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Gov. John Baldacci named fifth-grader Reed Bridge-Keonigsberg an Energy Savings contest winner. Reed attends Crooked River Elementary School in Casco. His teacher is Sharon Ridley. In recognition of October being Energy Awareness month, the governor called upon youngsters to submit their best ideas for Energy Conservation Tips. Winners received an iPod shuffle and solar-powered charger.

Reed’s energy tip was, “Uninsulated attics can be energy hogs: so, ask your parents to place some insulation on your attic floor.”

There were 526 entries for this contest. Two students from each grade in grades 4, 5 and 6 were selected. Congratulations, Reed!

Other winning energy tips include, “If you leave your refrigerator door open, you would be an Energy Hog: so, open the door briefly and take what you need.” And “Old, traditional light bulbs are Energy Hogs: so, change your light bulbs to CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights).”

The governor met with the winners Dec. 10 at his office in Augusta.

“Today’s children will be living with the consequences of energy decisions we make now and so will their grandchildren. The earlier we get our students focused on the issues and what they can do, the better the outcome will be for Maine and the world,” Baldacci said.

If you want to learn more about Energy Hogs, visit

Tom Brady: Fact or Fiction

The New England Patriots remain undefeated so far in the National Football League this year. The question is, did Tom Brady sell his soul to the Devil at the Crossroads or is he really that good? As we watch the Patriots stomp their opponents game after game, Tom Brady looks more and more perfect, like an immortal NFL hero.

Knock on wood, no injuries, no major bad plays, and no losses. Yes, there is no “I” in team, and there are many valuable players on the Pats, like Samuel, Bruschi, Thomas, Welker and Moss. One is left to consider, what is Tom Brady all about? Have you ever heard the story about the famous blues musician who only became famous because he sold his soul to the Devil at the Crossroads? His name was Robert Johnson. One of his famous tunes was “Hell-Hound On My Trail.” Ponder the thought of a young Tom Brady dreaming ginormous dreams about being a famous NFL player. He had some talent, but needed a push to be rightfully noticed and drafted onto a pro team. Tom went to college in Michigan. He travels south on the old lonesome dirt road to the crossroads. Beckoned the Devil to grant his wish in exchange for his soul. The Devil said, “Not only will you become extremely talented, but I also give you fame and vanity. All of which I covet and will collect back from you when I so choose.” So, now the question is, when is the Devil going to collect? After the Superbowl. Tom Brady will always be our New England Patriots hero. That’s a fact. The rest is all fiction.

Casco Recreation Department Looking for Volunteers

In order to be a success, the Casco Department of Parks and Recreation relies greatly on the dedication and commitment of volunteers, coaches and assistants. If you are interested in volunteering/coaching/assisting for any of the programs presented, call the Department of Parks and Recreation at 627-4187 today.

Online Safety

Many parents in Casco are concerned for their children’s safety on the Web.

The following is from

“Parents need to understand that the greatest risk our children face online is being denied access. The Internet is essential to our children’s education, future careers and lives. But even the most experienced Internet user doesn’t understand how children use the Internet and how to help them have a safer and more enjoyable surfing experience.”

At SAD 61, parents have a new tool called Infinite Campus, which allows instant Internet viewing of your child’s homework assignments, grades, attendance and more. Keeping safety in mind, Infinite Campus can only be accessed if you register and receive an activation key.

At home, when kids are on the Internet make sure they are in a visible area so you can occasionally look at what they are doing online. Assign a time limit to Internet use. Not only is it safer to limit their use for homework and some entertainment, it’s also healthier. Good old-fashioned exercise isn’t obsolete.

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