Charlie’s on the Causeway, a restaurant on Route 302 in Naples, is closed for business.

The seasonal restaurant closed its doors for the last time and will not reopen next summer as usual.

Owner Dick Dyke recently purchased the remaining 49 percent shares of the business from co-owner and operator Keith Johnson. “Dick plans to renovate the building into a summer home,” Johnson during a phone interview on Oct. 2. He said Dyke is already renovating the inside of the building.

Dyke did not want to comment about his decision, according to Johnson.

“He’s not interested in pictures or comments right now,” Johnson said. “He’s focused on the renovation right now. He likes to keep to the background about his personal business and what-not.”

According to the Windham Chamber of Commerce, the building has been a restaurant for three decades under several names, owners and managements.

“It used to be a Howard Johnson’s about 30 years ago,” said Barbara Clark, director of the chamber. “As of now, the building has the footprints of a summer business. Dick had been looking to turn the building into a year-round business of some sort, but nothing came to fruition. The building would need to go through some major renovations, including a new septic system and complete insulation. After several attempts at the planning board, he finally decided that it would be a nice place for a summer home.”

“This is definitely a seasonal town,” said Elissa Sykes, manager of the Causeway Landing located 500 feet down the road from Charlie’s. “The closing is definitely going to increase business to the other restaurants, which will be good for us next summer. Bray’s is going to do great. They’re going to be the only place open this winter.”

There is speculation about what this closing will do to the surrounding business community.

“I’ve never looked at the other restaurants as competitors,” Johnson said. “In my experience, other businesses bring business, and what-have-you. We’ve gone around and talked to the surrounding community, letting them know about the current events, and preparing them for what that could cause. But it should be a good thing, as we served about 500 people a day, and those will most likely be dispersed to the other establishments.”

Johnson is looking forward to a change in pace.

“On one hand, it’s sad; but on the other hand, I’ve been in the business for 31 years. I’d like to focus on other areas and new ventures,” Johnson said. He also has experience in construction and home renovation, and is currently overseeing renovations at the site. “It’s going to be quite the home. I mean, just think of it. The view.”

Charlie’s on the Causeway, a restaurant located on Route 302 in Naples, is closed for business. Owner Dick Dyke is renovating the building into his private summer home.

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