“Remove hat, sunglasses and hoods before entering.”

That was the sign on the door of a local credt union. Wow! And where should I drop my pants – outside at the door? No telling what might be in my pocket! Where do you X-ray my sneakers? And could it possibly look like there is an AK-47 on top of my head?

Is this town going paranoid, or what?

And, another thing. I’m running out of yard space and room in my garage for all these rubbish barrels, which, if not stored inside, will be blowing down Blackpoint Road in any wind or summer thunderstorm. I wonder where the poor souls that live in small apartments on second or third floors up along Forrest Avenue and through the city, whose only yard is the sidewalk, store all these trash barrels?? And now we are forced to get rid of all the perfectly good barrels that we have owned for years? Maybe we’ll need a college degree to separate No. 2 plastic from No. 6 or No. 7 to avoid being arrested or fined??

There are four small rental apartments bordering my driveway, which is now loaded with yellow and green square trash containers. And how will they plow my yard next winter?

Maurice Powell


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