In the name of love, romantics and loved ones alike will partake in the annual tradition of exchanging flowers, candy and gifts, come Feb. 14. While the majority of Valentine’s Day romantics will offer loved ones the usual material wares, most will overlook a few simple things that will really impress their valentine – a homemade treat.

With a small list of grocery store items and a little finesse you can create a homemade treat that’s sure to please.

• Create a unique dining experience. Try to surprise that special someone by situating the dinner table in a unique area of your home. Place your table in front of the fireplace or try starting dinner a little earlier and find a window-view location where you both can enjoy the sunset. This can create restaurant-style ambiance within the comforts of your home.

• Set the mood. It’s all about creating the perfect ambiance, so dim the lights and light some candles. The soothing glow of a candle can easily warm the heart.

• When decorating the dinning area make sure to use the right colors. Red and pink are the ideal since they capture and stimulate emotion. Also, scatter flower petals over the table to create that perfect romantic touch. To create island-style elegance, use tropical flowers instead of roses, such as hibiscus.

• Present a gift from the heart. Heartfelt gifts create lasting memories. Create a photo album of your fondest memories and share it with your valentine. Include photos from your favorite vacation spot, or somewhere you hope to travel to together. Your special someone is sure to be impressed by the effort of a gift that expresses sentiment and emotion.

• End the perfect evening with a little chocolate. Nothing is more enchanting than ending the night on a sweet note. Pair your favorite fruit with chocolate fondue, or prepare a unique dessert dish and garnish it with an edible flower – a touch that is sure to make the night unforgettable.

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