I am writing this letter in support of Alex Stone for councilor at large. Alex has been my neighbor for the past five years, and during that time I have had a chance to know his family, and I have also been able to gain a sense of his commitment to his community.

Alex has worked with the Maine People’s Alliance and has served as a citizen volunteer on the board of the Westbrook Environmental Improvement Corporation.

Because he works professionally as a property manager, Alex has always displayed a keen interest in budgeting and costs. He firmly believes that taxes can be controlled by making sure that expenses are appropriate for the design of the program, and he has gone to the council often with comments and suggestions that have proved valuable. With two young children who will be attending Westbrook Schools, Alex is committed to the Democratic ideal of maintaining the best quality of education for all our children. It is for these reasons I am asking you to vote for him on Nov. 8.

Rick Goss


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