Cindy Wilson’s fifth grade class at G.E. Jack School in Standish are raising brown trout for the Portland Water District in a large tank in their classroom.

“Trout in the Classroom” is a program where teachers set up an aquarium and incubate trout eggs in their room. The teacher and students are responsible for daily maintenance and observation of the eggs.

The final result is an aquarium full of trout fry that are released into a state-approved body of water during a class field trip. The goal of Trout in the Classroom is to teach kids about water quality, aquatic life and other environmental issues.

The project was begun right after the Christmas break while the trout were still in the egg stage. As of the beginning of April, the trout had progressed to the alevin stage, which means they were about a one-half-inch long.

“The class has lost many (young trout) along the way, but the students, especially Robie Martin, have undertaken the chore of helping dispose of the dead ones and keeping the tank supplied with fresh water every week,” Wilson said.

As the alevin stage progresses, the young trout will be ready to be released. This involves raising the water temperature gradually.

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