Any tips for catching the winning fish at this year’s Sebago Lake Rotary Derby Fest?

Rotarian Tom Noonan, Derby Fest director

“You catch winning fish with a winning attitude. You gotta get in to win. And it’s not too late. You have until Saturday at noon to enter.”

Rotarian Karl Hartwell, Brewer weigh station official

“Head north to either the Belgrade or Moosehead area. We’re very interested in seeing what happens with these other species like pike and muskie.”

Rotarian Bob Mills, Jordan’s Store, Sebago weigh station official

“Plan to bring your fish to Jordan’s Store because the winning fish is always measured at Jordan’s Store.”

Rotarian Toby Pennels, Derby Fest Air Show organizer

“Chunk of sucker dipped in a heavy lager held slightly off the bottom.”

Rotarian Nicole LaJoie, Ice Mall organizer

“Come browse around the Ice Mall and I’m sure you’ll get some good ideas. Other than that, ask last year’s winner, Steve Emerson, for his secrets.”

Rotarian Mark Wasowski, Belgrade Lakes weigh station official

“Three things you need to do: You first want to register for the derby. Then you want to put a hole in the ice and drop in a baited line. And then, finally, the most important thing is to catch the biggest fish.”

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