Kevin Simpson, 42, of Winter Street, Portland, on June 3 on a charge of operating after suspension on Cumberland Street.

John Malier, 43, of Haven Road, Windham, on June 3 on a charge of operating under the influence on Cumberland Street.

Yusuf Ulgen, 33, of Pennell Street, on June 3 on charges of disorderly conduct, criminal mischief and terrorizing on Main Street.

Kara Reardon, 21, of Farrington Road, Gorham, on June 5 on a charge of operating under the influence on Main Street.

Vichey Sun, 23, of Kennedy Park, Portland, on June 5 on a charge of operating under the influence on Bridgton Road.

Benjamin Davis, 27, of Rochester Street, on June 6 on charges stemming from an outstanding warrant on Cumberland Street.

Richard Riely, 20, of Cumberland Street, on June 6 on charges of carrying a concealed weapon, operating after suspension and possession of alcohol by a minor on Cumberland Street.

Jeffrey Wentworth, 43, of Roosevelt Street, on June 7 on charges of assault, burglary, criminal trespass and obstructing the report of a crime on Roosevelt Street.

Dennis Klagenberg, 37, of Clay Hill Drive, Windham, on June 7 for operating under the influence, operating without a license and speeding on Bridgton Road.

Stephanie Hughes, 29, P.O. Box 235, Scarborough, on June 8 on a charge of operating under the influence on William Clarke Drive.

Debra Bouvier, 37, of Spring Street, on June 9 on a charge of disorderly conduct on Spring Street.


Julia Jones, 27, of Conseca Road, Raymond, on June 3 for driving with an expired registration on William Clarke Drive.

Dale Sukeforth, 35, of Roosevelt Trail, Windham, on June 4 for failure to provide proof of insurance on Spring Street.

Chris Cummings, 39, of Forest Avenue, Portland, on June 4 for an inspection sticker violation on Warren Avenue.

Lois McFarland, 44, of Cook Road, Windham, on June 5 for speeding on Cumberland Street.

Martina Laflamme, 18, of Constitution Drive, on June 6 for speeding on East Bridge Street.

Hooman Yazdanpanah, 31, of Saco Street, on June 6 for speeding on Spring Street.

Ishmeel Daniels, 27, of Veranda Street, Portland, on June 7 for an inspection sticker violation on Saco Street.

Benjamin Mason, 28, P.O. Box 1964, Windham, on June 8 for a red light violation on Bridge Street.

Paula Anderson, 36, of Green Street, on June 9 for speeding on Forest Street.


That’s not a basketball court

On June 3, a Colony Road man reported that there was a group of kids playing basketball in the street at approximately 4:30 p.m. and he felt it was a dangerous time for kids to be playing in the street.

Is that a bell?

On June 4, a Bridgton Road caller reported hearing the church bell going off at St. Edmund’s Church, and the caller felt that was suspicious. Officers checked the church building and reported that all was secure.

Bike repair

On June 4, police received a call saying there were two kids damaging a bicycle by the recycling bins on Mechanic Street. Police said the kids were just trying to straighten out the bike’s handlebars.

Found bullet

On June 7, a Brown Street caller said he had found a bullet. Police took the bullet and disposed of it.

Bottle tossing

On June 8, a Puritan Drive man reported someone threw a bottle through his picture window. Later that same evening, another Puritan Drive resident reported that someone had thrown a bottle through his front door.

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