Ash and Granola’s previous owners left them with a pet-sitter while they were on vacation. Unfortunately, they moved instead and did not return for their pets. Both of them settled in right away and they are our biggest attraction in the Critter Room.

Ash is a male Peruvian guinea pig, so his coat is smooth and straight, and is several inches in length. His hair naturally parts down the center of the back, and also grows forward over his head. Ash is a stunner with his soft, long locks, but this beauty also requires a great deal of grooming. We recommend new owners of this breed trim the hair to avoid soiling and tangles. Our little “mop head” is friendly, out-going, and social. He likes to get our attention at meal times by squeaking and chirping.

Ash would also do well with respectful children or adults because like Granola, he can be easily picked up and petted without a struggle. Ash especially enjoys the company of people, so he is looking for a new home that would make him a true member of the family. While Ash and Granola are good pals, they do not need to be adopted together, but it would be fun!

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