Cape Elizabeth Town Clerk Deborah Cabana is leaving her position in Cape to become the town manager in her hometown of Gray.

Cabana, who has worked as town clerk in Cape since March 2004, said she has commuted around the state for the majority of her career, and she is ready to work close to home. “I’ve always wanted to work in the town I live in,” said Cabana, a 33-year resident of Gray.

If it was any other town, Cabana said she would never have applied for the job. “If the manager hadn’t resigned in the town that I live in, I never would’ve considered leaving,” she said.

Cape’s Town Manager Mike McGovern said he has enjoyed working with Cabana. Cabana’s move is appropriate, he said. “She’s very talented. I’m not surprised that her hometown would wish her to serve.”

Mitchell Berkowitz, Gray’s previous town manager, resigned in March and the Gray Town Council began the search to fill his post in April.

Cabana was chosen from a pool of 20 candidates partly because of her extensive experience in state and municipal government, said Gray Town Council Chairman Gary Foster.

Cabana has worked in various positions in both municipal government and in the private sector. She’s worked as town and city clerk in Brunswick and Saco, in code enforcement in Windham and she’s also served as an office manager and executive secretary in the private sector.

With her background in management, she feels like she is ready for the challenge. “I am so excited. It’s going to be very challenging being the person that the buck stops at,” she said.

However, her excitement is tempered by sadness and tinged with nostalgia. “I am very sad to leave Cape. I’m very happy here,” she said.

Cabana’s last day in Cape will be July 7. She will go on a camping trip with her family and begin her duties in Gray on July 27.

McGovern said the town has already begun the search for a new town clerk, which is a staff-appointed, council-approved post. He hopes to have a candidate by early August.

Additional material contributed by Elizabeth Prata

Cape Town Clerk Deborah Cabana recently accepted the town manager position in her home town of Gray.

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