Have you started your Christmas shopping? If so, are you spending less, more, or the same as last year?

Pam Auld, 43, Windham

“I just got the Christmas tree but I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet. But I plan on spending about the same.”

Mary-Joe Cox, 68, Buxton

“I just finished my Christmas shopping. I’m all done. I started in the summer because that’s what my mother always did. And this is the first time I’ve ever done it. As you get older you realize how wise your mother was. By the way, I spent less. By starting early I found good bargains.”

Melissa Rupard, 31, Windham (with friend Dee Harris at left)

“I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping. I married a man with four kids this year so I’m spending a lot more than I did last year. I probably spent about $1,000.”

Patrick Mulkern, 29, Casco

“I bought a home for the first time and I’ve got all the lights outside and the animated reindeer as well. It’s all decked out. But, I haven’t bought any gifts yet. I’m not into the gift thing – we’ll leave that to the wife.”

John Jines, 60, Naples

“I’ve done most of it, and I’ve spent more. I think the reason I spent more is because prices are going up. Also, my anniversary is on the 24th, so I’ve got it all wrapped up at one time of the year. I did it that way so I’d remember my anniversary.”

Cole Plummer, 58, South Casco

“There are several adults in the family and we thought it’d be nice to limit spending to $25 each. We tried $20 and that was enough. For the kids, we spend $100 each. We’re trying to get into the spirit of Christmas.”

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