Tired of your property tax bills, the cost of excise taxes when registering a vehicle, income taxes and every other cockamamie tax that our politicians roosting in our capital of Disgusta can come up with? So are the citizens of Maine who have joined the Citizens Alliance of Maine, a statewide, grassroots organization that believes Maine’s taxes are so destructive not only to our future but the future of our children and grandchildren.

If this is you, please come to the Second Great American Tea Party to be held on Sept. 24 at 9 a.m. at the Windham Veterans Center located behind the Hannaford’s shopping center on Route 302 in North Windham. Bring a copy of your property tax bill to burn. The featured speaker will be Mary Adams (or General Adams to us in the Alliance) who will highlight the petition drive for the Taxpayers Bill of Rights, which simply put cuts the increases in spending at all levels of spending in this state and returns most of the surplus tax dollars collected from us, the taxpayer.

Come hear the shot that will be heard around Windham and the rest of Maine. We are disgusted with our taxes in the state of Maine so therefore it is time to institute a change. Let the tax revolt begin.

For more information, please contact Lane Hiltunen, Windham, 893-1589.

Lane Hiltunen


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