Shane Barrows, 20, of Mechanic Street, on April 15 on charges of possession of methadone and operating after suspension on William Clarke Drive

Kimberly Lopez, 18, of Walker Street, on April 16 on a charge of furnishing a place for minors to consume alcohol on Bridge Street.

Garfield Day, 29, of Bridgton Road, on April 17 on charges of operating after suspension and operating an all-terrain vehicle on a public way on Bridgton Road.

Richard Kenney, 40, no address available, on a charge of terrorizing on North Street.

Sean Huntington, 23, of Boyd Street, Portland, on April 19 on charges stemming from an outstanding warrant on Main Street.

Robin Ring, 22, of Swann Street, Portland, on April 20 on a charge of operating after suspension on Main Street.


Todd Fournier, 29, of C Street, Portland, on April 17 for operating with a suspended registration on Main Street.

Kevin Kramlick, 20, of Halidon Road, on April 18 for possession of drug paraphernalia on Acadia Commons.

Sokhan Meas, 22, of Tucker Street, Portland, on April 18 for possession of drug paraphernalia on Acadia Commons.

Jake Kinnear, 26, of Middle Road, Falmouth, on April 19 for operating beyond a license restriction on Spring Street.

Gerald Guitard, 42, of Bridgton Road, on April 20 for operating with an expired registration on William Clarke Drive.


Lights out

On April 15, a caller from the Hamlet reported being harassed in the evening by a neighbor who kept flashing their outside lights.


On April 16, a caller from New Gorham Road reported that people in another apartment in her building were being too loud and disturbing her. She told police that when she asked her neighbors to be quiet, they responded by making more noise by jumping up and down.

Road to nowhere

On April 16, a caller from Arlington Avenue reported that a vehicle had just driven across her lawn and gotten stuck in a ditch.

Doggone fence

On April 17, a Walton Street caller reported that someone had damaged her fence and her dog had gotten loose as a result.

Stolen computer

On April 18, a Dana Street caller reported that someone had broken into his business and taken a computer.

Target practice

On April 18, a Halidon Road caller reported that someone hit her house and yard with paint balls.

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