Patrick McGowan, 37, of 263 Sebago Road, Naples was arrested July 30 on a charge of OUI/alcohol.

Michael Malone, 31, of 48 North Street, Apt. 4, Portland was arrested July 31 on a charge of failing to pay fine for OUI.



A car on Lantern Lane was keyed July 25.

Dark behavior

A passenger in a dark Chevy pickup was coming up River Road on July 25 and threw a bottle at pedestrians.

Animal abuse

A River Road resident reported hearing an animal being hurt on July 26. When police arrived the animal was gone.

Stay put

A dangerous dog on Chute Road wouldn’t allow a neighbor to come off his porch on July 26.

Vehicle swiped

A Reba Lane woman came home to an open window and her vehicle gone from the driveway on July 26.

Erratic driving

A red Grand Am was “all over the road” July 26 on Falmouth Road. Police gave the driver a warning.

Oh, brother

A Windham Center Road resident reported items were missing from his house. A little while later, his brother returned the items.

No credit

Someone drove off with $15 worth of gas from a North Windham gas station. When police caught up to the vehicle, the driver said he was going home to get his credit card.

Get your motor running…

A 2005 Suzuki 15 HP outboard motor was taken off a boat at Richardson’s Boat Annex July 27.

…Head out on the highway

A 2002 Suzuki motorcycle was stolen from a Windham Center Road driveway July 27.

Kids going nowhere

A group of kids loitering for more than an hour refused to leave the Windham Mall July 28. Police moved them on.

Temper tantrum

A passerby reported a man pulling a kid out of a car by his arm at the intersection of routes 115 and 202. Police arrived to find the 5-year-old was having a temper tantrum.

Distressed dog

A dog was in distress in the parking lot between Shaw’s and Wal-Mart July 30.

Bad aim

Mechanic Street children were throwing rocks against a house currently for sale on July 30.

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