The Maine State Police are investigating the death of a Glenwood Avenue man who passed away on July 7 after being injured in a fight several days before.

Police do not know if Douglas Wilcox, 34, died as the result of injuries received in the July 3 fight on Brown Street or of other causes. Lt. Brian McDonough, who is the lead investigator on the case for the Maine State Police, said the case was still under investigation.

McDonough would not comment on the specifics of the fight on July 3, other than to say that police are looking into the fight as part of their investigation into Wilcox’s death. No charges have been made against any suspect in connection with the fight or Wilcox’s death, said McDonough, who added that police are still awaiting the results of an autopsy performed last week on Wilcox to determine exactly how he died.

The Westbrook Police are assisting the state police in the investigation. However, a Westbrook detective referred comment on the case to the State Police.

Entries in the Westbrook police log state that Wilcox was involved in a fight on Brown Street on July 3 where he was assaulted by three or four people. Wilcox was injured in the fight, according to the log entry, and was taken to Maine Medical Center to be treated for his injuries.

Wilcox’s brother, William Wilcox Jr., said he believed his brother was struck and injured with objects being used as weapons during the fight. Wilcox also said the fight began as a result of an ongoing family dispute. He said he hoped the people involved in the fight would eventually face charges.

When asked about Wilcox’s statements, McDonough declined comment and said police continue to interview witnesses. He said Wilcox’s brother did not witness the fight.

Wilcox said his brother stayed in Maine Medical Center for a couple of days before signing himself out of the hospital against his doctor’s wishes. He said he received a call on July 6 from Wilcox’s 13-year-old twin sons telling him their father was in the shower and unresponsive. Wilcox told his nephews to call 911, and he went to his brother’s house to attempt to revive him. Rescue units responded to Wilcox’s home, and he was taken once again to Maine Medical Center.

Wilcox said when his family arrived at the hospital, doctors initially gave them some hope that his brother would be all right. However, at about 3:30 a.m., he said they received a call from the hospital saying Wilcox had taken a turn for the worse. They rushed to the hospital, and Wilcox passed away soon after they arrived.

While it is not yet clear how Wilcox died, it is clear that his family and friends will miss him.

Wilcox’s brother remembers him as someone who loved the outdoors, especially riding dirt bikes and motorcycles. “He was a real outdoors kid,” he said.

He said Wilcox was a loving father to his twin sons, Doug and Dillan, as well as to his 8-year-old daughter, Jacy. Wilcox, also said he was devoted to his longtime girlfriend Ellie Grimaldi, whom he had been with since junior high school and was the mother of his children. “Ellie and the kids were his life,” he said.

Wilcox also loved to go hunting and fishing with his kids and with his brother. Wilcox Jr. said he had fond memories of those times he was in the woods with his brother, even if they weren’t always successful.

“We came home with more hunting stories than deer or turkey,” he said, adding they did manage to bag their share.

In fact, Wilcox loved the outdoors so much, his brother said his gravestone in Woodlawn Cemetery would have a picture of him fishing.

While his family and friends will miss him, Wilcox Jr., said some small good has come from his brother’s death. He said Wilcox was an organ donor, and after he passed away, doctors were able to use some of his organs. Wilcox Jr. said the hospital told them that they were able to use part of his brother’s organs to help several people. “They saved three people,” he said.

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