Safe now

A suicidal, bipolar Troy Lane man was taken voluntarily to Bridgton Hospital on Jan. 1.

Mocking the dead

A woman told police on Jan. 1 that she found a dead deer on Naples Road with a beer next to it and a cigarette stuck in the mouth.

No hope in sight

An Otter Pond Road woman called police on Jan. 1 after being stranded on the road with an empty gas tank. She said she called AAA two hours ago and no one had showed up.

Large litter

A blue and white couch that was dumped in a North High Street ski shop parking lot was discovered on Jan. 2.

Missing teen

A North High Street woman told police on Jan 2. that it had been a few days since she talked to her daughter, who has a history of suicide attempts, alcohol use and huffing computer cleaning fluids.

Close call

A Pond Road man called his sister on Jan. 5 and told her he had a gun to his head and wanted to die. He changed his mind and was taken to Bridgton Hospital.

Scammer stopped

An 81-year-old Pond Road woman told police that someone posing as a Medicare employee tried to force her to sign papers on Jan. 7.

Get out

A Main Street man told police on Jan. 7 he had knocked a heating pipe from the wall and was worried about carbon monoxide. He was advised to leave and no leak was detected.


An explosion-like sound was reported on Jan. 7 near the Food City supermarket on Main Street.

Snow big deal

Police were told about a fight in the Shawnee Peak parking lot on Jan. 7 but it was broken up by employees before police arrived.

Bad behavior trio

Drivers of an SUV, truck and sedan were seen on Jan. 8 driving recklessly and making obscene gestures at one another.

Age checked

A young woman was caught at Rite Aid trying to use someone else’s ID.

Crisis averted

A juvenile girl was taken to Bridgton Hospital after talking about committing suicide.

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