Melinda Shain

Age: 33

Town: Gorham

Goal: “To finish in 45 minutes or less, with energy leftover to chase my 3-year-old son, Thaddeus around Ft. Williams after the race.”

What have you done to train? “I have been loosely following the Hannaford training regime, running for at least three miles most weekdays and running four to five miles on weekends for most of the summer.”

Peter J. Downing

Age: 26

Town: Gorham

Goal: “To run it in under 40 minutes.”

What have you done to train? “I get out there and run a few miles almost every day.”

Name: Ben Grant

Age: 12

Town: Westbrook

Goals: “1: Beating last year’s time. 2: Beating my dad again. 3: Having a more relaxed, fun run.”

What have you done to train? “Running four miles every other day, biking and swimming all the time.”

Tiff Caron

Age: 26

Town: Westbrook

Goals: “Just to have fun, and possibly run negative splits (a faster second half than first half).”

What have you done to train? “I run when I have time. I’m spontaneous.”

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