There are four Cape residents running for three town council seats, and four residents running for three school board seats in the November election.

At the town council meeting Monday, Councilor David Backer announced that all of the candidates had agreed not to use road or yard signs to avoid cluttering the roadside with them.

The deadline for nomination petitions passed on Sept. 8, with only two incumbents submitting papers – Backer for council and Kevin Sweeney for school board.

The three residents running for town council are Greg Altznauer, of Killdeer Road; Sara Lennon, of Cranbrook Road, and James Rowe, of Oakhurst Road. The three residents running for school board are Karen Burke, of Maiden Cove Road; Peter H. Cotter, of Ocean House Road, and Piotr Stamieszkin, of Granite Ridge Road.

Backer said last month that his first term as a council member has gone well and he hopes to work with the town for a second term. “I hope to continue being an influential member on the council,” he said.

Michael Mowles and Carol Fritz will not be running again for town council, and Anne Belden and Elaine Moloney have decided not to run again for school board.

Carol Fritz said she has been on the council for more than nine years and is ready to let other people take her seat.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed representing the people of Cape Elizabeth, and I am honored I was elected three different terms. I appreciated the confidence of the voters,” she said.

Fritz said she has a lot of interest in recycling, land conservation and historic preservation, as well as the arts. She said she hopes to continue working in these areas on a volunteer basis.

Anne Belden said she’s loved working on the school board, but she’s decided to put her energy elsewhere. “I’ve done a huge amount of work as chair of the policy committee,” said Belden. She said during the three years she has been chairwoman of the committee she has updated and revised the entire policy handbook for the Cape schools.

Belden said she has also been involved with a number of sub-committees, including substance abuse and health. She said she worked with David Backer to organize the first meeting of the school board and town council in November of last year.

“It’s been a huge honor for me to serve on the school board for Cape Elizabeth,” she said.

Town elections this year will be on Nov. 7.

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