So what’s hot and what’s not these days?

Musical instruments are popular, according to Jeff Ornstein, one of the owners of C-it-Sell. That old trumpet in the attic is desirable to a parent renting that same instrument for their child’s music lessons. Recently, an ordinary but perfectly serviceable saxophone sold for $462.07.

Quality older film cameras with names like Leica, Nikonos and Hasselblad sell well. A Portland man discovered that his grandfather’s old Boy Scout patches merited more than sentimental value. According to Ornstein, he just sold his ancestor’s collection for $663.06.

A South Portland woman also recently enjoyed a windfall sale. At a garage sale she picked up an antique children’s pop-up book for less than $5, then was thrilled to sell it through C-It-Sell for a surprising $282.

Old coins are also popular and selling for big bucks these days. A $50 gold coin recently sold for $790. And a gold charm bracelet with foreign coins just gathering dust at the bottom of one woman’s jewelry box was put on eBay with a starting bid of $9.99; after receiving a whopping 47 bids, the bracelet sold for just under $1,100.

An elderly woman from Portland brought her fishing tackle box into C-It-Sell and discovered lures that sold on eBay in the hundreds, including a rare “Kent Frog” lure that sold for $305.

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