On the front page of the Bangor Daily News was a column that said Dirigo saved $34 million. Did you know this savings is on the backs of Maine insured residents?

I am a retired employee of a reputable Maine company and still have the privilege of buying into their self-insured medical insurance plan to supplement Medicare.

In July, I received my monthly insurance bill with an additional $7.10 designated for Dirigo.

I called my former employer to see if this was yet another level of insurance bureaucracy and would be receiving another insurance card. I was told this was an assessment (a tax if you will) by the Dirigo Health Agency to all Maine insureds.

As a retiree, I am also working part time to supplement my income and passed this information on to my current employer. They checked with their medical insurance provider and it took three requests before they reluctantly replied. Their insurance cost increased by over $7,800 due to the Dirigo assessment. They also said that Dirigo requested the assessment not be listed as a line item when showing the increase. In other words, lump it and it is hidden.

This company would have no premium increase had it not been for the Dirigo assessment.

The Dirigo assessment does little to create a healthy business environment for the state of Maine. What company would want to bring their business into Maine knowing this in advance? And how many will want to stay now?

I don’t know how you feel, but I am of the opinion that my personal rights are being violated by my state government.

As a retiree on Medicare and a supplemental policy for which I pay over $400 a month, I am now paying for something I receive no benefit from and am supporting many people who choose to set different priorities than paying for a general medical insurance plan.

Donna Leland


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