The following students, members of the class of 2005 at South Portland High School, have received the following honors or awards:

Art in the Park Scholarship: Michelle Cheney

Bartlett Family Award: Allison Libby

Beatrice and Henry Harvie Memorial Scholarship: Courtney Albin, Benjamin Carter

Best Buy Children’s Foundation Scholarship: Kayleigh Roy

Blackwood Family Scholarship: Megan Ryan

Bob Elliot South Portland High School Spirit Award: Lauren Faulkner

Class of 2000 Sherie Libby Memorial Scholarship Most Improved Student: Carl Bailey

Clyde E Nason Trophy: Eric Giddings

College Club of Portland Scholarship : Leia Crosby

Community Advocates for Social Action Award: Caitlin Michaud

Dick Smart Memorial Scholarship: Courtney Albin

Dillon Scholarship: Courtney Albin

Dora L Small School PTA Scholarship: Tyler Dyment

Edward C Reynolds Award: Timothy Cahill

Elaine Wolfson Vocal Scholarship: Abigail Levis

Epoch Scholarship Sponsored by Tim Poulin: Christopher Conroy, Seth Jacobson, Laurel Snyder

Elizabeth Wadsworth Chapter NSDAR Scholarship: Jennifer Gillies

Elizabeth Wadsworth Chapter NSDAR Citizenship Award: Jeana Petillo

Elks National Foundation Legacy Award: Jeana Petillo

Ernest C Lamson Scholarship: Allison Libby

Eva L Alley Memorial Scholarship: Meaghan LaVangie

Fetteroll Scholarship: Joseph Tweedie

Frank I Brown Elementary School PTA Scholarship: Geoffrey Smith

Fred Freise Award: Benjamin Braley

French Club Award: Kelly Boudreau

Friends of South Portland Library Award: Alison Gerrish, Ashley McOsker

G Walter Johnson Class of 1922 Scholarship: Belinda Arey

G Walter Johnson Football Scholarship : Michael Wells

Gorham Savings Bank Scholarship: Abigail Levis

Harry Phillips Memorial Scholarship Grant: Amber Doyle

Hemond Award: Santana Allen, Amanda Card, Joshua Dayton, Xibei Ding, Trevor Sullivan Smith

Jeff King Memorial Football Scholarship: Andrew Esty

Jim and Elizabeth McAleney Memorial Scholarship: Allison Taylor, Seth Jacobson

John Hawkes Boys & Girls Club Scholarship: Antonio Anderson, Nicole Byrnes, Justin Collett, Katie Conroy, Melinda Conroy, Andrew Cousins, David Dinsmore, Nicole Reny, Kayleigh Roy, Jacqueline Young

John Wiggin Memorial Scholarship: Anna Clancy

Jolly John Auto City Scholarship: Patricia Fortuin

John A Millington Memorial Scholarship: Eric Giddings

Kiwanis Club of Scarborough Scholarship: Casey Doucette

Lancaster/McLeod Scholarship Grant: Belinda Arey

Leslie E & Mildred A Norwood Memorial Scholarship: Jeana Petillo

Leadership Scholarship: Lynne Powers

Loveitt History/Athlete Scholarship: Sacha Wilson

Loveitt’s Field Homeowners Association Scholarship: Matthew Snyder

Maine Community College Scholarship: Amelia Crannell, Kyle Dixon Andrew Martin

Maine Masonic Scholarship-Grand Lodge of Maine: Amelia Crannell

Maine Principals Scholarship: Olivia Wright

Mary F Marsh School Scholarship: Justin Averill

Mike Downing Scholarship: Amanda Aceto

National Semiconductor Technology Achievement Award: Xibei Ding

Nelnet Superloan Scholarship: Joseph Tweedie

PATHS Scholarships and Awards: Nicole Byrnes, Brent Dudley, Peter Googins, Stewart Shuster

Peter H Debevoise Memorial Scholarship: Allison Libby

Phyllis H Davidson French Award: Shana Kieran

Portland Lodge of Elks Scholarship: Jeana Petillo

Portland Pipe Line Corporation Scholarship: Melinda Conroy, Christopher Gilley

Presidential Freedom Scholarship: Kayleigh Roy

Principal’s Leadership Award: Jeana Petillo

Ray Corey Memorial Memorial Scholarship Grant: Amelia Crannell

“Richard W Dow, Jr. Memorial Award”: Meaghan LaVangie

Robert E Graff Memorial Scholarship: Timothy Cahill

Rotary Club of South Portland for Service Above Self: Casey Doucette, Shana Kieran

