Standish Town Councilor Dolores “Dolly” Lymburner, who has served for the past seven years, has resigned, citing health reasons.

Lymburner, who has represented Steep Falls, also known as Area 2, began serving on the town council in June 1999. “I joined the council,” said Lymburner. “Because it was the place to be to have the greatest impact on the town.”

In 2001, Lymburner was elected council chair and served in that position for one year. In 2005, she served as vice chair.

Lymburner was known for her fiery dedication to issues she felt were important to her constituents, such as the conservation easement for the boundary road lands.

“The land trust in Steep Falls is very near and dear to my heart,” said Lymburner. “I already miss not being part of the decision making process on issues like that.”

Council Chairman Terry Christy accepted her resignation, and a resolution to recognize her years of service was approved Tuesday night at the town council meeting.

As a tribute to Lymburner, the Standish Town Council approved the authorization of the revocable conservation easement to the Gorham Sebago Lake Region Land Trust Tuesday night. “This is something that was very dear to Dolly,” said councilor Margaret Spencer, before voting for the land trust. It passed unanimously.

Lymburner supported various causes during her time on the council including, the Standish boat launch, the Safe Community Coalition, the Public Safety Committee, and worked very hard on striving to keep taxes low, and retain the rural character of Standish.

“She was the most effective councilor I have ever worked with,” said council member Phil Pomerleau. “You could not find a better advocate for the people of her town.”

Christy said Lymburner would be missed. “Dolly was a tremendous spokesperson for the people of Standish,” said Christy. “I respect her immensely and will miss Dolly’s well thought out advice and interpretation of the issues.”

Although she will no longer be on the council, Lymburner won’t be too far away to give advice. “I will be available,” said Lymburner. “I would still like to give my opinion on the issues.”

At Tuesday’s meeting, Standish residents also recognized Lymburner for her service to the town. “I am surprised to hear that Dolly has resigned,” said Thomas Road resident David Thomas. “My wife and I called her many times for advice. Thank you very much Dolly.”

“She was a bundle of energy on the council,” said Town Manager Gordon Billington. “I know she will be missed by all.”

Anyone interested in applying for the vacant seat should contact Standish Town Clerk Mary Chapman at 642-3461 no later than Oct. 31. Applicants need to reside in Area 2 to qualify.

Town Councilor Dolores “Dolly” Lymburner resigned from the Standish Town Council due to personal reasons. She has served on the council since 1999. “I wish her only the best” said Councilor Margaret Spencer.

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