How many Republicans does it take to write a weekly column that is focused on the same thing week after week? The answer is two I guess.

We get it Lane and Tommy, you have a problem with taxes apparently. I tuned into your show on the local Standish radio station and heard pretty much the same thing. The only other topic you dance around is your hatred for people on public assistance and that they are the reason for the tax problem.

I think it’s a little more complicated than that. It’s those good-for-nothing roadways and infrastructure! Look at those roads! Just lying there crumbling!

And the schools! Why can’t we make these lazy kids work to pay for the schools! I know! We could have no roads, no police or fire, no schools but keep all of our tax money! It could be like living in 1700s, that would be fun! Look, I’m a working class guy who works in a supermarket. My friends and family are also working class. Some work in the social service field which doesn’t pay much more than babysitting wages.

Abuse of the system makes everybody angry. When my friends see it, they report it. But there are some people that for whatever reason, need help. There are many abuses of the system I don’t hear you talk about. What about huge companies that move into Maine and get huge tax breaks? They milk the system, pay poverty wages while they are there, ship those jobs overseas, move the business south and leave a hole in the community within months? You can’t be pro-small business if you ignore what these huge companies are doing to our small family-owned businesses and farms, can you?

How about if I said huge “foreign” companies? Would that make you react differently? Why not spend the time writing about other things? (You can check off the tax thing, all set with that.) Or maybe you’d rather write a column about spending a holiday in a food pantry to see how many welfare cheats you can spot? Or go into Portland and interview those lazy, homeless people. I’m guessing that if you were to expand your range of topics you’d come out sounding a bit like that right-wing hack and gunstore owner from Raymond. On second thought, it’s probably safer to stick to the, “Taz-and-spend Dem-o-crats” routine.

Chris Clark


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