I am writing this letter to anyone who may be interested in goings-on at SAD 6 or in substitute teaching in that district.

If you wish to substitute teach for SAD 6, you should know that certain administrators of the district appear to be in the habit of crossing people off the list without even telling them why. You may be gainfully and happily employed one day and then receive a phone call informing you that is no longer the case, when you weren’t even aware of a problem.

You may be treated like a non-person and not asked for your side of the story because these administrators may make up their minds long before contacting you based upon hearsay, lies. They do not appear to be interested in finding facts, or truth.

These same administrators seem to believe it’s OK to let a bunch of little kids, scheduled for an after-school program, go home at the regular time without first calling their parents; who allow some school lunchrooms to be so noisy that one would never be able to hear a choking child; and who allow school libraries to be erroneously arranged, resulting in added frustration for beginning readers, as well as for older children who have reading difficulties.

By their actions, these administrators, who control our children’s education, demonstrate to us and to our children that acceptable behavior includes treating others without respect, sensitivity or honesty and that people can be guilty first without necessarily proving it.

So, if you wish to do an already difficult, although enjoyable, job under these conditions, go for it.

Cathleen McKay

Steep Falls

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