Before this week, the South Portland City Council had only heard from a speaker against the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, and several residents had aired their complaints about that fact during a recent council meeting.

Now, councilors have heard the other side.

At a workshop session scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 11, Roy Leonardson, a spokesman for the TABOR campaign, was set to address the council at 6 p.m. The meeting, which also had discussions on the status of the Old Bog Road and operation plans and fees at Knightville Landing on the agenda, was held after the Current went to press.

In September, the council, asking for a presentation weighing the pros and cons of TABOR, heard from Jeffrey Austin of the Maine Municipal Association. That presentation was, like the Maine Muncipal Association itself, anti-TABOR, according to Mayor Harriet Beecher.

On Friday, prior to his presentation, Leonardson said he would be spending his time talking about the growth of the state and local government, illustrating with hard numbers. He said most municipal governments are growing faster than local populations and inflation.

Leonardson said he would also explain what those hard numbers mean for South Portland. He said both South Portland and Portland are already aligning themselves with what TABOR measures as appropriate growth. He said South Portland’s budget was under the estimated TABOR number for this year.

“I’ll explain how they don’t get rewarded for that,” said Leonardson.

Beecher said on Thursday that after Leonardson’s presentation, the council would be ready to voice its opinion on TABOR. The council will hold a workshop just before the Oct. 16 meeting and announce its stance during the meeting, she said.

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