The first meeting of the TABOR task force created in Cape Elizabeth will be Wednesday, July 26, at 7 p.m. in the Town Hall Chamber.

One of the chairs of the task force, Beth Currier, said the group will be an unbiased body charged with educating the town about pros and cons of the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, the citizen initiative Maine residents will vote on in November’s election.

If the initiative, which seeks to limit government spending by imposing a tax cap based on the inflation rate, is passed, then the task force will be responsible for helping the town transition under the new legislation, said Currier.

Though there are about 20 people who have expressed interest in participating in the group, said Currier, the task force is still open to all members of the community. For the first two meetings, any resident is welcome to join, though admittance to the group will be closed following the first two meetings.

During the first meeting, Bill Becker, the CEO of Maine Heritage Policy Center will present an overview of the proposal. The Maine Heritage Policy Center authored the TABOR initiative.

Currier, who said she is still undecided about the initiative, is coming into the process open-minded. She anticipates the task force will invite an anti-TABOR representative to speak at the second meeting. In hearing both sides, Currier said she and others will “see if the truth is somewhere in the middle, which it usually is.”

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