Senator George J Mitchell Scholarship: Alison Gerrish

Sidney Schwartz Memorial Scholarship: Peter Googins

Society of Mayflower Descendants Scholarship: Benjamin Braley

South Portland Boys & Girls Club Alumni Scholarship: Antonio Anderson, Nicole Byrnes, Justin Collett, Andrew Cousins, David Dinsmore, Nicole Reny, Kayleigh Roy, Jacqueline Young

South Portland High School Boys Basketball Boosters: Justin Averill, Benjamin Braley, Benjamin Card, Christopher Conroy, Andrew Cousins, Avery Lloyd, Jarred Paulus

South Portland High School Cheering Boosters: Katie Conroy, Lauren Faulkner, Hollie Jalbert, Kristan Kastrup, Halie Lyons, Caitlin Michaud, Danyel Wetherington, Ashley Zukas

South Portland High School Faculty & Staff Scholarship: Amanda Card

South Portland High School Field Hockey Boosters: Julia Ross, Alison Gerrish

South Portland High School Football Boosters: Antonio Anderson, Justin Averill, Nicholas Baker, Charles Brydon, Benjamin Card, Benjamin Carter, Nicholas Chapman, Andrew Esty, Matthew Fitzpatrick, Jordan Hamlin, Benjamin Legere, Jason Soule, Joseph Tweedie, Michael Wells

South Portland High School Golf Boosters: Dillon Bonner, Joseph Nguyen, Samuel O’Meara, Jarred Paulus, Joe Yoon

South Portland High School Ice Hockey Boosters Scholarship: Tyler Dyment, Ian Everest

South Portland High School Ice Hockey Jeff King Memorial Scholarship: Tyler Dyment

South Portland High School Music Boosters: John Bogart, Katie Conroy, Melinda Conroy, Casey Doucette, Amy Foss, Melissa Gagnier, Robert Gebhardt, Gabrielle Grant, Seth Jacobson, Shana Kiernan, Abigail Levis, Allison Libby, Rocco Marzilli, Ashley McOsker, Allison Morrill, Cole Rosengren, Geoffrey Smith, Laurel Snyder, Jeffrey Swoboda, Elisha Walls, Olivia Wright

South Portland High School Soychak Leadership Award: Hannah Dunphy

South Portland High School Swimming & Diving Boosters: Brendan Amy, John Bogart, Leia Crosby, Lauren Faulkner, Amy Foss, Seth York

South Portland Teacher’s Association: Benjamin Braley, Caitlin Michaud

“South Portland High School Track, Field & Cross Country Boosters”: Antonio Anderson, Justin Averill, Nicholas Baker, Charles Brydon, Benjamin Carter, Christopher Conroy, Andrew Cousins, Kyle Dixon, Andrew Esty, Eric Giddings, Andrew Giordano, Benjamin Legere, Kyle Leonard, Joseph Nguyen, Nolan Moon, Eli Shank, Jason Soule, Trevor Sullivan-Smith, Michael Wells, Courtney Albin, Kelsey Bryant, Melissa Conroy, Jessica Farrington, Melissa Gagnier, Halie Lyons

South Portland Democratic Committee: Kyle Leonard

South Portland Key Club Scholarship: Leia Crosby, Shana Kiernan

South Portland McDonald’s Scholarship: Jeffrey Swoboda

South Portland Lions Club Memorial Scholarship: Timothy Cahill

South Portland Police Patrolman’s Association Scholarship: Cole Rosengren

South Portland Super Reunion Scholarship in Memory of Ed Langlois: Melissa Pisani

South Portland Veterans of Foreign Wars Post # 832: Amy Foss

Southwestern Maine Swimming & Diving Officials Scholarship: Leia Crosby

Stella B Lewis Scholarship: Justin Averill, Melissa Gagnier

Student Achievement Award: Santana Allen

Theater Excellence Award: Seth Jacobson, Shana Kiernan, Abigail Levis

Unity Lodge # 3 Scholarship: Elizabeth Knue

Verna Marie & Roy Raymond Memorial Scholarship: Amy Foss

Webber Energy Fuels Athlete of the Year Trophies: Whitney Morrow, Eric Giddings

William H Linskey Memorial Fund: Christopher Conroy

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