of who’s in what building, what time. The beauty of our office staff is that we work together well, sharing the burden.

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