Carlton Mendell

Age: 84

Town: Windham

Goal: “I know I’ll be a little slower. I run comfortable. I don’t go chasing somebody that’s faster than I am.”

What have you done to train? “I rarey take a day off.”

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Sean Callahan

Age: 32

Town: Windham

Goal: “To finish without walking.”

What have you been doing to train? “I haven’t trained much. I go one or two times a week, and do a loop near my house now and then.”

Julie Perkins (with Riley)

Age: 31

Town: Windham

Goal: “To be an participant in the event and be a part of the community that makes it the carnival that it is.”

What have you been doing to train? “I run about five to seven days a week, and I have to push a stroller so that’s pretty good.”

Jason Perkins

Age: 32

Town: Windham

Goal: “I’ve never been somebody to pick a time. I usually fnd little goals throughout the race.”

What have you been doing to train? “I usually run three days and that typically includes playing soccer. I bike to work sometimes, too.”

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