The Raymond Town Selectmen voted 3 to 2 Tuesday night to pay their Cumberland County taxes.

Last month, the board voted against paying the taxes after the county increased the taxes 5.8 percent from the year before.

Selectman Joseph Bruno voted yes on paying the taxes even though he doesn’t agree with the increase.

“I would love to have voted no,” said Bruno. “But I do not want to pay them anymore money due to interest.”

The town had until Oct. 31 to pay the taxes or the town would start accruing 11 percent a month until the bill was paid. Cumberland County would also be able to impose a lien on any property in Raymond.

On Sept. 19, the Selectmen voted against the taxes as a symbolic gesture to let the county know they are sick of the tax rates. At the time the selectmen were frustrated with what they described as the county’s apparant lack of concern for county taxpayers.

“It is not a responsible action by the county, and we are letting them know we are not happy,” said Selectman Joseph Bruno.

Budgetary concerns are not the only concerns Raymond has with the country. Other issues include slow response from county officials in getting back to the town manager and selectmen about town concerns, the decision to end consideration of a dispatch center in Raymond, and lack of support for the Raymond/Frye Island partnership.

Town Manager Donald Willard hopes to work with the county in the future. He has been trying for nearly a month to schedule a meeting with county officials to discuss the town’s concerns.

“I have left a message,” said Willard. “As of yet I have not heard back.”

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