Should schools wait until after Labor Day weekend to begin the school year?

Charlene McDugle, 57, Casco

“I think the school should realize that they’re spending extra money for those two days…I think they should start after Labor Day. Everyone is still getting back from vacation.”

Carol Doucette, 59, Windham

“As the wife of a former teacher, my husband used to say the hotter the weather, the less interested the kids are in school. It seems that would be more likely to happen in August than September.”

Jane Palizay, 48, North Yarmouth

“From a teacher’s perspective, I think it’s a good idea to have a shortened first week. I think I would prefer that to be after Labor Day.”

Kimberly Morrill, 33, Windham.

“I have two kids. It kind of makes it difficult, because I have a kindergartener that starts for one day, then goes back on the following Tuesday.”

Tim Booth, 37, Windham

“I think they should wait until after the weekend, just so people can plan things for the week.”

Jared Marcinuk, 17, Raymond

“We’re going back for two days and it’s kind of foolish. I think it would be better to wait until after (Labor Day).”

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