“When you argue with reality, you lose but only 100 percent of the time.” Byron Katie

Lane/Tommy: It appears that the perfect fiscal tornado is heading for Maine. Remember that the present state budget increased something like $470 million over the past budget without an increase in taxes, fees and other thefts. We have heard for some time about the $95 million dollar deficit but now it is becoming obvious there is going to be another $99 million added on to that figure.

Lane: It appears that most forms of revenues are in a downward spiral. If our economy is heading for a recession I can only surmise that Maine will in for an even larger deficit. At the same time the federal government will be decreasing payments for services to special education students, persons with developmental disabilities, school-aged children and persons with mental illness. Sure sounds like a tax increase is skating our way.

Tommy: I have to wonder if the governor and legislature have the ability to transition themselves from spendthrifts to some type of fiscal control. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend less time figuring ways to raise revenues thus spending more tax dollars and spend more time reducing state expenditures? It is so obvious that we are approaching the moment of truth. Let’s put the Legislature on notice that they are under the microscope.

Lane/Tommy: On a seemingly different not related to the liberal philosophy of spending other peoples’ money, it becomes evident that Maine’s problem is caused by Augusta. Our state government has placed such a tremendous financial burden on every taxpayer that the time has come for a real change.

Tommy: Although I know a group like Neighbors Helping Neighbors is greatly needed because of our economic downturn and higher prices for practically everything, shouldn’t we look at our government at every level as to why this happening? I have to believe Maine would be a better place if tax breaks were given to the elderly and needy. Since this is an election year, why are so many politicians, past and present, local and state, supporting Neighbors Helping Neighbors in Windham? Will this group be there after Election Day? In Maine, why do we have such an economic problem in the first place? Could it be that we are being over-taxed?

Lane: First and foremost, when blindsided by a personal attack, both Tommy and I will respond. We have both been through the School of Hard Knocks and survived. I do have a problem with the previous column from the columnist who usually appears below our column, no pun intended. Why does he have such a double standard? He can put down us but we can’t respond to an attack? It can truly be only the philosophy of a liberal. This is America and I am a 20-year military veteran. I will stand up for my rights and rights of others.

Lane/Tommy: We have no problem being the tornado that hits a trailer park. In Maine, that trailer park is our local and state governments, which are inefficient and forcing citizens to leave this beautiful state. It’s time to turn that trend around.

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